Archived Reports

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And the boys from Hampton Roads Mechanical would fish - and they would conquer! Fishing was slow for the most part, but the dock was stacked with 10 yellowfin in the 25 pound range. The water looked just right on the Point this morning, but the fish just weren't there - so we'll keep our fingers crossed that the bait (and big tuna) will move in soon! Tight Lines!

So Billy's mom has got one of the best doctors in Hampton Roads - part of the reason he's the best is because he spends a day in the Stream on the Tuna Fever every year (and Jean stays in perfect health!). Anyway, we carried Dr. Rawls and his boys from the Beach out in the blue today and enjoyed a beautiful, but slow, day of fishing. After plugging it out and surviving a nasty thunderstorm the gang threw down some nice yellowfin in the 35 pound range! Looks a little snatchy for tomorrow and better for Sunday - cross your fingers that we are done with April Showers and well on our way to May Tuna! Tight Lines!

Which way did they go? Well, they went the other way and the Tuna Fever and Carolinian went the other way and although the bite the other way was extreemly good it only lasted for a half hour or so and we, on the other hand, and on the other end, managed to pick out a good day with 10 nice yellowfin on the dock and a load of happy anglers in the pit. Phew! Tight Lines!

Hump day - blow day. What more can I say? The forecast is calling for this wind to fall out overnight, although it doesn't look like its doing much of that this afternoon...anyway, we'll see what tomorrow brings! Tight Lines!

It's blowing again - and not even from the other direction! So the Tuna Fever is to the dock and Billy is in the barn doing his thing. Looks like Thursday may be our next day out in the blue - keep your fingers crossed! Tight Lines!

It's on the House today! We had a great make-up party today and had a great day of fishing as well. Everyone went home happy - a limit of yellowfin in the 25 pound range. Many thanks to Peter, Robert, Tim and their friends for a good time! Tight Lines!

Happy Easter! "Bring the camera" is what I got with a wake up call this morning - also a report that the yellowfin had just started to snap and there was already a bunch of gaffer dolphin, a king mackerel, a nice wahoo and a fat mako shark in the box! You can keep the king, but I'll take a steak off all the rest! A limit of yellowfin, and a nice class of fish to boot for David Reddick and his daughter Amber (maybe the kids bring the luck?!) Easy, Vick, Eric and Dale. Ya'll come back for Marlin season, you hear?! Tight Lines!

Finally, the tuna have come home to the cliffs!!! We were over the 100 today and I can't say for sure if it was the good luck brought to us by our cousin Greg Rudiger and his gang, but the boys from Virginia Beach had one hell of a day - and we can only be grateful to be out of the shallows and into the deep! Many thanks to Terry Robinson, Ben Cabrio, Mike Jentry and Greg for enjoying their "high school reunion" out in the blue...and young Steve, you'd better come back and visit us again soon! A near limit of 14 yellowfin in the 30 to 35 pound range hit the docks today...Tight Lines!

Rougher than you-know-what, but the Wimers and crew are as seasoned as they get aboard the Tuna Fever and they did just fine! Steve and Melinda brought their some Tim out with us for the first time today and it's a good thing they did cause there were planty of tuna to crank. The fish are still up in the "mud" but we got 'em good for as rough as it was - 12 fyellowfin in the 25 to 30 pound range...and a great day was had by all! Tight Lines!

And shes blowing again! Pitiful. It's definately one of those Aprils - Billy says we're paying for a beautiful February - Next year I'll remember to remind Mother Nature that I would rather have a crummy February and a great April. Anyway, late afternoon forecast is calling for the wind to come around to the southwest overnight - tomorrow may just be go-able....cross your toes too! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows - once again! No fishing today for anyone in the Inlet. Keep you fingers crossed for the weekend. Tight Lines!

Another good day in the mud. Yeah, we hate it, but at least we're doing it! The yellowfin got a little bigger today and Chuck loaded the box and the dock as well. The bad news is the forecast - it was great through mid-day and went to know where... this afternoon. You'd think they would know before now! Anyway, it doesn't look good...windy windy windy - Haven't we had enough of that?! Tight Lines!

