Archived Reports

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Well, it's blowing a good one offshore today. So the Tuna Fever is snug in her slip - her regular slip, we finally got out from between Carolinian and the Fight N Lady (that was the hot seat!) and Billy spent his day adding new markers to the shortcut. They call it the "crack" and the boys have enjoyed a summer of running almost directly from the Fishing Center to the Bridge. That would make Billy the "Keeper of the Crack" right? Strange, but true. Tight Lines!

10 tuna. 12 dolphin. one lonely wahoo. Not a bad day for the Tuna Fever and Dona Kelly and crew from Washington DC. With three boats booked for their extended family, the kelly's had a good day all the way around and will have enough tuna to get them through the winter...maybe! Special thanks to those folks for fishing with us today and best wishes to Dona from Heather, Billy and Chuck on her new life and up-coming wedding day! Just so you know, we headed to the southard again today...home of the yellowfin waiting to move into the "box"! Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Ren Smith and his buddies from New Jersey for fishing with us today. 'Twas a might bit slower than the past two days, but Ren would say - thats fishing! (Thank goodness!) Ren, Reynolds the III, George, Dave and Marc came away from the southern grounds with 8 nice yellowfin ranging from 30 to 50 pounds - no citation wahoo today - but it was a beautiful day on the ocean, meat in the box and you couldn't ask for much more. Meanwhile, a few boats in the fleet got in the sailfish just inside the 100 fathom curve and a few dolphin here and there. Tight Lines!

For a Monday, today was, well, not too bad. I can think of worse ways to spend a Monday anyway! Another citation wahoo for the crew today - a great catch of yellowfin to go along with it and a little story to tell... As far as we know our group today were our first to find us on the Internet, book us on an email and come to the inlet with low expectations that were completely blown out of the water! Special thanks to Deb Lynch from Atlanta and her crew who had a fabulous day and even had to buy a couple coolers in the store to take their catch home - next year we'll buy the coolers, Deb! Tight Lines!

It's the Weekend Report! What started off a little slow for the Harold Willet and his gang on Saturday gave way to an excellent day of fishing for a group of boys from Hampton Roads on Sunday. On Saturday, we followed the fleet up to the prairie and ended up with a nice catch of yellowfin - but we certainly weren't the top boat for the day! On Sunday the Tuna Fever headed home for the Point and the stones turned to diamonds overnight! A great catch of yellowfin in the 30 pound range, a couple dolphin on the side and two citations - one 49 pound wahoo and a 260 pound big eye! Way to go Ken on an excellent catch - and Jimmy, don't wait another 4 years for a catch like this! Tight Lines!

Finally Fishing! Can you believe it? The ocean finally calmed down, the inlet is finally passable and the wind has finally stopped blowing! Billy and Chuck headed east of the inlet today where fishing seemed to pay off for a couple boats, but on the whole, was a little disappointing. The Tuna Fever came home with about 8 nice yellowfins ranging around 30 pounds. There were a couple pods of dolphin out there as well today and a few scattered wahoo too, although we didn't have any! Better luck tomorrow - it's just good enough to be out there! Tight Lines!

Just checking in - we're not fishing yet and work is proceeding rapidly on the Fishing Center docks. Billy has been donning work boots (and socks!) each day this week and heading for the basin. Yesterday they got all the way around past the Tuna Fever dock and the boys are in the home stretch - down from our dock to the big scales and the work will be complete. We are anticipating a great Fall for tuna fishing and we've got a few days left in October and November, so give us a call at home or e-mail your dates and we'll hook you up. Another reminder - we finally purchased a calendar for the year 2000 - our thanks to Kevin Dudley for his two trips next year - and we are ready to reserve your days as well! Apart from the swell that is still plaguing the inlet, we've got a bit of a storm going on today - the winds have picked up and North Carolina is getting some unwanted rain that will be followed by the full moon and hopefully some good fishing this weekend. If Billy can't get out soon - can he come stay at your house?! Tight Lines!

We're not fishing yet. Our friend Gert out there is moving awfully slowly and putting out quite a swell. The swell has turned Oregon Inlet into a bit of a washing machine and it's just not worth the chance. It's actually pretty amazing that we're not fishing given the beautiful days we're having. Right now the Tuna Fever and all of her dock partners are over at Pirate's Cove Marina as the Fishing Center had a little bit of damage during Floyd. Since we're not fishing, most of the captains and mates are donning work boots and working on putting our boardwalk system back together. We've added some pictures to the site of the Fishing Center - thought you'd enjoy them. Stay Tuned and Tight Lines!

