Archived Reports

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Hey everyone and Happy New Year! We have been pretty busy around here. The boys that fish have been fishing for rock - there was a run on swords, daytime bites on the backside of the Point if you can believe that and all the while Billy and the gang have been whoopin' it up in the boat barn. Just to clarify the new boat they are building is not for me (or Billy for that matter) she's for sale and she is 57 feet of pure creampuff! The boys have got her approaching paint time, Billy and Capt. BC finished the fish box lids yesterday and thats a good indication that the Awlgrip will fly shortly! Other than that theres not muc to report - it did snow here last night and thats big news! Email or call us for available dates this season. Rates were set by the captains at $1,260 - up 60 bucks to help cover the fuel. Tight Lines!