Archived Reports

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So, it's still blowing. And blowing. And blowing. The Tuna Fever got out on Sunday, weren't much to it. Lots of grass and pretty conditions (although it was rough as you know what) but those fish just weren't biting. Stay tuned! Tight Lines!

Yep, it's a blow day. better luck next time, John, but we know how you hate the rough! Tight Lines!

Big Eye, Dolphin, Yellowfin and Billfish for the fleet today. And here comes one of those moments when you know that our fishing report s as honest as we can get - Billy and Chuck just didn't show 'em much today. Some dolphin and a couple tuna and that was it. Some days are diamonds and some days just ain't. Blow day for tomorrow it looks like - tight lines!

A limit of dolphin and a BLUE One. Tuna fishing was slow for the Tuna Fever today. Grab your pink spreader bar tomorrow and we'll grab ours too. Tight Lines!

Blow Day! Honey-Dos! Yeah!Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin and a nice cach of yellowfin! Head for the whales and be patient...or head up north and try your hand at those peskey billfish. A nice catch for the fleet today and the flags are flying! Tuna Q, tuna salad, tuna kabobs, tuna sandwich, tuna melt, tuna steak......Tight Lines!

So, stood up on Thursday, Blown out on Friday. 18 nice yellowfin on Saturday plus a few dolphin and Kate's Christening on Sunday. Busy busy! The boys are heading out again tomorrow - billfishing has continued to get even better but our Big Eyes have not been seen since Friday's blow. Cross your fingers! Tight Lines!

Would you believe that Billy and Chuck got stood up this morning? Well, they did! And they missed an excellent day offshore...dolphin limits, big eye for everyone a nice scattered wahoo bite and a few billfish for the rest of the fleet. Lets hope their crew shows up tomorrow! Tight Lines!

I'm Baaaack! Oh, my. What a beautiful place and wonderful people and excellent food (I LOVE good food) and great fishing and fun! I highly recommend Bermuda. If you get the chance - go. And I will be happy to be your tour guide! So, thanks are in order to Rene for filling you guys in on the fishing from OIFC. And for covering my you-know-what in the office. I haven't gotten my hands - or ears for that matter - on Maxwell so I don't know what happened on the Tuna Fever offshore today but I can take a guess... Billy and Chuck have been loving life for the past few days as the billfish bite has begun up to the northard. The 800 line has been humming for the past couple days and the great marlin fishermen, for which Oregon Inlet is best known, have headed that way and away from the Point. 11 big eye for the crew in the past few days. Yellowfin fishing has been slowish...some on the spoon in the whales...and the boys have gotten their dolphin on a regular basis. Ah, you gotta love Oregon Inlet! Tight Lines!

Well, they say better late than never...I sure hope they're right about that! I haven't been able to find Capt. Billy today, but I do have fishing reports for the last two days. Wednesday the boys on the Tuna Fever headed down to the "House of Pain" (better known as the Point), for a mixed bag of yellowfin tuna, dolphin and a sailfish release! Yesterday, it was a limit of dolphin in the box. I hear that the big eye tunas were biting today..hope the crew had a few in the box! Tight lines and have a great weekend!

Congratulations to Mike Daivs and crew who must have had a lucky horeshoe stuck...well, somewhere today. Jigging spoons produced a great catch of yellowfin - 15 on the dock and a big eye in the box! I am outta here tomorrow for the Bermuda Big Game Classic - watch the dailies at Now my friend Rene, whose husband Tommy fishes as the mate aboard the Haphazard who is Billy's dock partner (we're all related in small towns!) is going to try to keep this thing updated if she can remember how. So if you don't see anything new on here - go to for the daily report from the Inlet. Tight Lines!

So it was a relatively slow day offshore for us today. The boys from Bad Barracudas had a great day though! A few yellowfin in the box and all's well. Tight Lines!

Another beautiful weekend on the Outer Banks! A little snatchy offshore, but good enough for two days dodging outboards! 4 nice yellowfin and a 171 pound big eye on Saturday. And Sunday's fishing produced another 4 yellowfin and another big eye...this one at 147 pounds. Yeeeha! Tight Lines!

A Ha! Who said there ain't no tuna in July?! There were today, at least for us. A day in the bay...9 yellowfin and one nice sized gaffer. Have a great holiday weekend:-) Tight Lines!

A beautiful catch of dolphin today. Big bailers in the 3 to 7 pound class and a limit in the box. Special thanks to Melinda for her call last night...I understand that she has been emailing us with no response. I just thought you guys didn't care as I haven't had an email for Billy in about four days! Apparently, Houston, we have a problem. I'll update the report when our email is up a running - until then feel free to call us at home 252-473-1097 for info on available days ect. Between 7 and 9 PM if you would! Tight Lines!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna. And Happy Independence Day! Well we went exclusivly yellowfin fishing today - spent the day in the bay and come home with a good catch for this time of year...6 tuna in the box and we love it! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin, three yellwofin and a wahooooooo! Thank you very much. The flags are flying today at the Inlet and there was a good big eye bite early this morning. The dolphin popped up here and there and those yellowfin are back in with the whales...spoons, spreader bars, top water plugs...use 'em if you got 'em! Tight Lines!

Ha! We were right - no fishing today. Sorry, Bob! Tight Lines!

Good fishing this weekend. I mean, we actually caught some yellowfin and limits of dolphin. The fleet as a whole started seeing some bills this weekend and a couple big eye ended up on the dock. The ocean is looking the same time the forecast looks pretty bad! No fishing tomorrow, I think. Tight Lines!