Archived Reports

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Rick's final day and it was dolphin in the box, early on. Many thanks to the Snells and all their guests for spending so much time with us this summer. Some billfish for the fleet today. The count is low but the bills are scattered and smattered - sails and blues! A couple eyes out there again today as well. Inshore the boats got in some cobia, spanish and blues. Red drum have also been a regular catch this week. As for the wrecks, well Rick and his crew know that tilefish and sea bass are almost as good as fresh yellowfin! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do, baby! Dolphin for Paul Harrell and his crew today. The ocean is shaping up for some yellowfin on the spinners soon. Tight Lines!

So the Captain says it was slow today. At least for the crew of the Tuna Fever and from what I have heard it sounded slow all over. A couple big eye for the fleet and a few yellowfin. Some limits of dolphin as well. Dave LaPrade and crew had a great time today. Half a limit of dolphin in the box for the kids and a few yelowfin on the troll. Thanks to the gang and we'll put you in the meat come October 11! Get those top water plugs ready and that blue and white spreader might find they'll come in handy as the surface temps heat up! Tight Lines!

Forgot to mention Tyler Corey's catch for yesterday! Duh! Anyway, the boys had a nice catch of yellowfin - 12 in all - and some great big eye...117, 120 and 122 pounds respectively! Today was another Rick Snell day - this time with the kids. Spooning yellowfin and bailing dolphin and a bunch of formidable anglers like this we have not seen lately! Tight Lines!

Ah, what a weekend! Saturday's fishing was hot! 8 yellowfin, 3 wahoo, 2 gaffers and one big eye for Scott Michaud and crew. Congratulations on that 234 pounder! Many thanks to Scott for the cool gift for Kate. She loves stacking stars! By the way, the young one is doing just fine. Topping 16 pounds by now, crawling, talking - we're not understanding mind you, except for the dog's name! - and the fateful "pulling up". Thank goodness her head is as hard as her father's! Tight Lines!

Another day for Rick Snell and crew. And another good day as well. Limits of dolphin and a couple nice yellowfin for the boys. Tight Lines!

Seaboard Medical had a great day today! Many Thanks to Capt. Dickie aboard the Fintastic for sharing his group! Limits of dolphin and some yellowfin for the fleet today. Tight Lines!

Better fishing today - a limit of dolphin for Craig Moffitt and his group by nine-ish! That makes for a slow afternoon but the boys had a good time and ended it all with a WAHOOOOOOOOO and 6 gaffers! The whales are moving home so perhaps the tuna will come to call. Tight Lines!

So yesterday was Big Eye Day and today must be blah fishing day. Most of the fleet found a dead ocean today, you gotta love that! NOT! Anyway, it wastime that Rick Snell and his crew learned the difference between fishing and catching - one big eye (miracle fish) in the box tipped the scales at 115 pounds and a limit of dolphin (another miracle), two small yellowfin topped it off. Tight Lines!

Today has officially been doubed BIG EYE TUNA DAY at Oregon Inlet! Great fishing today for the fleet, some boats had as many as 4 or 5 big eyes and we love it! For Trey and the crew there was a big fat one fought for 1 hour and 45 minutes, some yellowfin and dolphin in the box! Hehe! Tight Lines!

And so, the blow has passed - and the boys fished this weekend. It was a little slower than we would have liked this weekend, but Saturday produced a nice dolpin bite and Sunday the hunt was one for yellowfin. North of the Point, if you can call it a bite, was the happening spot. A few tuna in the box and a couple gaffers too! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do. Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. Thanks, Pork. Anyway, it was dolphin for the fleet today and an excellent day for Mike Littlejohn and his crew from Virginia. Limits for the boys - not tuna mind you - but dolphin is good enough! And Mike, thanks for your patience with the fish cleaning house. No fishing tomorrow as Allison is coming to call. Tight Lines!

No yellowfin for the Tuna Fever today...very few for the fleet as a whole. But its dolphin if you do! Big bailers and a 35 pounder - thats a citation - also a nice Big Eye on the 640 line. 136 pounds tipped the scale! By the way, had some technical difficulties with the digital camera lately. Had some pictures lost - Scott McCullough's in particular, sorry Scott! And some others we can't identify. If you recognise yourself in the Gallery, please let us know via email - we'll put a good caption up! Tight Lines!

No bills today but we got in the dolphin and boy, was that nice. So Dick and his crew will be eating fish for some time to come! 17 gaffers at the 1250 rocks. Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin for Dick Bell and crew today. Plus the crew got in some yellowfin - 8 nice ones and 3 citations - 90 pounds, 77 pounds and 73 pounds. Got the boys again tomorrow...going lookin' a billfish! Tight Lines!

And an excellent Saturday. Our apologies to all the outboards we left in the dust at the bridge! Special thanks to Phil, Mark, Mac and the boys for cranking today. Big bailers in the box plus a nice catch of gaffers, some yellowfin and a beautiful Big Eye - Mark absolutely horsed that sucker up to the transom and Mac managed to pull it in the boat when Chuck ran out of steam! Tight Lines!

Many thanks to Trey and the boys for fishing again today. Great dolphin for the fleet. Tight Lines!

Dolphin, Dolphin everywhere. And a limit in the box - some nice bailers today (fat ones) a couple Gaffers and six...I think I remember six...fat ole' yellowfin. MMMMMMMMMMM! Tight Lines!

Who would have ever thought...a boat named "Tuna Fever" won the billfish division of the US Air Bluewater Tournament? Well, we did! And thats not all! Karl and crew won the Second Place dolphin too! 2 whites did the trick today! Tight Lines!

A Ha! On the board! Third place dolphin on the leader board today - 24 pounds (give or take). And we're heading out with Karl and crew for the winner tomorrow! (cross your tose!)Tight Lines!

Its tournament time! US Air style! Thanks to Karl Hoffman and crew for choosing to fish the three day Bluewater event aboard the Tuna Fever. Now, if this was an overall numbers game then the boys would be thrilled - a limit of yellowfin, but pups as it turns out (where'd they come from?). Anyway, we're looking for boscoe tomorrow and get these boys on the leader board! Tight Lines!

We love Trey and Trey, well Trey added the famed Big Eye to his list of conquered pelagics today. Thanks to Deeda for the cheeseburgers too! See you soon guys! Tight Lines!

Special thanks go out to Vernon Gilbert for running the pit whilst Chuck was away today. It's better than throwing book bags off the schoolbus, Vern. Anyway, Scott Brown and crew had a nice day offshore today. A near box full of yellowfin - one over 60 pounds and a couple nice gaffers (see I told you they were coming!). Excellent! Tight Lines!

Yellowfin on the Tuna fever and WHAT? A nice white marlin - lit up like Christmas:-)Congrats to Aaron Goetz and the crew on a fine day of angling expertise! Dolphin were found moving up from the southern today. MMMMM. Gaffers, Baby, Gaffers. Tight Lines!