Archived Reports

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So it is with some sadness and a little bit of nostalgia that I must bid you all a farewell. Billy and Charlie took the last trip of the season today and tomorrow the Tuna Fever will be safe and sound in her slip behind our house. It's in the 70's here today so it doesn't feel like winter but I suppose it is. The boys had a great last day and the yellowfin did not dissapoint anyone. I will try to get you all the fishing news from those that do in the winter once a week - probably on Tuesdays but you know me. Until next week - enjoy your shopping and Tight Lines!

It was a big Saturday today. Slow early on in finding the fish after a few days blow but we finally got slammed and Billy and Charlie put a hurting on the box by day's end. Nice yellowfin in the pup to 40 pound range. MMMMM! Tight Lines!

No fishing again today but the boys had a fabulous weekend! The yellowfin totally cooperated on Saturday and then the Big Eye showed up to add to the catch yesterday. Heres one for you - eyelettes. And I thought I had heard them all! Nope - eyelettes - small big eye in the 60 to 80 pound range. hungry. Love it! Tight Lines!

No fishing today - 25 to 30! Urgh!

Fat ones today but boy, was it rough! Whatever is going to blow us out tommorow is definately already stirring it up offshore. So, we'll take a day off (although Billy will be banging nails in the barn so it's really not a holiday...oh, Charlie too - you'd think those two were in love!) and at least sleep until 6:30 or so and back to business (hopefully) on Friday! Tight Lines!

How many ways can I describe it - beautiful fishing today! Lovely yellowfin tuna and more than you'll ever need. MMMMMM!Tight Lines!

Okay - got it straight - excellent fishing yesterday and today - the boys are hittin' 'em on planers - cold over hot - and you gotta love it!!!! Oh, Fat ones too - ups to 60 pounders! Tight Lines!

Fine fishing over the weekend - although they were a little hard to find on Saturday. But Billy Thayer and the boys were in luck - it didn't blow and there were 8 nice yellowfin in the box. It just occured to me that I asked my Billy if he had a nice day today but neglected to ask him what they caught. As he was in a good mood I assume that the fishing was good enough - so thats my story and I'm stickin' to it. I'll check in on it before tomorrow's report...Tight Lines!

The weather has finally broken. Stink. The boys are enjoying a fine day in the boat shop today and hopefully will get back out on Saturday. Only a few days left in November - Billy is actually winning the bet by the way...certainly didn't help myself by sending out 800 postcards with his number on them - but he promises to take me and Katie out to dinner! Call for your trip before we take the Tuna fever back home for the winter 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Vengance is mine - and it wasn't Capt. Billy that said that one first but they got out there today and stomped the jelly from their eyes after the "shut out" yesterday. I feel bad for those guys - pups to 50 pounders again today. Tight Lines!

While I was working the polls today - running for and not getting a seat on the Manteo Board of Commissioners - Billy and Charlie were toughing it out offshore. They went to where there were and they weren't. So they ran to where they thought they would be and - murphy's law attackes - they pooped up where they were. A few nice yellowfin and a wahoo for the boys today. Tight Lines!

The weather is fine - the fishing is better...up to 50 pounders today! Tight Lines!

We are having a run on beautiful weather (knock wood) and the boys are taking advantage of it - and when I say boys I mean ALL the boys! Billy counted over 100 boats fishing around him yesterday but it didn't even kill the fishing and the boys were home early with a limit of nice yellowfin. Today the Tuna Fever and the rest of the fleet felt the effects of all that pressure on the fish but we got ours - eventually. It was an all day affair for most of the boats with yellowfin running from pups to 40+ pounders in the box. MMMMMM! Tight Lines!

Oh, what a day! The boys had their limit and were home just after noon!!! Pups to 40 pounders and the weather actually looks good for the next few days - knock wood! and TIGHT LINES!!!!