Archived Reports

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Okay boys - the Tuna Fever is still tied up down to the Fishing Center and Billy is starting to go a little crazy I think. Good thing he has a boat to build this winter! Anyway, it looks like I won't have to depend much on anyone else to do the report while I am at the Lauderdale Boat Show - the weatherman says it's planning on blowing right through Thursday! Hang onto your hats and I will let you know what happened on Sunday! Tight Lines!

It was a good day today for Ernie Meyer and his crew although it was rougher than you-know-what and I don't think anyone expected that. The boys had a nice catch of kings and two blackfins in the box before they headed out early for dry land! We've got some wind headed our way and it looks like the fleet may not get out until the weekend. Maybe this nor'easter will push some fish in our direction - cross your fingers! Tight Lines!

A slow day for the boys today and, you know, I may be starting to get depressed! Anyway, the crew was not interested in the kings today so the Tuna Fever headed north of the Point to a finger of water that looked pretty promising. It wasn't - 1 fine yellowfin in the box and one lost to the sea! Have you guys been to church yet? You may want to try this weekend! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever finally got out today - it was a might bit rough for Bobby Knight's boys but there was plenty of action! When I spoke with Billy this morning they were covered up with kings and by day's end the crew had filled the box with a fat wahoo and 16 gotta love that! Thanks for hanging in through the weather and my trip to the Annapolis Boat Show - I head out for Ft. Lauderdale next week but we'll see if Cori and the gang can update this if the wind would just stop blowing! But heres a thought. Considering the weather we've had this month, perhaps the skies will clear in us tonight to book your tuna day! 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

Well it's blowing today - that was unexpected. But yesterday the fishing was great - yellowfin and wahoo. WAHHHOOOOOOOO! (I love that!). Anyway, this will be a quick one and the boys will be in the ocean tomorrow...stay tuned for all the news, we may be getting on a roll! Tight Lines!

Hey! Thought I would hit you all with an unexpected weekend report since I am sitting in my office. It was a limit of dolphin today to the northard. No yellowfin coming south yet but we're keeping our fingers crossed and a sharp eye out! Give us a call for November home 252-473-1097 between 7 and 9PM! Tight Lines!

Billy, Charlie and crew ended up east of the Point today in a finger of water that held some promise - and a few yellowfin. The boys lost a couple big ones and released a bunch of BLT's but put a nice catch in the box. I seem to remember Billy saying wahoo - I think there were two - but don't shoot me if I am wrong...I am after all just the wife! Tight Lines!

Okay, remember all that #$*&! I said about the moon and Charlie and the northeast wind? Well, forget all that. It rarely happens...but it happened today. The Tuna Fever got skunked! The boys ran to the northeast in hopes of meeting those Virginia tuna as they begin to make their way south and they just weren't there. Yet. Cross your fingers. I'm going to church. Tight Lines!

A slower weekend overall but at least the boys got out. Much love to Reyn Smith and his crew...he's a great skipper but I think the 18 dolphin in the box was their first bad day in a long time! Expecting a few things to happen this week. First the moon is going, going gone which should make things pick up a bit. Next we have some weather coming through tomorrow and Wednesday...that will hopefully jack the tuna up a bit. And finally Charlie Midgett will be joining us full time in the pit. Not to put any pressure on the boy but given his family history the fish ought to fall over dead from fear! Looks like Thursday for my next report. Tight Lines!