Archived Reports

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Well, yesterday was a blow out - plenty of honey-dos for Billy though so he was busy! The tuna fishing slowed once again at the Point today so all the boys ran to the northern and caught 'em up good. Dolphin fishing is pretty good as well, and the billfishing hasn't gone off yet but we've got our fingers crossed! Tight Lines!

So we got tuna. And we got dolphin. and we got thunderstorms, big fat waterspouts and a lot of lightning this afternoon! Wow, what a storm - did you see us on the Weather Channel? Anyway, The Enders crew had a great day in and around the Point - big yellowfin and a beatiful field of weeds that contained a limit of bailers! Tight Lines!

Rough as a cob, but one heck of a day for Tyler Cory and crew! Back to the cliffs and the boscoes - big yellowfin u to the 60 pound class and a few very nice dolphin as well. WFB's and a short - big large limit of tuna is the order of the day and may be the order of the next month at the Point. MMMMM! Tight Lines!

You know, I think that the people that book the Tuna Fever are some of the greatest guys (and gals) in the world. Today Billy and Chuck took out Rick Snell and his buddy Carl and a crew of three kids. Carl brought along his two sons and Rick brought his daughter Jessica (for luck of course) and they cleaned up! The coolest thing of all is that the kids caught all the fish...except for a big gaffer that crashed a bait like a blue one and Rick couldn't stand to let that one go by! In the end, the kids threw out a limit of dolphin including one at 39-pounds and one at 45-pounds, a nice wahoo at 22 pounds and some pretty yellowfin in the 25 to 40 pound range. Special thanks to Rick and Carl for being great dads! Tight Lines!

And a great weekend was had by all! Slow tuna fishing on the troll but the ledges at the Point paid off again with buff yellowfin and some very large dolphin. It may not be a limit - but it filled the box! Tight Lines!

Another great day for Rick Snell and his crew - buffs, buffs, buffs! Tight Lines!

Bad Barracuda's Tuna team rides again! And oh, if you think those boys can crank - you should see 'em burn! For the freshest tuna steaks in town head on over to Bad B's ad tell Stacey we sent you! Seriously, the bite has slowed a little bit but the Point is the place to be and the BOSCOES are snappin' on the cliffs. Fat fish in the 50 to 60 pound range a plenty! Tight Lines!

Back out in the blue for the Kleins today - and their final day for the month turned out to be a good one although we didn't get Elle her sailfish. Work on your patience, Elle and we'll see you again soon! Tight Lines!

The House is rockin! Great fishing at the Point today...buff tuna in the 50 pound range couldn't escape the wrath of Chuck - no sireee! Get to the cliffs as fast as you can! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do. Dolphin. Miss Elle just loves those dolphin. And tuna, and we love finding them for her! Tight Lines!

It was double trouble for Billy and Chuck over the weekend...Scott Michaud and crew headed out on Saturday for a limit of yellowfin early at the Point and some deep blue trolling for a limit of dolphin too... And on to Sunday, Trey Byrum and his gang from Byrum Farms had a fabulous day - tuna limits and dolphin if you do! And it turned out to be a great week for the boys from Oregon Inlet down south at the Big Rock tournament. The whole thing looks like it went off without a hitch - and a tournament record breaking 831 pound blue marlin winner to boot! The Sea Toy came home with honors and a big fat check for their third place fish taken on Tuesday and Capt. Huck with the Samanna took second in the release division for a sizable check and some bragging rights that will last a good year! Congratulatons to all and Tight Lines!

Jim Oakley, Gary Dinnison, Bob Murphy and Mike McGettigan had a great day offshore today. And who in the world couldn't with conditions like we've got? Limits of yellowfin early and on the way home in time for lunch! Tight Lines!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna and a blue marlin to boot. Keith got his blue one today after a tough and exciting fight! Congratulations, Keith! As sometimes happens while fighting a fish, Keith's blue one got tail wrapped during the fight and when she finally came up to the transom she was dead. So the crew brought her in and she nearly reached 400 pounds! Too small for tournament competition but and good enough for a citation from the state! Tight Lines!

Limit, Limit, Limit!!! The Tuna Fever has finally come home to the House of Pain! The Point was alive and well today and the yellowfin were snappin'! And a few dolphin if you do, too! Tight Lines!

So Betsy got her limit today! The Klein Family joined us again today with friends and clients - Tom Havelos and Jim Wells and stacked the dock with a fine catch of yellowfin! Looks like the Point is going to heat up again tomorrow...wonder where the Tuna Fever will be?!! Tight Lines!

