Archived Reports

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Bill and Chuck have been doing a great job on the Tuna Fever this week. A hell of a white marlin bite kicked it all off on Monday and some of the boys had 11 plus flags flying. Not our boys though...a few tuna to the southern and one white one for the rigger! Wednesday's catch proved that theres tuna in them there hills - the Point that is - yellowfin and some dolphin, the white bite cooled off with a southwest blow but it'll spring back. Billy is doing well, recooperating on the couch and spending some valued time with Miss Kate. Hopefully we'll see him back on the bridge this weekend, or Monday at the latest. Tight Lines!

So it blew over the fishing but plenty of honey-dos for those about to go under the knife. Yes, Billy is headed for the hospital tomorrow and a hernia operation. Bill Brown and Chuck will be running the Tuna Fever whilst Billy is recooperating and the Captain hopes to join the crew again on Saturday. Tight Lines!

Give the people what they want - or try to anyway. Headed out for the meat today and, well, didn't run across much, but it was a nice day anyway - one yellowfin in the 55 pound range and a wahoo that topped 35 pounds! East west count on bills was 35 to 34 (or there abouts) today. Tight Lines!

A make up today - first of the year. Bet if we were called Marlin Fever instead of Tuna Fever we wouldn't be the ake up guy, but thats life...and what an excellent crew today! Fishing was slow for the meat and the gang caught a single 100 plus pound Big a few of them fought it and then they split the meat 6 ways! Come back anytime fellas! Tight Lines!

Well, the whales and big eyes have moved on (for now) so we were off the the northeast for some marlin fishing with Bill Futrell and crew today. A might bit rough and a few too many lighting storms for the group so we even headed home early. No flags to fly but 3 yellowfin at 50 plus pounds each and a nice hoo in the box. MMMMMM! Tight Lines!

The tournament is over and I'm not dead yet. Thanks for switching over to keep an eye on the action. Billy, Chuck, Deeda, Trey and the gang ended up in 17th place - which is not bad considering they competed against 126 of the finest crews on the east coast! Congrats on the effort. Theres a catch log on if you'd like to see what they released all week. Meat fishing has slowed a bit this week but the billfishing has picked up tremendously since Thursday - flags are flying! For Kennith Wells and group from Maryland fishing was slow today. 2 yellowfin in the 50 pound range and 5 small gaffers. Stay Tuned, Tight Lines!

One last report - Specialty Fundings, Bill Bush and crew had a good day offshore today...four big eye between 118 and 137 pounds, seven yellowfin between 40 and 60 pounds and a trip home early! Yeehaa! In case you were wondering about the's a troubled story. First, Billy broke the camera, then we got it fixed. The Heather lost the camera card, the full camera card mind you prior to downloading. Then we completely lost the whole camera - if you've seen it let me know. So, thats my story and I'm sticking to it! Tight Lines!

And a slow day on the Tuna Fever today. Officially this day will go down in history as "Pull Off" day. Yep, pulled off 4 big eyes and a few yellowfin. Don't you love it. Okay, so Chuck and Billy are meant to fish the Alice Kelly Ladies Only on Sunday and the 18th Annual Pirate's Cove Tuesday through Friday. And you know that given the fact that I am the Tournament Director, I am up to my eye balls. So, I am leaving you for the week - Check out the Oregon Inlet fleet report at and all the tournament news at Until next week - Tight Lines!

Big eye and yellowfin. Gotta love it. Blue marlin bite heated up a bit today too for the fleet. MMMM! Tight Lines!

Big Eye! Big Eye! Whammed early and home in time for a full 18! Eyes ranged from 80 to over 100 pounds today - 630 line, baby! Tight Lines!

A BIG EYE BITE FROM You Know Where today! Congrats to Chuck for keeping his cool...slammed by 8 at one time and 6 citation big ones in the box! Thats 41 for the season:-) Tight Lines!

Good fishing this weekend. Yellowfin and big eye! Scattered dolphin here and there and scattered grass as well. Weeeeee!

So, heres another one of those "confirming the truth things". Today was trip number 101 for the Tuna Fever this year. And today was our first skunking of the season. Pulled a white one off early and saw nary another fish. Until, of course, we traded Fred Fox (one of our friendly commercial fishermen) a box of ballyhoo for a 30 ound yellowfin he had caught this morning. Believe it! Tight Lines!

Its a big eye kinda day. And boy did the boys hook 'em today! Eventually there were 4 (I think) in the box and a passel of yellowfin. Lovely! Update: Congrats to Franny Desato and crew top eye hit 174 pounds and the runners up? 168, 89 and 85 respectively! Scattered dolphin and yellowfin for the fleet. The eyes were snappin again and the billfish bite is picking up steam too! Tight Lines!

Great big eye fishing for Steve Orville and crew today. 110, 101 and 88 pounds! 5 yellowfin in the 40 pound range in the box as well - sorry it was so rough! Tight Lines!