Archived Reports

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Fishing is fabulous - wish you were here! A hard limit yesterday - which means it took longer than the hour this morning the boys took to fill the box! You gotta love fresh tuna on the Thanksgiving menue - but it looks like she's gonna blow for a couple days. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I'll be back as soon as the wind stiops blowing! The 2005 calendar opens up on Thursday so give us a call when you're ready to book your day! 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Hey there, I am updating today as I will be out of the office tomorrow - a nice limit yesterday for Rob and the boys. Congrats go out to my buddy Melvin who held onto his cookies all day! A limit today but the boys had to work for this one as the cold water and fog pushed in overnight. Pull out the planers boys, the weather is going to hold until mid-week. Tight Lines!

Little bigger class of fish today with some 40's thrown in for good measure - Billy, Charlie and the boys were home again early - with their LIMIT! Lemme say it again I love it so much - LIMIT, LIMIT, LIMIT!!!! Still got a couple days open toward month's end - call us for a day! Tight Lines!

We are still gettin' it!!! The weather is beautiful, the tuna are snappin' and we wish you were here...I can't believe how great it is! Limits of yellowfin today! Tight Lines!

And the boys will be to the dock by 12:30! Limits on yellowfin today - a couple big ones - and a nice fat wahoo! Looks like we're in for some good fishing this week if the weather holds. Tight Lines!!

Billy and Charlie finally got out this morning with Jay Buschell and his buddies. They headed offshore for the warm water with not much ado about it - then came back to the's not where you go but where you know today. In the ned there was a limit of yellowfin in the box and you gotta love that!! Tight Lines!

Turned out - finally - to be a great day for Walter and the boys. Alimit! A limit! The Tuna Fever had a limit!!!! Who would have ever thought (I have been getting a little depressed - could you tell?) Anyway, no chuncking, just on the troll, and there were a few 40 pounders but for the most part it's 30 pounders in the box. The weather is moving in tonight so I will check you guys out next week when I know something - hopefully good. Tight Lines!

Well it stopped blowing long enough for the boys to get out today and it looks like they will make tomorrow too! (Am I getting cynical?) Hey, special thanks to the Piedmont Offshore Sportfishing Club for inviting me out to Greensboro to share my limited knowledge of all things fishing! It was fun guys and I never in my life had 50 dates in one night! Anyway, It turned out to be a great day of fishing today! WOOOOOWEEEEE! Yellowfin on the troll and they were biting early - hit a lul mid-day but it picked up again this afternoon. Charlie picked a lot of grass and we love him for it - gotta keep those hooks free and clear - not quite BLT's the top fish in the box was 45 and the rest - well in the 30 to 35 pound range. Tight Lines!

The boys finally gt out over the weekend and the fishing was slower than expected. Some top water bites - so thats good - but most of the yellowfin were BLT's and on Sunday we had some nice wahoo bite - one fat one in the box. Now, you can probably guess what I am going to say - she's meant to blow from late tonight through Wednesday. And Billy and Charlie may get a couple days in before it comes back around for next weekend. BLAH!!! I really wish we could do something about this weather! Tight Lines!

I am happy to report another great day at the Point - a limit of yellowfin and the last fish of the day the crew caught on the chunk! I am sad to report that it is getting ready to blow. The next couple days for sure but Kevin and his crew are determined to take a look at least and thats a good thing beacuse Kevin makes the best deer jerkey I have ever had! Lets hope Billy brings some home this time! Tight lines everyone!

I'm Back! The Fort lauderdale show was great for those of you that have an interest. Sales were definately up with everyone replacing lost boats and property from the hurricanes. While I was away Charlie and Billy dealt with a lot of weather and the full moon. The boys finally made it out last Thursday for a rough one and Friday was a bit dissapointing as far as the catch went also. The Tuna Fever was a highliner both days with a few BLT's and couple fat ones on the planer bite. Then the weekend came and - everything changed! Hallelujia! Theres a lot of cold water on top but the boys have been dragging the planers at the Point and have come up with limits of nice yellowfin over the past few days of fishing. Yesterday was alittle slower but the crew managed to pull out a great catch in the end. You gotta love it! No chunking bites yet but if the buffs stay on the troll who cares?! Tight Lines! ps. November is filling up fast so if you'd like some tuna for Christmas give us a call at home. Also, as we do every year, we will begin taking bookings for next year on Thanksgiving day. So when you've got your crew together over the holidays grab a calendar and give us a call!