Archived Reports

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Bob Mitcheltree and his crew had an excellent day today. Nice fat yellowfin and the gang, including and most exceptionally, the girls did a great job on the standup. Ann's girlfriend, whose name we're sorry to say has escaped Billy, horsed a fat one to the deck - over 84 pounds! Tight Lines!

Nothing to report on the fishing front. Billy and Chuck have been experiencing some bad weather since last Thursday but I thought I would give you an update anyway. The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is going along fine. Lots of people and everyone seems to be selling boats and motors and gears and props and whatever they sell. Word on the economy is pretty much good. Billy has been in the barn building a new boat with Capt. BC on his days off. The new boat is going to belong to Capt. Joe Monds who many of us know as Pops (he's been around that long!) and she will be berthed at Pirate's Cove with many months in the Bahamas and Mexico. She's sizing up a little bigger that the High Return (last year's boat) and she's got a beautiful bow with a lot of flair like the Tuna Fever. Anyway, the boys are hoping to get back out in the blue tommorrow and the weather looks pretty good until Saturday. But you know those long range forecasts...anything could happen. Tight Lines!

Ah! Its that Tuesday thing again. Chunking was excellent again today - the boys have definately got the groove now! If I am not mistaken they even had Mr. (Capt.) Danny Moon and his crew today...yeeeee! Yellowfin ranged from 40 to 60 plus in the box:-) I am headed for the Ft. Lauerdale boat show tonight, so if you're in the area call Billy for dinner (he's a great chef!) Anyway, I will, hopefully, be updating the report from the road but maybe only every other day...tight lines!

An excellent weekend for all! Even for the private boat guys - all 100 +/- of them that were out this weekend! hehe. So here's my story and I'm sticking to it... You guys know that the Tuna Fever hasn't had the best of luck in the past week. I mean the boys have been catchin' but definately putting in the time for it. So, on Saturday Billy's good friend and frequent customer Danny Moon was out on his boat chunkin' the tuna and had his fill by I'd say noon, so when the Tuna Fever came back to the dock Danny came over recounting the story of his day and his 18 fish. Billy and Chuck had 8 (I think). The moral of the story is...if you dont like what you're catchin' (or more specifically when) cut bait. And they did. A fat box full and home early Sunday and another fat box full today. Home early. Nice story, huh? Anyway, yellowfin are running in the 50 pound range with some kickers over 80. We have Thanksgiving day available, but the Fishing Center has got plenty of days still available before Christmas - call Katie now! 800-272-5199. Tight Lines!

And you know that funny fishing thing? Well, today it paid off for us big time. Filled the box and the boys are on their way home early today. Too bad Billy and Chuck don't golf! Oh, got another installment for the Tuna Fever camera saga. You remeber our camera. The one that got broken, got fixed, got stolen? Well, I got on Ebay and found a new one for Capt. Billy. We actually have new pictures to add to the Gallery and some old ones left on the card too! Hopefully, we'll get em up next week. Check it out (then)! Tight Lines!

And what started out to be a SLOW day on the Tuna Fever ended up to be suprizingly god for Jim Sewell and his crew. You know, fishing is a funny thing. Today the fleet was chunking and lots of boats got home in time for a quick nine this afternoon, but not Billy and Chuck. They just couldn't get the fish to follow 'em. Thankfully, the boys stayed out late, put in the time and ended up with 8 fish after 4 pm to make a fine catch of eight yellowfin upwards of 50 pounds each. Phew! You gotta love the excitement of it! Tight Lines!

Happy Tuesday! "Twas a great day out in the blue for Chris Waldrop and the gang from Manakin-Sabot (that's near Richmond). Anyway, the crew dragged themselves away from the farm long enough for some chunkin in the Stream. 8 fat ones in the box, don't you just love it?! Looks like the weather is going to get us tomorrow but hopefully Billy and Chuck will be out again on Friday. The tuna fishing is fantastic and as long as we keep feeding them they'll stay around. Tight Lines!

Say...Welcome Home, Heather! Sorry to say I have been in Annapolis at the boat show, so the report has to be updated...fortunately, my little buddy Amanda has agreed to put this thing up for you guys while I head to Ft. Lauderdale and other ports-of-call this fall. Anyway, Billy and Chuck have had some good days when they got out. We'll go backwards... The boys headed about 10 miles off the beach before the wind got 'em and they came home. On the whole, the fleet stayed in but three boats stayed out and they had great catches of yellowfin - 6 to 16 per bat and up to 700 pounds of fish! Sunday was a great day! Chunking the butters and an excellent catch in the box - plus an extra in the drink cooler. Fat boscoes in the 60 pound range. Saturday there was a bad swell from a hurricane whose name I can't even remember and the inlet was closed out. Friday was a pretty good day - if I recall correctly there were a few big ones and a couple little ones and a gaffer dolphin. Thursday was also a good day - mixed sizes but better than Wednesday wich was a bust - if memory serves me correctly. So thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Tight Lines!

Finally, again...out in the blue! Unfortunately, Billy and Chuck headed up north of the inlet for a blue water eddy that was looking very good on the sat. shot last night. The unfortunate part is that the bite, or what little there was of one, was on the other end. Top Boat at the fishing center was our buddy, and dock partner, Pelican with 8 - little ones and big ones. Bites on planers mostly and as for Billy and Chuck...well the Tuna Fever had an ole' skunk in the box today, God love 'em. Better luck tomorrow and those fish I was talking about are relly moving this way - they were on the 100 line this morning, give it a couple more and we'll be swimmin' in the meat. Tight Lines!

To the dock again today. Yesterday too. Saturday we did get out - four big ones and four pups. Hopefully the wind will case to blow this afternoon and we'll be out in the blue tomrrow. Good news from the commercial fleet - the tuna are piled up oon the 300 lines off Va and headed this way. Should be here within four days or so. Didn't I tell you they were coming! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for the Tuna Fever today. Our buddy Tony on the Carolinian was the top boat with 8 nice fat ones, and we followed up somewhere behind him with a few small ones a couple big ones. The ocean is looking good, just in time for another blow headed our way. Hopefully we'll get out tomorrow. Tight Lines!

A HA! Finally! Got out in the blue again today and there actually was some blue vs. Grosnickle green. 8 boscoes in the box and a fine day was had by all! Fishing the Point today but the fleet was spread out from 10 miles north to 4 miles south and some of the boats managed limits on dolphin too. Yellowfin ranged today from 25 pounds to the 60 pounders Kevin "What do you mean I'm booked for tomorrow too!" Benson and crew horsed to the deck of the Tuna Fever. Try the blue and white and white with a touch of red sea witches. Not much ado on a planer and the long baits with a flat head lure worked out well. Tight Lines!

We got out today! Yeah! But, theres always a but, there just wasn't much to it for the better part of the fleet. We had 3 yellowfin in the 50 pound range and a king mackerel - and damn proud of 'em! Blended green water pretty much everywhere so we'll see if the ocean settles out a bit more tonight. Tight Lines!

Can you believe that it's October already?! Well, it is! And can you believe that it's been blowing now since Friday night and it looks like it may be Wednesday before the boys can get out? Urgh! I don't know about everyone else but the honey-do list is done at my house and Maxwell is in the barn working on the new boat that he and BC and the gang are building. Hang in there and hold onto your hats. I'll update this thing when there is something to report:-)Tight Lines!