Archived Reports

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Well, the weather has been a damper for us and it looks like there is more to come, but today was one for the history books! Thanks to Henry Radford, brother Donald, Rodney and Jeramy for a great day. We had a limit of butterballs this day after Thanksgiving and 3 fat big-eye! You couldn't ask for anything more - except for a nice southwest breeze! Tight Lines!

The search for big-eye was on this morning for anglers Sonny and Diane Pessagno. Elephant hunting it could be called - well, we came up short on the eyes but had a great day trolling big baits and caught some big yellowfin..a limit for our two anglers, back to the dock early and the Family will be back in April. Tight Lines!

And the Vick family rides again. How lucky are you guys anyway? Always a good day and today was no exception - a box of yellowfin in a good range of size and back to the dock in time for dinner! We are updating the gallery this week but have no recent pictures to add as the camera failed the drop from the flying bridge test this month - oh well, maybe Santa will put one i Capt. Billy's stocking. Kate has passed six pounds and heading for seven with the zeal of a chil;d who gets her parents up in the middle of the night just to have a second dinner. No tuna fish yet, but you know, shes gotta love it! Tight Lines!

After a mess of bad weather the boats headed out into the unknown today and came up with....yellowfin! A great day for Danny Moon's gang an the promise of a couple good days ahead before the next front moves in - don't you just love the fall! Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Dr. Tony, John, Will and Billy for a great day offshore today. Yellowfin, yellowfin, yellowfin...mmmmmmmm. The forecast is looking pretty cruddy for the next few days, so stand by for an update when we get back out in the blue! Tight Lines!

Butters, butters - bring on the butters...and bring on the yellowfin. The big ones were laying down below but we had a great day catching them - many thanks to Ty and crew! Tight Lines!

Home in time to vote and a great day for Bill Kirby and gang. Thanks for coming down, Bill. Dolphin, wahoo and tuna for the fleet today - can you believe it? Tight Lines!

A great day for Scott Michaud and crew. Tuna on the chunk again and some nice ones under a cold water layer....mmmm! Tight Lines!

Home to the Point and can you blame us - when things get crummy run home...and it panned out with an early morning bite for John Gailey and crew. Tuna, Tuna, Tuna. Zillions of pilot whales joined us at the Point today and a little bit of chunking went a long way for the handful of nice fish in the box! The forecast looks pretty snotty so it may be Monday before theres an update, but hopefully I can manage to get this report back in line through the end of the Tuna Fever's season. Kate is busy on the couch tieing sea witches but send her regards and wants everyone to know that she is alomst 6 whole pounds! Tight Lines!

Good ole Walter, Mike and the boys and a fine day of fishing but not much in the box today. Slow fishing for the fleet as a whole and one can only hope that tomorrow will be better to us! Cross your fingers! Tight Lines!

So the weather has been pretty crappy for us the last few days. Our forecast isn't great and when the Tuna Fever gets out, well it's just a might bit rough out there. But the old-timers say...if we didn't have nor'easters, we would have had some hurricanes. I prefer nor'easters! Anyway, to get us started in Novemeber, the crew pulled out a might good day today, comparetively. Seven nice sized yellowfin and a blue marlin release for Fred Shlick and his crew. Lucky devil! The blue one was a rat and chunking for tuna didn't pan out, but we had 'em on the troll and that's plemty fine. Tight Lines!