Fishing report? How about hurricane report - that works better I think. All is well on the Outer Banks this morning. Its actually a beautiful day. The Tuna Fever faired just fine behind our house and although we did experience a fair amount of flooding she rode it all out high and dry! The word on the streets is that everything is pretty much okay - HWY 12 to Hatteras is passable, the flood waters have receded and everyone is drying out. We skirted another one, God bless us one and all! We are waiting on word of the condition of the inlet, that should come later today or tomorrow morning and that should set the stage for fishing in the near future. Stay Tuned and Tight Lines!

We're holding on to our hats here in Manteo - waiting the arrival of Floyd (I never should have made fun of his name!). Anyway, the Tuna Fever is behind the house. Plywood over the windows and Billy is grilling his self-titled "World Famous" cheeseburgers. There won't be a fishing report for a couple days, but we'll keep you updated as to the conditions here as long as we hold onto the phone line. In the meantime, we have put together a few shots of the boat yards down to Wanchese - check out the boats up on the bank. Billy prefers the safety of the ditch behind our house, but I know it's only because we can run a plug from the generator on the Tuna Fever to the TV! Looks like it will be the John Wayne video library again! Tight Lines and many thanks to all who have called to check on us! Everybody take good care. Heather

More diamonds for the Tuna Fever today - it was a great day at the Point, but very much akin to the opening scene from Hawaii 5-0 this morning. The bar was a mess as the swells from hurricane Floyd hit the inlet. We'll be surfing in this afternoon and bringing the boat home to ride out whatever effects we get from Floyd. Tight Lines!

Slow fishing on Saturday gave way to a better day on Sunday. Yes, I said slow. Now you know I'm telling the truth! Many issues factored in to Saturday's catch including a couple boats that suckered us up to the northeast, a swell that kept us running back to the southern and some good water that wasn't where it was suppose to be. Oh well, that's fishin'!

What started out as a slow day for the Tuna Fever crew ended up as a good day overall. Some mornings are diamonds - and some just aren't...we fished our way to the southern and didn't get the skunk out of the box until almost noon, but once it was out our luck changed! Yellowfin and dolphin for most of the fleet today - some boats headed to the northeast, but didn't find much in the way of billfish. Special thanks to Larry Wimer and crew for fishing with us today!

Tuna if you do! They were a little bit smaller today, but plenty enough for Frank Highly and crew! We're back to the southern again tomorrow...looking for dolphin and perhaps a larger class of yellowfin. No billfish to speak of for the fleet today - but the boys will be heading back to the northeast grounds for another look tomorrow. Good luck to 'em! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do and yellowfin ranging from 25 to 45 pounds! It was a great day on the ocean and our thanks go out to Kenny and crew who met us on the dock just a couple days ago. The inlet looks good and we even came home through the "crack" - although the markers on that shortcut were blown away in the storm. Thank Howard Rock at Marine Electronics for a great plotter! Tight Lines!

AHA! Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha! Dennis may have done his best to screw things up out there, but it just wasn't good enough! Dolphin if you do! Dolphin if you don't! Dolphin! Lots of 'em too, and BIG - well, not super big, but big bailers just the same! You going fishing this month? Well, if you think you should, you ought to give us a call at home 252-473-1097 between 7 and 9 PM or call the Fishing Center at 800-272-5199 - the Tuna Fever only has three days open for the rest of September! And don't forget the mid-week fall trips - how about October, November or even the first week in December? You want it - we got it! Tight Lines!

No Fishing Reports for Saturday, September 4 - Monday, September 6 Well, we haven't done any fishing. We haven't done much of anything except eat a lot! Billy spent his hurricane time making sea witches for the upcoming tuna season and I finished Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six which was an excellent read! All in all no damage for us - Dennis made life a little boring and wet for the week, but the Tuna Fever rode out the storm at our house in Manteo where she would be safe and sound and now covered with pine needles!

Storm Report for Thursday, September 2 until? Okay, we're hanging in here with the wind. No damage to speak of excepting the beach erosion and a couple old homes that were too close to the ocean to begin with! The Tuna Fever is fine and so's the family - Chuck is as good as Chuck gets! We'll be back with a fishing report as soon as we do some fishing! Just a reminder - fall days are filling up fast - if you're looking for some great tuna fishing this year, you'd better give us a call and reserve your day out in the blue! 252-473-1097 between 7 and 9 PM and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is Affie at 800-272-5799. Tight Lines!

Storm Report for Friday, August 27 through Wednesday, September 1 Well, here we go with our first storm of the season - had a great day Friday with Rux Boyd and crew and then headed home to tie the Tuna Fever up for the duration. The wind is still blowin' even though it's September now, but there wasn't much to the storm over in Manteo! We'll be keeping an eye on the bar and heading back to the Fishing Center after some general maintenance work - then it's back to the Stream to see what ole' Dennis has left for us! Tight Lines!