Archived Reports

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Back out in the blue and a great day was had by all! Big ones and some little ones, a mixed bag of tuna if you will, but even the little ones fought hard. Didn't they, Landis? Update - Kate is home, eatin, sleepin and growin. We are all adjusting to the new schedule, so Billy and I are back to work to update this site, add some photos to the gallery and maintain our sanity. Special thanks to Capt. Billy for taking the 4 AM and the 9 PM feedings! And special thanks to all of you - Billy won the coveted award last night at the East West Banquet - the captains' yearly get together and roast. We love it! Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Bobby Hayden and crew for chunking their way back to the dock today. And thanks so much for not sinking the boat with such a phenominal catch! Big yellowfin in the 50- 70 pound range and more than a box full too boot. Here's an updat for the past week and Billy and I will attempt to go back and update the induvidual day that we can...Chunking, chunking, chunking thats our story and we're stciking to it! Tuna are streaching clear across the ocean it seems and a flat of butterfish goes a long way just about anywhere you go these days. The weather has been pretty good for us too, imagine that. Tight Lines!

Hello everyone! Fishing has been great and in the meantime we have been trying to get ready for Kate who is coming home on the 17th. Hence, I have been running back and forth between Va Beach and haven't update the report. Here's the gist of the week - chunking tuna with butterfish has been the best bet for the fleet. MMMMMM! Some slow days. some fast ones. But oh thank heaven for the butters...50 pound plus yellowfin tops the box off with 10 or so - we need a bigger fish box! Tight Lines! Oh, and please stay tuned and be patient - expect to get back to a current report by Thursday!

Pucker up Buttercup! Butters butters butters, a limit in the box and headed home early - don't you just love that! Tight Lines!

Excellent fishing today! Rough as a cob and hard getting them but big fat ones in the box! Many thanks to William and his gang for joining us on such a snotty're a brave bunch of salty fishermen now! Tight Lines!

So, we're having a "slow" problem with our site - that means the changes or the report are loading a little slower than my patience can handle these days so I apologise for not having updated it this past week. Fishing was fine - the wind has been pretty fine as well. It's been blowing since Saturday, but chunking for tuns kicked off last week and the box was full...and on some days over flowing! Fat buff yellowfin and even a limit of dolphin! Hows that for...tight lines!

Ah, Mother Ocean. So nice to see you again! And a great bounty you have afforded the crew of the Tuna Fever today - so many tuna, so big, so kind and generous until... WHAM! We hit a board on the way home, had to get hauled out, swap the wheel for a borrowed and blue one as we had replaced the one we bent last week smacking a sunfish with the perfect spare wheel that lives in the garage, which means there are two wheels that need fixing and another haul out in our near future to replace the not-quite-right borrowed one thats under there now. Phew! See, it's not all fish and bait! But we filled the box! Tight Lines!

Still blowing although the forecast for tomorrow looks promising. So, here's a Kate update for everyone following her progess: She is three weeks old today. Growing everyday and passed 3 pounds this morning with flying colors! Kate is looking forward to coming home and eventually taking over updating the website! Once again, many thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. Tight Lines!

It's still blowing here. Not much to report on the fishing so here's the update I promised from Thursday's banner trip: Six citations for the Boitnott crew: Guy Cassidy at 70 pounds Steve Kendrick at 71 Marshall Farley at 74 Rob Coleman at 70 Andy Boitnott at 75 Timmy Robertson at 71 Wow!!!