The fish are in the mud, but at least there are fish. The fish are small, but at least there are fish. The ocean was calm, but at least there are fish! The Tuna Fever ran to the southern this morning on a tip from some commercial boats, but Billy never found that pod of fish - by noon the bite was on in less than 30 fathoms off the beach and the Fever was right in the middle of it. A nice catch of yellowfin on the dock plus a couple dolphin - one nice gaffer! We are waiting for the water (and bait) to push out onto the Point so that Billy may fish some of his favorite Haunts and Ledges - keep your fingers crossed! Tight Lines!

So tomorrow is tax day, today is beautiful and the last week - well, it's been blowing. First north, then northeast, then all the way around to the south, then southwest today. Trips have been cancelled and postponed this week and I am sure that Les and his buddies are happy to be safe in Chattanooga this weekend and not getting half blown off the dock! A couple boats made it out yesterday for a short and rough journey...they turned around and headed home about 10:00 in the morning! The boats that made it out today had a less bumpy ride and most had a good catch of yellowfin. Billy and Chuck are looking forward to a great week starting tomorrow...stay tuned for all the news! Tight Lines!

"Twas another good day for the crew of the Tuna Fever. Billy must have a golden horseshoe hidden somewhere because the fishing certainly wasn't great all over - but, as predicted, conditions in the Stream are improving and there was even a good bite at the Point today, although the Tuna Fever found herself just to the south of the promised land. A nice box of yellowfin in the 25 to 30 pound range for George Kline and his buddies from New Jersey today - and while they were cranking in the crystal blue of the Atlantic I believe there was a bit more snow for some folks up north. Ugh! Here's a standing invitation for anyone above the mason-Dixon who is wearing anything with fur lining today - the Outer Banks is open for business!!! It's a bit windy down here. but if you find a protected spot there is even a suntan waiting with your name on it. Back to the fishing (sorry, sometimes I wander) a beautiful change on the outside of the Point produced some nice dolphin and wahoo for some of the boys today and word from Hatteras is fine...Our buddy Walt Spruill on the Hunter had a great day to the southern - pods of yellowfin as big as you want, dolphin, skippys and plenty of "hoos. Good news for us and you won' have to hold your breath long - the Hatteras report will be ours soon enough - those fish are on the move and they are headed...straight for the fish box on the Tuna Fever! Okay, so maybe that's a little over zealous...they'll be in our backyard at least and thats the truth! Tight Lines!

Great fishing for Joel and his buddies today, but all around it was pretty slow for the fleet. Capt. Billy is claiming a horseshoe or two as a couple whams this morning put him and Chuck ahead of the pack on pure luck - or was it really skill? Fishing today started out near the south end of the Point and ended up just a couple three miles to the south of that - special thanks to Dr. Mitch Roffer for the tips on where the water was - there wasn't much bait around but the Stream was beautiful and a toasty 72 1/2 degrees. Hold on to your hats and keep checking in on the report - the boys will be heading out just about every day from now on (bye, honey) barring any unfortunate weather like we had last week... It's tuna time! Call or email us today to book your day out in the blue! Tight Lines!

Okay, you guys have been screaming for this - and I have been doing it, only experiencing technical difficulties (namely the report gets erased somewhere between here and there) so I am going to give it another try today... The crew of the Tuna Fever, namely Billy and Chuck, have spent three sometimes glorious, sometimes less than glorious days on the ocean so far this season. On her first trips over the weekend of March 25 and 26, the Tuna Fever ran great, the baits swam great, Chuck was his jolly old self and Billy, well Billy was his jolly old self too...a perfect weekend with beautiful weather and crystal blue water to the southern, the only problem was the tuna. They just didn't cooperate. No baitfish in the water is what the man tells me, although from what I hear there were plenty of sharks and porpoise about. So the weekend logged in a few yellowfin, a few dolphin and a lone wahoo. This past Saturday was something else indeed! Yellowfin headed home and the Tuna Fever found herself back at the House of Pain! A great catch for the crew and meat on the dock is a sure sign of a fabulous season ahead! And today? Well, I am watching the wind blow...from the southern right now (the boats are riding high) but shes due to go northwest overnight and it just doesn't look good for the next couple of days. Hurry up...and wait. No problem - I can do that! Tight Lines!