Archived Reports

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The House came alive today! Buff yellowfin for the Tuna Fever crew and the fishing was fine. Hopefully, this pod of fish will stay on the Point for a few days - but if not we'll find 'em somewhere else:-) Anyway, good billfishing off Ocean City and Virginia - did they pass us by? I don't think so...we'll just wait our turn! Tight Lines!

Many thanks to Mark Collier and Jim Romer for taking us fishing this weekend! And what a weekend it was - if it weren't for dolphin we'd have no luck at all! Couple yellowfin for the fleet and the word from up north is the white marlin are on the move - yeeha! Tight Lines!

Off to a late start, but a good day was a must for Jimmy Anderson and crew from Roanoke! Dolphin if you do - and we did...although it took all day out behind the fleet! Slow billfishing for the fleet and not much a do about the tuna, but we're optomistic and ready for anything! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do, right through Wednesday when we broke down. Oh, Billy you know s#&@ happens! Anyway, thought we had it fixed and then that darn riser started leaking again on Thursday! For technical purposes, the riser is part of the exhaust system thats attached to the motor. It's a elbow thats custom made and facilitates the flow of exhaust and intake water while the motor is running. There are two on the motor, as there are two exhast systems and two sides to each motor. So anyway, the thing started leaking last week and we (listen to me, like I was in that hot engine room with my wrenches!) Billy and Tony Tillett replaced both risers with used ones that didn't leak and Billy ordered new ones from a machine shop. Before the new ones came in, the new-used ones (or one of them anyway) stared giving us more trouble. So today they both got replaced with new-new ones. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Billy and Chuck are back out in the blue tomorrow! Tight Lines!

We were down, but didn't stay there. The Tuna Fever had a good weekend! Dolphin, dolphin everywhere. Nice yellowfin mixed in with some pilot whales and all is well with the world! 35 to 45 pound tunas and bailers in the box. Tight Lines!

It happens. It happens to everyone. It hasn't ever happened to Randy Wilson, I don't think, so maybe that made him due for it...we had a slow day today! Now you know I don't lie when I write this thing! Slow tuna, slow dolphin...ran all over the ocean and just couldn't get it together. Sorry, Randy. Next time we'll do better, unless of course you're planning on going on the Rebait next time! Tight Lines!

Well, it was a good day offshore for Ward Sigler and crew. Dolphin if you do! Not too many billfish out there today...keep your fingers crossed, but they gotta show up sooner or later! Tight Lines!

And thar she blows! But this might not be a bad thing, a little blow would do us all good:-) Honey-Dos for the crew today and thats a good thing too - how do you boys feel about pulling weeds?! Tight Lines!

Great fishing again today - dolphin fishing at least. The buffs are still down below and making their presence known from time to time, ut the catch of the day is definately dolphin. M M GOOD! Tight Lines!

Okay, so I stink. I am so far behind I may catch up with myself soon and as you can see I haven't updated the report for a few days. So, I stink. I will try to back track over the next couple days, but for now let me give you the 4-1-1 on what's been happening on the Tuna Fever. First thing is that Billy's dockpartner took out the piling between them and the Tuna Fever has moved over to the west side of the basin. It's hotter in the afternoons, but Billy and Chuck are enjoying the short walk over to the store for cool libations and ice cream! Chuck split his shorts a couple days ago trying to re-rig a rigger line and I understand (wasn't there to witness thank goodness) that it was pretty funny! As for the fishing - that blow last week turned the billfish on to the southern for a couple days and the fleet reported some great catches - double header blue ones, white and sails for everyone! That dried up by Friday and it was back to dolphin fishing in the weeds and picking out the big boscoes on the Point. Tuna fishing has been slow, scrappie and steady for the patient, bailing dolphin is a must in such a target rich environment! Tight Lines!

So it was an 8 mile trip this morning before Billy turned her around and headed home! Honey-do time! Tight Lines!

No fishing for the Tuna Fever today - it was blowing at the Inlet this morning and it just didn't look too good. See you next time Danny, and don't forget to bring the kids! Tight Lines!

Phew! What a weekend... It all started out with Bill Bush and the crew from Conbraco Industries. The concensus is that you guys should give up the foundry and open a brokerage house on Wall Street - 'cause you is lucky! A 92 pound yellowfin for Bill, a sailfish released for Mark DeBell, a white for David Wilson, a weedline full of dolphin (if you do), 3 more nice tuna in the box and the House of Pain was rockin'! See you next week with Porter Warner and the infamous Les Williams! And on to Sunday. Dolphin if you do and some yellowfin too for Chris Waldrop and crew. Tight Lines!

many thanks to Carrol Tayor and crew for spending the day offshore aboard the Tuna Fever. And a great day it was - not what Carrols used to, but hey, it's hot July and he's a great sport...Dolphin if you do! Tight Lines!

And there is a brand new angler in our midst! Miss Kati Masters joined us today for her first trip to the Gulf Stream and Boys, you'd better watch out 'cause this young lady is bound for angling greatness!!! Tuna, Tuna, Tuna - not a box full but enough to fill the family for the week. And who caught the fish? Who beat the boys to the rod? Who cranked her little heart out? Who is available for the East Coast Tournament circuit? Miss Kati Masters. Please contact Tuna Fever Charters for more information on hiring this top angler for your trip...Tight Lines!

For Trey, Harriet, Cheryl and Precious...many thanks for joing us today aboard the Tuna Fever. We appreciate your patronage and not making us run down to the southern to get our brains beat out in the rough. You are most welcome for the beautiful catch of dolphin and the few lone tuna we put in the box. Come back soon. Love, Billy and Chuck

And a fabulous day for Morgan Vick and family...even though we didn't fill the box and didn't catch any billfish! We did, however, have a great day pitching plugs off the bow deck, hooking up a blue marlin on a spinning pole (lost that tuna unfortuantely!) and bailing some dolphin. Many thanks to Morgan and crew for sticking with us...and everyone, please pray for a northeast blow and some better fishing soon! Tight Lines!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! I suppose the festivities will be happening right straight on though the week...we're keeping an eye on the northeast tuna grounds, a little bit more action there than down at the Point. The fishing this weekend was slower than normal - a couple white marlin kicked things off on Saturday morning and some tuna hit the box - Sunday's fishing produced a couple tuna bites and a box full of tiles and sea bass! MMMM! Tight Lines!