Archived Reports

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Happy Christmas!!!! Just a note to let you guys know whats happening...not much except stripers! And they are big too! Judy at the Fishing Center says some of the boys headed offshore over the weekend - tuna fishing was fair but the most fun was had by the boats that stopped the catch up on the rock on the way home. Who woulda figured?! Anyway, the new BC boat is coming along pretty quickly - Billy and the crew bedded the engines before we left for Colorado...and Kate says that skiing is easier than riding a bike! No broken bones for anyone although Billy forfeited his snowboard for some skis as most of Snowmass was packed powder. Heres wishing you a joyous holiday and a very fishy New Year! Tight Lines!

Well the boys fished out the year in grand style and Billy and Charlie brought the Tuna Fever home over Thankgiving Weekend. Since then the fishing and the weather has been hit or miss but most of the charter boats have been slamming the yellowfin when they have gotten out. I will keep you updated on the fishing and the boat Billy and Capt. Buddy cannady are building this winter - the twin Caterpillar motors are due to arrive today and the crane will be placing them in the hull tomorrow! The Billy, Kate and I are off for a little skiing vacation (not a boat in sight!). If you'd like to reserve a day for next year give us a call at home or shoot me an email. We are taking bookings for the new season and the Captains had their annual meeting Tuesday nigh and set the offshore full-day price at $1260 for 2005....just enough increase to cover the fuel costs. We hope that you and your crew have a joyous Holiday Season. Many thanks for all of your support this year! Tight Lines!