With the weekend over, and Monday come and going..we've got a lot to report today... Saturday's fishing was great with a limit of dolphin for Phil Chalkley and crew. Mark, Mac, Charlie, Steve and Donald helped Phil out by horsing in 14 yellowfin as well. On Sunday, long time friend, Jeff Jewel and his group got home in time to hit the back nine - 1:30 PM with limits of yellowfin and dolphin too boot! As for today - Charles Vest and gang had a great day - limit of yellowfin, slow on the dolphin but we had a nice gaffer and a 90 pound +/- mako MMMMMMM! Don't forget to keep an eye on the action down at the Big Rock tournament -! Okay, heres where we need some help - the captains have gotten together and made a vote today regarding the cost of fuel...the excessive cost of fuel. Right now we are paying out the nose and don't see an end in sight, so we're going to have to ask for your assistance. Other marinas imposed a higher fuel service charge over two months ago and we have kept the wolves at bay as long as possible - but from now on we're going to be requesting a $25.00 additional charge per day to offset some cost. We're eating a bunch of it too - and thats just $4.00 per person in a group of 6. If you booked your trip through the Fishing Center they will call you to confirm that this is okay - if you have a trip booked through Capt. Billy he'll be trying to call you, but an email confirmation that you got the message would be of great help too! Tight Lines! And Thanks!

And a great day was had by all! Jimmy Anderson and his crew from Roanoke had a limit of yellowfin today and a nice wahoo that tipped the scales at 73 pounds! The other half of Jimmy's crew fished with our buddy, Junior, on the Rebait and had a good one as well - limits, limits, limits! Tight Lines!

Well, Miss Ellen did not get her billfish release today - try as we might to find one for her. What she did get was a big fat limit of dolphin and a nice catch of yellowfin. Way to go, Elle! Tight Lines!

East of the Inlet today on the edge and what a great day it was! Great tuna fishing - limits on the fourth pass - and our hats off to Davey McAdams, John McAdams, Brad Ellis, Melody Parker and Dad for stickin' it out in what was nothing short than a rough as %&$#*/@ ocean! Tight Lines!

And the littlest angler who may just be the toughest of them all fished with us again today. Miss Elle Klein headed out to the Point today for a limit of yellowfin with her dad, Keith. Secial thanks to Dad for coming along and paying the bill! Elle did a great job, once again, of cranking the tunas and she'll be heading out a few more times this month in search of her first billfish - bet she get's him too! Tight Lines!

Way to go, Ned! And not Capt. Ned on the Wildfire either. I'm talking about long time favorite angler - Ned Fretwell and his crew! They managed a limit of yellowfin today and we love 'em for it! Tight Lines!

Tuna and Marlin and Dolphin - Oh, My! What a great weekend! The forecast looked halfways crummy for Saturday and Sunday, but as it turned out the boys had two nice days in the Stream. The House Of Pain is alive and well with activity - Saturday's fishing proved to be one of our best "mixed bag" days so far this year! John Embry and his crew went one for two on white marlin and then turned around and released a blue one. A nice catch of gaffers on the dock was mixed in with a fine box of yellowfin - way to go, boys! On to Sunday...what can we say? Kevin Burnett and crew got their limit of yellowfin - big, fat yellowfin to boot! Tight Lines!

Jimmie Carsons and his group had a great day out in the blue today. Nice yellowfin on the outside tip of the Point - the water was a bit green but we got the job done with some deep rigs - down riggers and such. Special thanks to Al, Daniel, Richard and Teddy for putting up with Jimmie long enough to fish with Billy and Chuck all day! Tight Lines!

So we haven't been fishing for a couple days. Billy cut the grass (and a couple of my favorite plants!), changed the oil, fixed some things on the boat, fixed a couple things around the house, went to the Sam's Club and found out that he's going to have a daughter in October...the next relm, oh my! Busy couple of days huh? Anyway,, it was back to business today and the fishing was fine on the Tuna Fever. Mickey Costen and crew carried us way, way out in the deep - 12 1/2 miles due east of the 1000 fathom curve. Thanks to Dr. Mitch Roffer for the tip on the pretty water, but it was moving fast...won't be there tomorrow. A fine catch of yellowfin in the 23 to 48 pound range and a few gaffers on the dock. Many thanks to Mickey for fishing with us again this season (can you believe it's been 11 seasons together, Mick?!) - and trusting us with his clients! The boys had such a good time they'll be back in July! Tight Lines!