Archived Reports

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And a great day was had by all! Especially by young Scott McCullough who took some names today - a fabulous catch of yellowfin and a little bit of a mixed bag to boot! Congrats to Scott, Robert and the boys! Tight Lines!

Home early Baby! Earlier enough for a quick nine, Mark? Limit in the box and things are looking up! Tight Lines!

And a day like this doesn't come along all the time! Big Eye and yellowfin and a bunch of citations! Kickin'!

Happy Memorial Day! And a happy one it was for Dave McGee and crew - filled the box, baby! Not a limit mind you - but the tuna were fat today and 15 fish (nine 60 pounds plus) topped the box with no room to spare. Conditions are looking up offshore. The bait is flying and it's looking good. If you're heading out soon, emulate the flying'll drive those yellowfin crazy! Tight Lines!

Oh, Martin - you've been crossing your toes haven't you?! Ah, yellowfin. Those smart, fast yummy yellowfin. And flyers - phewsh, phewsh, phewsh!!! 8 yellowfin in the box - 2 small ones and 6 big fat ones! 60 pounds plus and one at 72! And to top it all off - one white marlin release! Let the flags fly! Tight Lines!

"So, how was your day, Honey?" "Had to be nearly 150 #$&%@! boats on the Point today!" That nearly says it all. No long baits today and the core sounders were out in force but we pulled out a little something at least - 6 more yellowfin and a few kings for Bill Beck and his crew. Cross your toes! Tight Lines!

Another slow day for May - are you keeping your fingers crossed? Might try your toes next! A couple kings and six yellowfin for the boys today! Many thanks to John and his crew for coming down today. Tight Lines! Okay, so I lied. Thanks to John for keeping an eye on things - apparently he reports a better day than Billy remembers. 18 yellowfin in the box, a citation at 72 pounds for Ron Dalby and a citation at 77 pounds for John Mcadoo, one wahoo in the box and perhaps a bigeye too. Sorry, John a limit is many more than 18 fish! And Billy's memory is not as young as it used to be.

Pick, pick, pick. Patience is certainly a virtue - especially these days as the fishing is poor overall. As for the Tuna Fever crew - well, we had 9 yellowfin today and a passel of kings. Some of those tuna topped 70 pounds! Wooooweeee! Top boat for the Fishing Ceneter today was our good friend Tom on the Hooker, congrats to Tom who will never read this report! Tight Lines!

Sorry, Danny! Its a blow day - 28 at the tower this morning and who needs that...maybe the local chiropractor! Tight Lines!

Okay - liar, liar. That wahoo from yesterday was really two amberjacks - don't eat it. And there were 9 tuna not 10 ...and these days everyone is counting! Today was another lucky one for the Tuna Fever crew. Stayed with it - turning circles south of the Point and came up with an average of one tuna an hour - yeaha! Anyway, it was good enough and better than most. Our illustrious leader is telling tales of "signs of life" to the southern as well - so lets see how good he really is, maybe things will pick up in the next week or so. Tight Lines!

What a weekend! There is only one word that describes fishing off North carolina on Saturday - SLOW! And I mean slow from Morehead to Hatteras to Oregon Inlet...wonder how the boys did in the Jersey Canyons? Many thanks to Mark Colyer and gang for their patience and understanding - sometimes fishin' ain't catchin'! 3 yellowfin and a limit of kings for the boys. Sunday was a bit better. Good for Billy and Chuck who simply got lucky. 11 yellowfin, a wahoo and I think I remember Billy saying there were a couple gaffers too. Excellent - but not the norm. Okay, I think we need either a group meditation or some excellent Karma to kick in - so those of you that go through a toll booth tomorrow, throw a quarter in for the guy behind you. And everyone else, stop right now, lean back, close your eyes, cross your fingers and say..."Hmmmmmm Tuna. Hmmmmm Tuna. Hmmmmm Tuna." Thanks!

What started out slow, turned out to be a pretty good day offshore for some of the fleet. I have just come from the Fishing Center and I saw some happy anglers and beautiful gaffers and yellowfin thrown out on the dock. And a sailfish flag flying from the Tuna Fever! Gotta love that! And Greg, I tried to email you back but had some trouble - WFB's are Way Far Back. Baits are pulled from the boat between 400 and 600 feet back - shotgun and long riggers. Tight Lines!

A slow day overall for the fleet but we pulled out a good catch. WFB's Baby - 14 yellowfin in the box and a couple that may go citation. I forgot to congratulate Clyde yesterday on his third anniversary - so Congrats! Tight Lines!

A long day to be sure, but we got 'em. WFB's, blue and white seawitch and you've got a formula for success! A couple big ones in the box as gotta love it! Tight Lines!

Okay, heres the question...what have you done for your hunting buddies lately? Well, good 'ole Jimmy Jesope took all his hunting buddies fishing today and what a day it was! The bite was way north of my intended 500 line blue water...pick, pick, pick on the WFB's. A lim for the crew and one citation. YeeHa! Tight Lines!

S-L-O-W! Thats the name of the game today, but we eventually got ours..if you want to call it that. Ah, 'twas a good day comparatively, 2 gaffers, 8 yellowfin and a passle of kings. BUT the blue water is pushing in from the 500 to the 540 so things are looking up! And by the way, for all of you that have been following my prose over the past few years - this definately shoots my theory of "better bite after a blow" in the foot! Tight Lines!

Okay, I know. I stink. So does the weather today but thats beside the point. I have been totally slammed this week and apologize for not updating this report - promise to get with Billy and run back through for all the updates. Heere's a quick one for you - tuna are eating mostly bonita right now so if you're heading out alone, try those black and purple baits...they just can't get enough. Also, fishing mid-day has been pretty slow - be prepared to put your time in, get out there early and stay late! The best bite is after 3 PM! Tight Lines!

It's blowing today and looks like tomorrow too. Check in on Tuesday for the story on the wind and the fishing. Tight Lines!

Oh, Bob...don't ya just love it?! Fishing the point - out of the way of about a zillion boats and what happened? LIMIT, LIMIT, LIMIT! Thanks to Bob Mitcheltree and crew for riding today and congrats to Johnny on his citation! Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Peter Friedman and crew (Hi, David) for a great day offshore! Limmed the yellowfin and had 5 big ones - 2 citations! YeeeeHaaa!

Congrats to the crew from Century Rain on a great day and some excellent patience (must come from watching plants grow!)! Anyway, Kevin and his boys from Williamsburg stuck it out to the bitter end and are on their way home with 16 fine yellowfin and a nice load of dolphin. WoooHooo! The fliers showed up off Hatteras and they are moving this way. Get ready, things are about to change up! Tight Lines!

Oh, Danny la, la la la la la. Danny Moon and crew came back again today for just a little more. Courageous to the end, the boys decided to snub the fleet and headed for the promise of the southern rock pile (or there abouts). And did it pay off? Oh, yes, baby! A limit of yellowfin ranging in size from 25 to 60 pounds. And. ANd. AND - one big fat mako estimated at 80 pounds. MMM MMM MMMM! Tight Lines!