Archived Reports

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Oh Monday - don't you just love 'em. Well, Frank Petrelli and crew had a great Monday with a limit of yellowfin up to the 50 pound range! Next time you want get out of Chattanooga, Frank, come on back to Oregon Inlet! Tight Lines!

Another big weekend. And a big fat swell on the bar - congratulations and thanks to all our anglers who braved Hawaii Five-0! Saturday Charlie derrick and his crew had a great day with some nice tuna and a couple big ones. MMMMMMM! We say a fond farewell to one of our rods that unexpectedly made it's way overboard...the boys enjoyed some stand up on light tackle, Sportsmen, all! Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY! Well, Sunday turned out to be a fantasic day. A limit for Greg Jamerson (glad to have you back, Greg but what did you do with Lisa?) and his crew and a citation fish for everyone! Congrats to Greg on his 73 pounder. To Torrance Hedrick on his 82 pounder and to Kevin Wishon who horsed a 83 pounder into the range of Chuck's trusty gaff! Are you 11, Kevin? Or was it 14, I'm sorry i can't remember now - anyway, Kevin has a long and successful angling life ahead of him (unlike many of us who may have seen our better days!) and may be available for a tour on the tournament circuit this season. Contact Tuna Fever Angling Management, Inc. if you need an additional crew member. Hehe. Fishing is looking up - lots of fish, many big ones and they are all over the place. Grab the little boat, stay in the channel, and head for the Point! Tight Lines!

Have you got any idea how much I LOVE applebutter? Well, Walter Knight must have because he brought me a great big jar of delicious homemade applebutter today! And you know what he got in return? A limit of yellowfin! Not a bad trade at all. The boys were fishing the 350 to the 400 today in a little bit of rough. There were a lot of fish caught in the green water as well. Tight Lines!

She's still blowin' today. The lawnmower is fixed and we don't love it anymore! Hold onto your hat! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! And thar she rains...and whats a "thar" anyway? Its honey-do time around the Maxwell's and you gotts love that too! Tight Lines!

The second and final day to the Gulf Stream with Chris VonBerg (sorry for the spelling yesterday, Chris), Danny and Todd. And a great day it was!!! A limit early - you have exactly 15 minutes or we're going home - and a few fish in the 50 to 60 pound range...gotta love that! And what a way to top off an African Safari! Tight Lines!

Chris VanBurg and his crew got home early today - a great morning tuna bite proved to be all the boys could stand! They're meant to fish again tomorrow and we wish them another diamond day! Tight Lines!

Another beautiful spring weekend for the OBX and great fishing too! Saturday wasn't a diamond, but Jeff Masters and his crew put in their time - started the day with a wham and ended with two that topped off the box. Well, not really - that was a little white one - Billy's box is just too big for April tuna but there were some good sized fish mixed in today. Sunday proved to be much easier and made Billy and Chuck feel like pros again! Gary Hyatt and friends had a great day, early bites and got home in time for 9 with their limit. Gotta love it! Tight Lines!

Aye, the top water bite - visions of plugs gracefully flying from the bow deck, ominous fights with fat yellowfin on spinning tackle - well, that's not what happened today! 'Twas a top water bite indeed, but there was too much current for playing with plugs - ZZZZZZZZPOWWW! So, it was close trolling next to the fish and WHAM! A great day for Robert Howell and crew - April's rough seas are hanging in there but the boys weren't afraid! Fish were caught from the 400 to the 700's and lots of them for everyone. Tight Lines!

And it was an excellent day for the fleet! Yeeehaaaa! A little on the snatchy side heading out this morning but the boys found the fish south of the Point and, oh bot, did they find the fish. A couple boats go in as early as noon - not the Tuna Fever though. Home early (not in time for a quick 9) with a limit of yellowfin and a couple 'hoos. Congrats go out to Raymond Douglas and his crew from Capital Paving Corp. They layed it down out in the Stream and threw out a nice catch - some little guys, couple tuna better that 30 pounds and a couple more in the 40 pound range (the big fish are coming!)!! Tight Lines!

"Twas a might windy on the Outer Banks again today - smart move taking these couple days off. Sorry about your trip, Danny, but we'll see you here in May! Tight Lines!

No fishing for the Tuna Fever today - or tomorrow....we're booked out and headed off for one night of no baby and the peace, quiet, restaurants and shopping of Hampton Roads. Need anything? Tight Lines!

Happy Easter, everyone! I've said it before and I'll say it again...if you're gonna be related to Captain Bill - be a cousin! Wife is not bad either but that job is taken. Cousin Greg Rudiger and son Steven brought some old high school friends down from Va Beach and headed out on Saturday for what turned out to be a good day. The boys started off slow - the first bite around 12:30 and Steven's tuna got slurped up by a hammerhead before it reached the 2:00 there was one half of one yellowfin in the box (another shark attack) and hopes weren't too high. But the boys stuck it out, got whammed a few times and picked out a fine catch of 18 yellowfin on the deck. Phew! Sunday was shark day for the Tuna Fever. No hammerheads this time - yummy mako in the box. And a slow - and rough - day for Lynn and Kenny Davis and crew from Cumberland, VA. In the end, the boys (and girl) ended up with a good catch (comparatively) of 8 yellowfin, but I bet they'll be eating mako steaks tonight! Congrats to Lynn for holding her lunch...we won't mention the rest of the crew gotta love the girls! Tight Lines!

