Archived Reports

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Well, it has been some time since we have updated this thing - that's what happens when you're woring, traveling and suffering from this horrible flu! Billy has been down for the count, almost 2 weeks with the bug, but he is finally feeling better and has gotten back in the barn. The new BC boat "Easy Rider" is well underway and the boys are looking to put her in the water by the end of February. Picutres inside are hard to make out, so we'll add a couple to the gallery when she comes out. Bluefin fishing has kept the boys who have continued to fish pretty busy. We have had a lot of school sized bluefins in the area all winter and their bigger cousins have finally found their way to the wrecks off Hatteras this month. Yellowfin are snappin' as well but right now they are pretty small. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year with no bugs - the Fishing Center is open and the ladies are taking bookings daily for the coming season - call Affie at 800-272-5199 or try us at home 252-473-1097 to reserve your day out in the blue! Tight Lines!