Archived Reports

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The Tuna Fever is to the dock today and it figures because it is as calm as glass out there. Billy and Charlie managed to get out yesterday with Dr. Randy and his crew of Virginia boys and had a great day on the tuna. I, meanwhile, helped Kate host aHalloween party for 15 of her closest friends. Wooweee! It was fun but heres a tip - they don't eat as much as you think they will. Anyway, we've got a couple days available so give us a call for Fall Tuna Fiasco!! Tight Lines!

Hey everyone - so sorry, my server has been down and I haven't been able to update the site. Today it is blowing - yesterday it blew and it blew on Monday. The boys did fish Sunday, Saturday, Friday and Thursday and had some good days and some great ones. The Tuna fever was to the dock by noon a couple times and stayed late to fill the box a couple other days. But fill the box they did - with fat yellowfin!!! Yeeehaaa!

Wooowee - what a difference a day makes! Blame it on the moon or whatever you want to blame it one but the boys got whammed today - by the big eyes, by the yellowfin - ah you gotta love it the Tuna Fever was back at the dock by Noon! Tight Lines!

Hey everyone - Billy and Charlie finally got out today with Bennie Goddard and his crew. They were the highliner with 7 yellowfin topping out at 30 pounds. Oh well. The boys did have some action - bit off by 4 wahoo and jumped off the same white marlin twice. Tight Lines!!!

Okay so we are still stuck in this crummy weather pattern, but I wanted to offer you guys (and maybe myself!) a little encouragement. Spring is only six months away! Seriously, I have had a vision...when this weather breaks it is flat out going to go off in the Stream. Those tuns are just swimming around out there waiting for us and I predict that the next six weeks are going to be phenominal! Don't mess around with women's intuition! ...Tight Lines!

Well, even I had a little fishing excitement today! It just so happens that I was on the phone with Billy when the Tuna Fever got whammed with Big Eyes - pitiful. I really need to go fishing - so if you guys don't belly up for the two (count 'em 1 - 2) days left in October I may have to go myself - but for some reason I usually have better luck on the Rigged Up...go figure. Anyway, turns out they weren't big eyes - just big %$@ yellowfin and plenty of 'em today. The boys got their limit with a couple topping 50 pounds and some little ones too. Billy says the lightning (yes I said lightning) must have scared the big ones away early. Maybe the little ones aren't smart enough to be scared of it. Unfortunately the ones that the Tuna Fever ran across today will never have the chance to learn about it! hehe. Tight Lines!

Well, we missed a good opportunity today. The weather kept us home while the few boats that did head out (this front blew itself out overnight) had phenominal fishing today. The big eyes were snappin' like fiends and the yellowfin averaged out in the 50 pound class. The boys will be going out tomorrow - hopefully will find more of the same. Hey, did you guys notice it's October? Just kinda snuck up on us but it's fall tuna season with a vengance. So heres the deal - we have a two days open in October: Wednesday the 19th and Halloween just opened up this weekend. So if you can get your group together book on line or give us a call at home 252-473-1097. November is shaping up (did you know one of those big yellowfin from last week was a chunking bite?) the first couple of weeks are pretty tight but we do have some days open after that. Fresh tuna on Thanksgiving is one of the experiences you should have in your life!! Tight lines!

The boys are enjoying a day off today - we actually weren't booked which is kinda freaky. Anyway, Billy, Capt. Vern (Blue Devil) and Capt. Buddy (Capt. BC) are on their way to Wrightsville to check out some tackle and a boat thats for sale - more on that later if it amounts to anything. The wind is set to move in overnight and Billy has already cancelled his trip for tomorrow - not sure what he said about the that point in the weather story I could see his lips moving but all I heard was blah, blah, blah (I am sure you married folks understand!). Anyway, I will let you know on Sunday whats been happening. Tight Lines!

...And the saga continues. Today it was Rigged Up in the meat with 13 yellowfin, a limit of nice dolphin and a big eye that some say came in around 100 pounds. Capt. Tony landed a nice 120 pound Big Eye early in the morning and topped his box off with 8 fat yellowfin - the bits is pretty good right now, huh? Anyway, the Tuna fever crew rallied for seven fat yellowfin, a 117 pound big eye horsed to the deck by angler Darryl Williams and in the end Christopher came through again wit a 125# Big eye that put us over the top. So the moral to the story? Size does matter! Tight Lines!

Special thanks go out today to my friend and the first-class tournament observer Bert Shaffner for putting together a three-boat two-day group. Bert and his friends are fishing aboard the Carolinian with Capt. Tony Tillett and the Rigged Up with Capt. Charles Haywood and , of course, the Tuna Fever. Its fun fishing with a twist - theres a little side bet, I believe, for the biggest tuna of the day! Well as far as massive numbers of fish go the boys had us dead to rights today - Carolinian threw out 12 nice yellowfin while Rigged Up (otherwise known to Kate as Uncle Haywood) had a great catch of dolphin and a couple 40 pounders. Don't know how we did it - but Christopher Coleman's 190 pound big eye took the daily and the crew was very proud of the two - hour fight that ended with a victorious Tuna Fever team! Billy and Charlie also managed a few yellofin today too! Tight Lines!

Nice fat yellowfin - if only a few of them - and a fine catch of gaffers again today - weird but welcome (kinda like Haloween!). Tight Lines!

It was a great weekend - although the weather made it a rough one. Who would have ever thought that they'd make Saturday!! Well, they did and the boys headed out looking for dolphin - and found 'em. Big gaffers too! They were plenty of them and 3 fat yellowfin on top - Sunday it was yellowfin with dolphin on the side!! Gaffers again and tuna in the 50 pound range:-) Tight Lines!