Archived Reports

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It's a blow day. Wooooweee!

Fish, fish, fish! Yellowfin on the Point and billfish to the northeast. Theres a blow coming this way...hang on to your hats! Tight Lines!

No fishing for the Tuna Fever crew today - but a little breakfast in bed for the Mrs. - no rest for our weary captain! We did have a cancellation late this evening if anyone needs a Sunday in October - it's the 15th. Call the Fishing Center at 800-272-5199 today to book - it won't last long! Tight Lines!

4 for 6 on whites today up in the northeast grounds and many thanks to Tom Christin and crew for joining us! Tuna action was good today as well to the southern - our regular gang report a good yellowfin bite down on the 700 line - but it was billfish flags for the Tuna Fever today! Tight Lines!

A great couple days for The Colonel and his Family from Boone. White marlin fishing has heated up for everyone and the Tuna Fever crew would not be denied! How about that?! Tight Lines!

12 fat yellowfin and a bunch of happy folks from Ahoskie! Hey, it doesn't take much to make them happy anyway...but Trey and Harriet, Randy and Kathy, and Tim and Valla had a great time! "Twas long baits at the Point and home early! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today, a few tuna here and there, and all eyes are on the northeast marlin grounds to see what is unfolding up there. Had a lay day yesterday, but a good weekend with fat yellowfin in the 50 pound range and a few dolphin in the box. Thanks to everyone for muttering through on the tournament reports - we'll be back to normal around here by tomorrow and we should have the Gallery updated by early next week. Tight Lines!

Hey Everybody! Got a minute to get on-line and update you with what's happening from Oregon Inlet. Hope you have been following the tournament news on and I hope it's been enough to satisfy your fishing report cravings! Since Sunday things have been pretty good behind the Tuna Fever. Harriett Byrum and friends finished fifth in the Alice kelly Ladies Only Tournament with 4 whites released for the day. Moving into the week there were tuna and dolphin and a whole bunch of wahoo! One big blue marlin that got away after a three hour fight - hows that golf swing now! - and more tuna on top. Stay in touch by watching the tournament news and we'll try to update you again in the next couple days. Tight Lines!

Great fishing all week. And when I say great I mean GREAT! Sorry to be behind on the report but planning for Pirate's Cove's Tournament Week 2000 has been going well and execution begins today! The 11th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament registration is tonight and fishing tomorrow - the Tuna Fever will be entered with Harriett Byrum and friends from Ahoskie! The 17th Annual Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament registration is on Monday and boats will fish Tuesday through Friday 3 out of 4. Keep an eye on the fishing news at as I will probably be too pooped to update this site! Anyway, boscoes at the Point this week. Big fat yellowfin for Billy, Chuck and Travis who filled in for Chuck a couple days. Good dolphin, a few nice wahoo and a blue marlin or two as well! Ahhhhh! Tight Lines!

Another nice weekend on the Outer banks - that means no rain! And a fgood one in the Stream as well. Dolphin if you do, a couple yellowfin and a nice fat wahoo! The boys from Bart Porter Pools - Scott Michaud and crew - came home with a limit of dolphin on Saturday and Sunday brought Ken Vanlotin and crew home with a limit of dolphin and a beautiful 30 pound 'hoo! Monday's fishing was great too as some yellowfin showed up and filled the box. Yummmy buff tuna! Tuna steaks, tuna salad, tuna sandwich, tuna que, tuna, tuna, tuna!!!! Tight Lines!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna. (Do you see a rut here?) The yellowfin were biting today and Brad Duncan and crew had a great day with 5 very nice boscoes. Hang on to your hats - lets see what the weekend brings. Tight Lines!

Dolphin, dolphin, dolphin. And not just bailers either - a nice fat 25 pounder for TJ Heffler. Way to go! We also ran across a couple nice tuna today - and caught 'em this time! Tight Lines!

And we got our dolphin today! Do da, Do da! A couple tuna strikes that resulted in one for the box, but a great day all the same. Looks like the billfishing may be picking up and the fleet is itchin' to head to the northeast grounds with dink baits...go north, young men! Tight Lines!

And the word from the bluewater is...billfish. None for us today - dolphin to the outside of the Point today - but a couple boats headed up to the northeast and got in 'em. Release flags flying and that pod of fish is moving to the southern...right for Oregon Inlet. Don't you just love it?! Tight Lines!