Archived Reports

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Storm Report for Friday, August 27 through Wednesday, September 1 Well, here we go with our first storm of the season - had a great day Friday with Rux Boyd and crew and then headed home to tie the Tuna Fever up for the duration. The wind is still blowin' even though it's September now, but there wasn't much to the storm over in Manteo! We'll be keeping an eye on the bar and heading back to the Fishing Center after some general maintenance work - then it's back to the Stream to see what ole' Dennis has left for us! Tight Lines!

Hey! How do you tunafish? Billy knows! Box full today at the Point and some company too as quite a few boats took advantage of the great fishing on the cliffs. We're keeping an eye on the weather here on out and anticipate that the bar will worsen to unpassable by Saturday with the swell generated by our friend Dennis. Oh well - that's part of fishing in the greatest grounds in the world! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today - we're having tuna for about you? Yummy...Yummy... Yummy! Just FYI - trips for October and November are filling up fast - give us a call at home 252-473-1097 between 7 P.M. and 9 P.M. to reserve your day out in the blue! Tight Lines!

In the tradition of all great and successful sporting personalities, I closed out the 16th Annual Tournament and headed for Disney World! Yes, with the blessings of Capt. Billy and Chuck. Now I'm back to stay for at least a little while and I'm ready to update you on the fishing from the Tuna Fever from August 19th to the 24th. Over the past few days fishing has been great with nice medium to buff yellowfin at the Point, good dolphin fishing in the bay, scattered billfish including two whites released yesterday and a blue one that we (Chuck) pulled off, and a wahoo or two on the side. Expectations are high for the remainder of the month although the swell from Hurricane Dennis should reach us soon. Makes for a great boat ride - kinda like Space Mountain! Gallery pictures are about to change so keep an eye out - Capt. Billy got a digital camera for his birthday...but then again, while I was runnin' around with Mickey our house got hit by lighting and the computer ate it! So transferring the pictures is up to the Great Ryder Haggard our Webmaster extrodinaire! Cross your fingers! Tight Lines!

Great fishing again today - lots of yellowfin (amazing thing that - especially in August) at the Point and some dolphin on the side. We found a nice floatsom in a weed line again today and got our gaffers! Billy also celebrated his 37th today and recieved a shiny new digital camera from the family - so this website is really going to rock and roll as soon as we figure out how to use it! Tight Lines!

I'm back! And still alive! I hope you all have enjoyed watching the tournament action at even though the Tuna Fever didn't fish! While all that tournament stuff was happening, Chuck and Billy had a great week. Tuna at the Point, dolphin if you do and quite a few billfish releases under their belt.

This report is for Saturday, August 7 - Friday, August 13th. Hey! We've got a bit of a hiccup in the fishing report plans this week - the webmistress is running a tournament with 131 boats entered and she's too sleepy and overloaded to handle the "daily". Given the fact that Capt. Billy isn't, well, lets just say "comfortable" on the computer, the report is going to have to wait until Monday. Billy and Chuck are having a great week of billfishing and dolphin fishing and the forecast is calling for that to continue. If you'd like to check out what's happening at my tournament, please stop by our new site - the Total Sports gang from Raleigh are doing a hell of a job with daily updates and Totalcast technology! Tight Lines and see you Monday

Dolphin if you do. Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. We had 'em today!

We really disapointed the girls from Ahoskie - Harriett Byrum and crew came all the way down to fish the 10th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament and Chuck and I didn't do much for 'em. Sorry Harriett - the next time will be a diamond! Tight Lines!

Some days are diamonds and some days are stone. We had limits of dolphin on Saturday and a white marlin release.

The wind blew herself out enough to go today - it was a little rough on the way out, but turned out to be a great day. We had a limit of dolphin and even ran across a blue marlin that was fought to a clean release! She was estimated at about 175 - 200 pounds. Thanks to Lenny Rettinger for bringing the family out today and congrats to Chad on playing that blue one just right! Tight Lines!

No fishing today for the Tuna Fever - none for most of the fleet actually. It's blowing 20 to 25 offshore and we had to take a break - it'll help the fishing though. By 7:00 this morning, the Tuna Fever found herself up in the slings at the railway. It was about time for a little "up and down" - checking zincs, the prop and stuff - turns out that we had a cracked shaft, so we pulled it out, put in a spare and were back to the Inlet by 6:00 PM. What a day!

Slow all over for most of the fleet - not much happening on the billfish yet but you can tell by the temps. today that the wind has gone northeast and that's gotta help. Anyway, the Tuna Fever headed for the cliffs today and the Point paid off - yellowfin in the box ranging from 30 to 60 pounds! HA! Many thanks to the Randy Morgan and crew for joining us today!