Archived Reports

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A limit of dolphin, a few yellowfin including a lunker and a half hour battle with a blue one (which we lost!) and the boys are on their way home. AHHHHHH! Tigtht Lines!

The boys are home today....TS Gaston should be mixing it up here shortly. Over the weekend it was Dolphin if you do. Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. And plenty of them too - and hey, the boys even had a couple whites on the Sat and one on Sunday. Capt. Bull Tolsen on the Sea Toy broght in a 760 pound blue one last night a Pirate's Cove...big fish! Tight Lines!

Great Dolphin fishing today and the boys hooked up on four whites as well - fast and furious baby! Tight Lines!

Well, it was a hell of a day today with Randy, Trey and the crew. Many thanks to Joel for working the pit today! Fast paced billfish action has come home to the Tuna Fever with 5 whites and a blue released today! Meanwhile the inshore fleet had a great one with the cobia - yeah, you heard me right - cobia. Today turned out to be the day the manta rays picked for their annual migration south and they were hosting loads of hungry cobias! Cool huh? Tight Lines!

Many thanks today to Sam Stokes and the Fightin' Lady crew for calling us to the dolphin and saving our day. It was a near limit - you gotta love that - and you gotta love Sam! Tight Lines!

The boys are out again today and the fishing is fine. A little slow this morning and Billy has had to find the fish first but hey thats no problem (hope I don't jinx him with that one!). Anyway it's been good dolphin fishing and the occsional big eye since last week's bite. The yellowfin are nice and fat and the boys have had a couple pink slips as well. Come fishing! You deserve it! Tight Lines!

We've had some blow days, but yesterday there was some great tuna fishing. 6 bigeyes in the box, and on the way back in by 9 a.m.! The bigeyes are here, and we have some open days in the next couple of weeks and beginning of September, so give us a call to set up your booking. I'm out of town for the next couple of days, but I'll start updating the site when I get back Monday.

Had a little break from the tournament action so I thought I would give you all an update. Billy and Dave have had a good week - some marlin fishing that didn't pan out (if you have been watching the tournament action you know why) and some excellent yellowfin fishing and good dolphin action. Today was a banner day as the boys got a tip from one of Billy's commercial fishing buddies and headed north to Virginia - it was boscoes early and plenty of them - filled the box with 50 plus pounders and it's awl good! Tight Lines and batten down the hatches - it'll be a blow out for the next couple days!

And it was another fine day of fishing in the Gulf Stream. You gotta love it - I mean even with that nor'easter which it so happens blew my tournament tent down - going through the ocean righted herself and everything is showing signs of a good tournament week ahead. It was five fat yellowfin in the box today. Not much dolphin action and the billfishing will have to wait for the Tuna Fever. I will be updating Billy and Dave's progress this week as I can - problem is...apart from being busy...I hardly see Billy at all until tournament is over! Tight Lines!