Archived Reports

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Sorry, Charlie! It's blowing upwards of 50 on the OBX today and the sound is as rough as the ocean on a bad day! Hang onto your hats! Tight Lines!

A load of yellowfin and a nice mako for Roger Inge, George, Toby, Mike and the ladies today. We'll be cleaning the blood up for a while from that shark, but it's great eating and a nice side dish when you're grilling tuna! There's pretty tough weather moving in overnight tonight - may be a honey-do day on Monday! Tight Lines!

It was a crowded Saturday out there today - that didn't keep the fish from slackin' off either. Slow tuna fishing all over...but angler, JD managed to liven everything up with his excellent angling abilities. After a two hour fight he managed to get a beautiful big-eye within Chuck's reach and she tipped the scales at 215 pounds! WooWee! Thanks to Kevin Dudley and his crew for taking us fishing today! Tight Lines!

Well, Kevin Dudley and his gang had a great day offshore today. A limit of yellowfin - what more could you want? Tight Lines!

A beautiful day on the ocean and another great day aboard the Tuna Fever! Thanks to Dean Dickens and his crew for joining us today and cranking those yellowfin! Tight Lines!

Happy Wednesday! And happy memorial Weekend, in case I forget to tell you later! It was another great fishing day off Oregon Inlet today. Tuna Tuna Tuna! But it was a rough one - kudos to Randy Wilson, you old salt, and all the crew for sticking it out and not barfing all over the boat! Limits of yellowfin for the fleet today - some big fish in the 60 pound range and a lot of 35 to 45 pounders! Tight Lines!

Troy Landis got te long distance fisherman award today! Troy traveled about 3000 miles form Bremerton, Washington to tuna fish with his buddies William, Cindy, James and Charles - and, of course, Billy and Chuck! And fish they did! A limit of fat yellowfin ranging from 35 to 60 pounds got off to a slow start but filled the box by 11:00! Tight Lines!

Day-Two for Bud Watson and they had a hell of a time. The fish moved in off the edge and Billy found 'em after some looking in about 50 fathoms. Weird. Anyway Bud and his lovely wife, Danny, OB, David and Don had a great time and even picked up a stray out there - a yellow finch! Tight Lines!

The Weekend Report.... First off, special thanks go to Travis York, ripe old age of 15 but from a very prominent fishing family, who stepped in for Chuck this weekend. Chuck had Amber's graduation and dance recital and Travis did a fine job in his place. Graduate from high school, boy, and you may just have yourself a job! Anyway, Saturday's fishing proved to be fast a furious for Butch Pierce and his crew. Limits of nice yellowfin and on the way home by, oh, I think is was 9:30! The Tuna Fever hit the dock in time for a quick 9 in the afternoon! Sunday found fishing to be a little slower, but Bud Watson and his gang had their limit by afternoon. Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Craig, Tom, Bill and our buddy Gary Wolfe for doing one hell of a job in cranking tuna today! The crew of the Tuna Fever had a great day with another limit stacking the dock - it just don't get much better than this! Tight Lines!

And another limit for the crew of the Tuna Fever! Dick Sheeles and his crew from Maryland rose to the challenge of 25 to 35 pound yellowfin today and put the Smack Down! Fishing east of the Inlet again today, Billy is missing the Point for sure but he'd never leave fish to find fish - east of the Inlet is just fine! Tight Lines!

Oh, Andy. You just can't have a bad day can you? A dock full of big, fat yellowfin for Andy Hare and his crew today. Above average size running 'round about 40 to 60 pounds a piece and one, lone, beautiful dolphin. Oh, my! Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Tim Clark and his crew from Caryville, TN for joining us today aboard the Tuna Fever - isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?! The Gulf Stream change has pushed in east of the Inlet and Billy and Chuck fished a 68 to 74.5 change and a 67.5 to 64 change and found the yellowfins on the 70 fathom to 250 fathom cross. Tuna in the 25 to 50 pound range hit the docks early this afternoon and I actually got to eat lunch with the Captain. No honey-do's for me today, though - anybody out there need some part-time yard work? Just kidding...I love our grass up in the 3-foot range. Anyway, keep an eye on the forecast, looks iffy for Friday at this point and Tight Lines! (Oh, it ain't all that bad, he did pick up the lunch tab!)

East of the Inlet and rougher than %^$#*& but it was a heck of a day and the Tuna Fever was home for lunch. At least nobody had to lose their lunch anyway! Yellowfin limits in the 35 to 40 pound range and Tight Lines!