Another good day fopr Billy Daniels and the crew from Daniels Masonry Contractors of Colonial Heights, VA. Maybe I should build my next house out of brick? Anyway, tuna, tuna, tuna! Don't you just love that?! Tight Lines!

So, luck is a might bit better for cousins than brothers! Cousin Mike Twine was fishing today - hosting a crew from Georgia Pacific paper company and a great day it was! Billy just called...a limit in the box, 20 to 30 pounds, and back to the dock by 3 PM. Hehe. The boys were fishing the 500 line to the 540 in about 32 to 35 fathoms on a 67 to 71.3 degree change. Tight Lines!

Don't you just know it. I mean if Rob Siebert epitomizes good luck fishing, then Capt. Billy's brother Bobby...well, lets just say that Bobby is an exceptional trama surgeon but he just hasn't got much luck with the weather, at least when he's planning to fish with his brother! She's a blowin' today. And horror of horrors, she's a blowin' SOUTHEAST. Urrrghh, as Charlie Brown would say. His teacher would say WawaWawaWawa but thats another story altogether. So, if this mess blows out overnight tonight...we'll be having a good day tomorrow. And brother Bob, he'll be having a good day on the Capt. BC! Tight Lines!

Rob Siebert has got to be one of the luckiest guys I know. Once again, Rob and crew came, saw and conquered the yellowfin in rare style. The wind, thank goodness, shifted overnight and pushed the fish back in on the change. The 350 to 300 line was happening! The boys even managed to find a break in the fog heading home and arrived saftely back to the dock! Rob, you ever thought about becoming a mate? Just kidding, but don't tell Chuck! Tight Lines!

The wind overnight pushed the tuna out again, but it was still a good day for Sea Grossell and crew. 20 to 30 pounders and not quite a box full but a good catch for today. And if I'm not dreaming this, Capt. Billy also found a passel of gaffers for the boys! Tight Lines!

And a fine weekend was had by all! Especially all of us on the beach where temps reached the glorious 80's. Blue skies and summer is on the way! Anyway, on Saturday fishing was a migth bit slow. The body of fish pushed out, way out, and although the Tuna Fever ran straight to where the bite should have been (aha!) the fish didn't produce much of a bite. A little bit of rough for Dennis Jones and his seasoned bunch of friends and a prety good catch on the whole for the kind of day it was - slow! Saturday night graced us with a southwest blow and pushed the fish back home where they belong. And it was a great day for Mitch Walton and crew. Nice yellowfin and a rare gift this time of year - a passel of very nice gaffers right in the box! Many thanks to Mitch and frineds and especially you boys at Cisco Systems - we love you and Kate is actually a stock holder! The forecast looks good for the next few days but pretty poor mid-week. It's the wait and see game again. Some things never change:-) Tight Lines!

...And away we go! Well, actually away the Tuna Fever goes, I'm not going anywhere. Whatever. So, is the first trip of the year a precursor to the season ahead? Not to worry, I mean everything worked out just fine for Tim Burkhoffer and crew today. It's just, well, our fearless leader headed to the southern rock piles for an anticipated kickin' yellowfin bite and take a wild guess where the bite was! Ah, yellowfin. Delicious yummy yellowfin, dying to die in our fish box. Not emormous mind you, but big enough! So in the end the Tuna Fever fished up the change, scrapped out a nice catch of 17 fish and the rest, as they say, is history! Tight Lines!

Good day to everyone! It's blowing on the OBX today (big surprize) and has been since the weekend. The Excalibur, a private boat out of Pirate's Cove, braved the waters and headed for an alledged bluefin bite in Hatteras. They returned to Oregon Inlet victorious with a couple dink yellowfin and a monster bluefin that tipped the scales at 224 pounds! As for Billy and Chuck, they are back in the water, have installed a new stereo in the salon and are searching without luck for the new bailing rods Billy bought last fall. You boys may have to settle for the old bailing rods - but they are tried and true! 2 days and counting! Tight Lines!

Here we go! Thank godness it's spring, although it doesn't much feel like it here today. Anyway, Billy has got the Tuna Fever up on the hill at Gwaltney's Boat Yard down in Wanchese. Replacing the rudders, fixin' up the prop and sanding the bottom for repainting. The winter has been good to all of us. Chuck has been commercial fishing and it has been successful for him. Billy, Capt. BC and crew finished up the boat they built this winter - the High Return - and she is preparing to run charters out of the Fishing Center this season. Tuna fishing has been off and on this winter. The report from yesterday was pretty good though - a precursor to the coming season we hope. Capt. Barry on the First Crack reported yellowfin in the 20 to 30 pound range around the Point. News from Mexico is good as well. The boys are experiencing a good sailfish bite but not as phenominal as last year. Billy and Chuck will be finishing up work on the boat and are ready to roll on Friday. While we have a few days open in April, May and June are completely booked up - call us quick for trips in July and also for the fall (October is filling up fast!). Thanks to all for your support and we look forward to a great season in 2001! Kate is doing just fine by the way. 13 pounds and she'll be "legal" before we know it! Tight Lines!