Archived Reports

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Ocean rock are showing up a little but no limits yet. The boys that have gotten offshore have had great yellowfin fishing with a few limits last week but the weather has been pretty poor. Right now the best bet for roughly weather is stripers at the Manns Harbor Bridge! Tight Lines and Merry Christmas!

The deed has been done. All the captains had their annual meeting on Monday and set a price for 2006. Trips in the coming year will be $1,350. Not too bad at all. Now if everyone will say a Christmas prayer that the price of fuel comes down even just a smidge that would be great. Tuna fishing has been good for the boys that have gotten out. While the northern and western states have gotten hammered with snow we have had drizzle and rain (of course) and a lot of wind. But the sun popped out yesterday and although it is chilly - feels like Christmas! - we're having a beautiful day again today! Stripers haven't showed us much yet but I will keep you informed. The calendar is open for 2006 so give us a call with your dates. Kate and I are heading out of town on Sunday so call Billy at home 252-473-1097 in the evening and he'll hook you up! Tight Lines!