The Weekend Report - So the Tuna Fever didn't head back to the Point - that was a short lived dream. But the fish weren't back in the mud either. The weekend provided a good bite due east of the Inlet and Tuna blood was flying! Great catches on Saturday and Sunday in the 30 to 40 pound range and smiling faces abound! Dolphin fishing got slow, for us at least, over the weekend but they'll turn back on too. Don't worry spring has sprung! Tight Lines!

Okay - picture this. A determined and confident Captain standing (or sitting in his new Stidd Chair) on the bridge of his sturdy, sleek and fast fine example of THE Carolina Boatworks. Suddenly, he throws in the towel. "The tuna have been in the mud. 87 feet of water. I just can't do it anymore. I can no longer fish by FEET! I must switch my bottom machine back to fathoms! If I cannot fish like a MAN, then I shalt not fish!" So its a little melodramatic for our captain. Personally, I've know Billy Maxwell for nigh on 10 years and I have never heard him say "shalt" but everyone has a little Shakespeare in them I guess. Anyway, throwing in the towel paid off in a big way today. With crew in tow our illustrious captain and flamboyant mate headed for the Point and filled the box! Beautiful yellowfin - a limit to be sure - all stacked up in a nice row behind the Tuna Fever this afternoon. Tight Lines!

Thar she blows - again. Oh well, it's a good time for honey-dos anyway...cut the grass, get out the deck furniture, clean up the know how it goes! Tight Lines!

No fishing for the crew today - a front pushed in overnight and the ocean is rockin' and rolling! The few boats that braved the roug came up on the short end of the stick - just a few tuna and a few dolphin in the box. Maybe this wind will push those fish offshore?!!! Hope so. Tight Lines!

And a decent day was had by all. Not much a do about nothing offshore but those yellowfin were snappin' inshore. Dolphin fishing was pretty good as well. Poor Billy is about done with fishing in the shallows and not giving you guys the limits you expect - so say a prayer and cross your fingers, the only one that's going to get those fish out on the ledges of the Point is the Big Fisherman upstairs! Tight Lines!

Good fishing today and a near limit for the crew of the Tuna Fever! Billy found a beautiful tide line off in the deep that didn't give up much but some dolphin and then headed inshore for "tuna fishing in the mud" - his favortie thing in the whole to me of course! Anyway, the boys ended up with a nice catch of good sized fish and a few dolphin on the side. Tight Lines!

Weekend fishing was - well, okay for the Tuna Fever crew - Billy would say it could have been better, but at least there was some meat in the box. Yellowfin in the 30 pound range a couple on Saturday that tipped the scales near 60 pounds! Saturday's bite was better than that for John Gailey and crew on Sunday but the Point is showing signs of life and if we would all cross our fingers together maybe things there will start poppin'! Tight Lines!

The Tuna fever was straining sand again today - but Billy's getting used to it and he's grateful for a good catch in the box anyway we can get it! Yellofin in the 25 to 40 pound range again today - Robert Mitchelltree and his crew had to have a good one from the amount of meat stacked on the dock! Anyway, we're ready for the Point to get rockin', the forecast looks just fine, the fish are moving up from the Big Rock region and everything is about to get really nasty! Are your ready for that?! Tight Lines!

Okay, so the Point is looking fine. And I mean F-I-N-E...but those #$&@* fish are content to make a home up in the mud. The Tuna fever found herself in less that 200 feet of water today - straining sand, you might call it. At least, thats what Billy calls it. Anyway Martin Willis and crew from Roanoke put a hurtin' on the yellowfin and bonitas - fill the freezer boys! Tight Lines!

David Jones and his family from Chesapeake, VA enjoyed a great day offshore today. Nearly a box full (a limit at least) of yellowfin in the 25 to 40 pound class for the crew! A nice class of fish too. Special thanks to "Dad" for making the day just that much more fun for all of us! Tight Lines!

Rock and Roll ain't the half of it! Our hats off the Steve Powell and crew who braved the rough (for a little while at least) and got the skunk out of the box before it was time to head home! A couple yellowfins was all Mother Nature would have us today but the wind should fall out overnight and tomorrow looks good to me! Tight Lines!

Turned out to be a good weekend - and a good day for Doug Pizarro and crew today. Nice fish - they are still up in the mud - but nice anyway...better than nothing! It's breezing up tonight and we may have a bit of rocking and rolling tomorrow but hopefully we'll put some meat in the box! Tight Lines!