Archived Reports

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I know you've been missing us so I offer this humble update...the tuna are snappin' - great bluefin fishing off the coast today. This is all dock talk mind you, Billy is still in the barn acting as boat builder extrordinaire and I am still on the road hitting all the finest boat shows (and even a craps table or two!) The report comes from good friends who continue to fish this time of year. Giants between Diamond Shoals Tower and the 250 rocks, all in the 125 to 350 range and they are hungry...but you'd better not be cause you can't keep 'em and even if you could you'd have to have exceptional (and Asian) taste buds to stomach 'em. We are hearing from so many people these day and appreciate all the early bookings for spring, summer and fall of 2000. Billy is chomping at the bit to get out there, but he's waiting for April 1, and probably for me to take him away somewhere, perhaps a tropic isle, for a couple days of R&R before the season starts. We will both be heading for the Miami Boat Show next week, so stay tuned and we'll send you a run down of what's new, what's hot and what's not in the boating industry for Y2K. Tight Lines!