Archived Reports

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Here's something new! Billy and Chuck actually found a citation yellowfin for each person in the party today! Thats a first! Well, Billy has got the list with everyones name and the size on their citation fish with him down at the boat, so as soon as he gives that to me...well, I'll just update this ting (again!)! Tight Lines! Oh, and don't expect any report tomorrow and perhaps throughout the weekend - there's a front pushing in on top of some hurricane swell. It's honey do time for the Maxwells!

Tuna Tuna Tuna - fat ones too! Great googly moogly it is definately going on off the shores of Oregon Inlet! Congrats to Rob Seibert on his whopping citation (82 pound) yellowfin today. Rob, we just knew you could do it! Tight Lines!

A poor forecast and no data from the bouys kept us to the dock today...but the skies are due to clear tomorrow - check in then! Tight Lines!

And another great weekend for the crew. Rough as a cob though! Great yellowfin fishing as well...50 to 60 pounders for the fleet, and a box or two full for us! Many thanks to Reynolds and Lillian Smith and all the Stranos for a wonderful day and the beautiful outfits meant for Kate! The trawlers are out and about today but the tuna were feeding on minnows and chunking really didn't do much for us. Try, try again! Anyway, we got em on thr troll! Tight Lines!

Many thanks to Bob Schuster and crew for handling all the poles today. And what a day it was! Beautiful yellowfin 50 to 60 pounders in the box...and a box full of em. The bg eye are still running altough we were in the wrong spot for em today...but who cares! Tight Lines!

Flying fish and buffs at the Point today - some say it was looking like a mill pond down there, but Billy doesn't know about it first hand cause he and Chuck headed for the 630 hole and big eye country today.... Congrats to Robert Valerio on his sailfish release, to Karen Smith who professionally angled a big eye to the box..a 1 hour and 12 minute fight I might add! And to the rest of the crew on their beautiful 45 to 50 pound yellowfin. What a day! Wonderful, just wonderful! Okay, here's a "Kate Update": Our beautiful girl is growing a little every day. She's got good days and bad days (okay, so at least we know she's normal!) But her trend is for getting better and coming home to Carolina. Oh, did I forget to mention that she is totally brilliant and a fabulous fisherman too? Many thanks to all for your prayers...keep 'em coming! Tight Lines!

So it has been a might bit windy down in Carolina for a couple days - and Dad...I mean Capt. Billy...has been tending to honey-dos. He's such a good man! The forecast is looking better for tomorrow so if all goes well we will have a fishing report to give you then! Tight Lines!

Any day offshore is a good day! And today was no different - the House of Pain paid off with a box of fish and happy anglers! Tight Lines!

And the House is a rockin! Congrats to David Somers and the gang from G&G Lumber in Hamptonville, NC. Yellowfin, dolphin and wahoo, oh my! Actually, it was yellowfin (9 buffs and 2 smallies) and wahoo (1-20 pounder) hold the dolphin, please! Tight Lines!

He was just a Captain - now he's a Dad! And I am finally feeling good enough to break out the 'ole laptop and update you all as to the fishing. Kate is doing well, growing each day although she has a little attitude from being jerked into this world 8 weeks early! Just think about how Billy acts on those days that he's not catching enough fish - like Father like Daughter! Hurricane Florence gave us a few fits this week - her swell hampered some of our fishing dreams even though Billy was up with me at the hospital. Prior to that Capt. Greg Mayer and Chuck managed some great catches of yellowfin for our parties early this week. Today Ronnie Swain and crew enjoyed a fine day at the Point - 11 fat yellowfin, 2 beautiful gaffers and 1 wahoo. MMMMMMM! Tight Lines!

Just an update - theres not much happening with the fishing this week - a nor'easter is still blowing and looks like it may hang in at least through tomorrow. In the meantime, Billy has joined me at the hospital in Norfolk - no, we're not having the baby yet...although that's not such a bad idea - I am having some serious high blood pressure. To be relieved only by - you guessed it - having the baby! Anyway, Billy is about beside himself so please be good to him and if anyone feels the need to do some laundry he could probably use the help! Any inquiries on available dates should be directed to the Fishing Center at 800-272-5199. I'll keep you up to date on the fishing - at leats as soon as the Tuna Fever heads out again! Tight Lines!

Good for some, poor for others - that's what makes the Point, the Point! Nice yellowfin over the weekend - though not 18 of them - and a couple good catches of dolphin including one 35 pounder:-) The weather is looking pretty crummy for the rest of the week...oh yeah, oh joy - there are plenty of honey-dos to do around the Maxwell House though! Tight Lines!

And the HOUSE OF PAIN is alive and well! Buffs, buffs, buffs! 11 in all and one beautiful 35 pound wahoo! MMMMMMM! Happy Labor Day and Tight Lines!