Archived Reports

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Weeeheee! Go north young man! And they did....fat yellowfin to the northard and Danny and the boys cleaned up on the 60 pounders. Smoke 'em Baby! Looks like the fall is shaping up right. Tight Lines!

No fishing for our boys today and with Jeannie already kicking up a nice swell it looks like it may be Wednesday before anything happens around here. Stay tuned... Oh big news (excuse the pun!) yesterdays wahoo did make the weight - two pink slips for the boys at 44 and 56 pounds respectively! Tight Lines!

Hit the yellowfin early this morning and you gotta love that. Tuna are running big today again...10 50-60 pounders in the box plus two big wahoo- one may be a pink slip! The boys pulled off a 350 poundish blue one today as well. Lots of action! Call us today for available dates in November 252-473-1097 at home! Tight Lines!

Back in the ocean finally and Billy hasn't lost his touch...20 fat gaffers and 2 yellowfin that'll top 60 pounds by the looks of 'em. A couple 30 pounders and some BLT's rounded out the catch. Tight Lines!

It's been a great week for the boys and a busy one out of town for me. To catch you up it's been tuna, tuna tuna! The dolphin fishing has been excellent as well and even though he doesn't hunt 'em the rest of the fleet did find the billfish and flags have been flying. This early tuna bite is a blessing and it looks like the fall season will be phenominal! Call us for dates in November 252-473-1097! Tight Lines! PS - theres a bad blow on the way so hang out for a while!

A great day offshore today for Chuck and Lorraine Andrews and their friends. Limmed the dolphin and got in some yellowfin action including 2 boscoes in the box. We even had a white marlin release off the spreader bar! Tight Lines!

Well it was a great weekend for the boys. Billy and Charlie had a good time with some excellent yellowfin fishing - not as good as Friday but the dolphin are up and running too - Limits on bailers and the tuna are fat. Plenty of action with throw backs and BLT's but the boys in the box are in the 60 pound range - we even had a pink slip this weekend! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever is back out in the blue and it's a good thing because today is Kate's 4th Birthday and we have to pay for Putt-Putt for half a dozen kids! A big Welcome to Charlie Midgette while Dave is in Palm Beach checking on his family. Anyway, the boys found some beautiful conditions east of the inlet and cleaned up on the fat yellowfin. And I mean boscoes, Baby! 65 pounds on average and you gotta love that! Hopefully that pocket of water will hang out for a while diesel has shot up to $1.76 on the pump!!!! Tight Lines!

We are alive and well - seems like forever since Billy has been fishing but we have had some nasty weather and then the swell from Frances. May be Thursday before the Tuna Fever heads out again. Stay Tuned! Tight Lines!