Archived Reports

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Excellent fishing for the Tuna Fever today considering what there was to be caught. Billy and Chuck rotest that they just got lucky...The bite was fast and over almost before it started this morning on the Point. Yellowfin ranging, again, from 25 to 60 pounds and a nice 119 +/- pound big eye for the boys. Some near limits of dolphin for some other lucky boats and the billfish fizzled up - a few boats ran forever and didn't come up with much of anything. There is a front on the way and hopefully it will make those yellowfin very hungry! Kepp and eye on the weather for Saturday, Sunday and Monday - the forecast sounds pretty horrible so far. Tight Lines!

It was a great weekend on the Outer Banks! Billfishing slowed down a little from Fruday's successes but the tuna fishing picked up and with a name like Tuna Fever - can you guess how we feel about that?! An actual near limit for Saturday and Sunday. Yellowfin are ranging right now from 25 to 50 pound range...big gap - little fish, big fish, yellowfin tuna fish! The dolphin are still hanging in there although a very nice weed line out near the Point is, strangely enough, not providing much action. Today proved to be a good one for the fleet. Slower fishing for everything overall but still a good mixed bag all the way around. Billy and Chuck had a fine catch of yellowfin in the box..tip of the day - the big ones are snappin in the hot water - funky! Bad forecast for tomorrow and it looks like we'll be sitting to the dock. Long range looks pretty crummy for the weekend so keep an ear on NOAA and come down on Thursday if you need to! Tight Lines!

And the tuna cometh. The boys headed home today and came up with a nice catch of yellowfin 6 in the 35 to 40 pound range. Ah, you gotta love those whales! And - some cream for the top - a half-limit of dolphin. MMMMMM! Some billfishing for the boys up north - Bull had 6 whites today - and the forecast looks great. It's gonna be a nice weekend so hook up your trailer and head this way. One tip - wait to cross the bar when the sun is up - heavy tide and still some breakers out there. Tight Lines!

So, we (Billy and Chuck that is) headed for the Point today looking for those whales and some tuna fish and they came up with...drum roll please...a limit of dolphin! Yeah! And one nice yellowfin mind you - no skunk in this box. Andy, Billy has you "throw" and your pillow - you won't be in trouble at home! Tight Lines!

Fair marlin fishing today and not even way, way up to the northeast. 3 out of 4 on whites today. A little birdie tells me that the tide has fallen out this afternoon in Hatteras and the boys down there spotted none other than our favorite pod of whales headed this way. Looks like the Point should rock tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Oh, it was a rough one this morning. Over the bar, through the white water - a little cavetation - everyone please take a seat. And was smooth sailing to the dolphin grounds. No tuna to speak of at all for the fleet but the whites are still snappin and the flags are flying over Oregon Inlet this afternoon. A limit of nice dolphin for the Tuna Fever crew! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows - all weekend long - and today. It should be good for some kinda fishing tomorrow, if the boys can get out that it. Cross your fingers for the Inlet in the morning! Tight Lines!

And the dolphin fishing was fine! And actually fine, not slow like October-ish, it was fine. An excellent near limit in the box and the boys are headed home as the wind picks up. To the northeast the boys experienced "phenominal" white marlin fishing, we're talking 10 or 15 fish per boat. And down at the Point there were a handful of yellowfin tossed in the box. MMMMM! Looks like we'll be dealing with fair Gabrielle in the next few days. A front pushing across the country looks like it'll keep her off the coast but to me it looks like her eye will pass right overtop of the Point! Stay Tuned, Tight Lines!

And the tuna fishing was fine. Not excellent, I mean not October-ish, but just fine for a warm, albeit somber, September day. Some boats had scattered dolphin and the white bite was fair to middlin' up to the northeast. And in the fish box, two nice yellowfin in the 50 pound range and three more right around twenty-five pounds a piece. Tight Lines!

Well, what can I say? The tuna fishing was fine at the Point today. Small ones, legal mind you, but small and plenty of 'em. Theres a green blended water out there and no dog fights today...everyone is busy I suppose. Can say "God Bless America", it's pretty simple, but appropriate. Tight Lines and our prayers.

Tuna Fish! And a couple jets practicing their dog fighting skills today. Neat - those boys can really fly! Back in the whales but it doesn't look too good for tomorrow - swell has moved in and along with that it's suppose to blow a little bit. Check in on Wednesday for the news. Tight Lines!

Good weekend - sort a. Tuna on Saturday which is nice and an effort for billfish on Sunday which turned out to be, well, not so nice. Oh, well. What can you do?! Tight Lines!

Billy is back! And out of the house! Yeah! And a great day for his return I might add - down to the Point and in the whales...a near limit of dolphin, a few nice yellowfin and two big eye in the box for the Fentress Family from Virginia Beach. Its beginning to blow north east and thats a good thing - won't be scrappy but it may help the billfish bite. Tight Lines!

A good day today (at least better than yesterday!) for Bill and Chuck. Some albecore (yuck!) and a decent catch of yellowfin for early September. Better than THE SKUNK! Tight Lines to you and special thanks to Capt. Bill Brown for taking such good care of the Tuna Fever and our guests over the past week. You did a fine job, Bill and we love you!

Oh happy day! For Trey and the gang for Ahoskie it was a happy day. Bill and Chuck headed for the hills (sorry about the gallons, Billy) and some white marlin hookin' practice. Well, the crew came home with a skunk in the box - don't you just love it when people are honest?! - and no flags flying...but I understand the George Forman grill was burnin' the burgers and they were great! Back to the whales tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed! Tight Lines!

The boys had a good weekend - fishing was slow but there are some tuna in them there whales! The run for the whites turned out to be a good 75 miles today and the bite, well there wasn't much to it. Scattered dolphin. Bill and Chuck are still doing a fine job and Billy is meant to head for the doctors and, perhaps, back onto the bridge early this week. Tight Lines!