Archived Reports

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Heres an update for you. Fishing was great again on Saturday and we actually got out on Sunday as well although the forecast didn't look like we'd make it. Since then Billy has been in the barn and all is well. Looks like we'll be getting back out tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Good fishing again today - blah, blah, blah...Don't you love it?! Chunk, chunk, chunk - yellowfin are averaging in the 50 pound range and the forecast looks good for future bites - fish are moving in and boats caught 'em up today in a 25 mile radius! Yeah! Tight Lines!

Another great day today - got past that moon (finally) and out of the fog this morning that had settled in like soup. Phillip Snead and his buddies Jack and Joe filled the box (for three people) and we all headed home early. Bad weather coming, looks like Sunday now, keep your fingers crossed. Tight Lines! PS. New gallery shots are up! Check 'em out!