Archived Reports

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It was one hell of a day for Randy Wilson and crew today. Some days are diamonds! Great dolphin fishing, a wahoo on the side (30 pounds) and seven nice yellowfin on the cliffs. How about a billfish? How about a white one today! Many thanks to Randy and especially for the watermelon - mmmmmm!

We got our dolphin today! Not much else, but we got our dolphin! Dolphin sandwich, dolphin salad, dolphin kabobs, dolphin fingers - dolphin, dolphin, dolphin! Enjoy it, Randy! Billfishing looked a lttle better for the fleet and we're expecting a front through soon - that'll help the yellowfin bite and the billfish as well...just can't wait! Tight Lines!

Aha! One blue marlin released! One white marlin released! One half of a limit of dolphin! And...5 or 6 yellowfin on the side! Wow, what a great day! Many thanks to Michael Davis and crew from Virginia and send us a copy of the video - that 550-pound blue one really put on a show!

It was a great day in the Stream for Ken Leese and group! We picked out some yellowfin to go with a limit of dolphin and a nice wahoo on the side. Fishing just north of the Point, mid-day we got a great show from a huge pod of porpoise - about 2 acres! - gray and black ones and they put on a show!

Good fishing this weekend - lots of big blue marlin seen and a couple caught - but not on the Tuna Fever...we had dolphin, dolphin, dolphin. And some tuna on the side. Lots of filets for the grill! Thanks go out to the Hillman's and Champion's for fishing with us this weekend - enjoy that fish!

Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin. MMMMM. And a few yellowfin too. Gettin' jiggy with it. Many thanks to Bill Greshian and crew for fishing on this beautiful day - enjoy that fish! A few scattered billfish for the fleet today, but not a whole lot to it. The grass is pushing out on the southern and the northeast grounds are looking better all the time, but you know, those yellowfin will be hanging on the cliffs, and that's probably where you'll find the Tuna Fever. Tight Lines!

A limit of bailer dolphin for Charles Bennett and crew from the great state of Maryland. Four 30 pound yellowfin on the side and one lone 30 pound wahoo as well. It was a great (and hot) day out in the Gulf Stream. Billfish were truly scattered, a couple here and there for some of the boats in the fleet, but good news has come up from Hatteras - a pod of bills on the way! Inshore the boys got into some spanish, but all in all the hot water on the beach proved to be too much for a good spanish bite.

Limit of bailers and yellowfin on the spinner. You gotta love it. It was probably just as pretty as you wanted out there too. If you haven't guessed by now, this is Billy's wife Heather and I write the reports. Now there's something you have to know about Billy, on or about the 15th of July he slips into this lack of sleep, lack of talk thing. You guys that fish with him get all his energy and sometimes I get a zombie at home - last night I had a zombie, so Tim Tomlin and crew who live, I am sure, somwhere inside the continental US, I bet you had a great day, but my details are a lacking! Thanks for joining us though, and when you come back next year, I'll write a novel!

Another great day for Rob Sibert and crew from Virginia Beach! Rob's got the touch as we headed out to the Point and had great tuna action on plugs and spinners. Those yellowfin averaged in the 25 to 50 pound range. Dolphin if you do to top off the box, bailers on the inside Gulf Stream change, about 8 miles inside to Point. One 30 pound wahoo for the group and that's what we call a mixed bag! Billfishing slowed down considerably today and few flags dotted the sky at the Fishing Center, but there's plenty of time for them anyway! Tight Lines!

Monday, Monday...get to the Point! Blackie and crew had a great day offshore today! Dolphin if you do and a few fat yellowfin on the spinners! Fall tuna days are filling up quick - take a look at your calendar and give us a call (or email) for availability of the Tuna Fever! Tight Lines!

Great fishing for the Tuna Fever this weekend! A pocket of warm water just east of the Point paid off for the crew from Regent Products on Saturday and stayed fruitful right through Sunday afternoon! Yellowfin snapped up the plugs and everyone had a ball fighting these 40 to 60 pound class fish on the spinnin' poles! To top off the box, we had some great dolphin fishing as well. A very happy birthday wish to Chuck this weekend - enjoy your day off!

See above report.

East of the fleet, incredible blue Gulf Stream waters, white porpoise with little gray spots. 2 white marlin, one jumped off and one fought to a clean release - thank-you, Chuck. Not much else happening out there for the Tuna Fever...what does Scarlette say? "Tomorrow is another day..." Thanks to Anthony Almedia and crew for playin' today! Tight Lines!

What does Willie Nelson sing? Some days are diamonds. Well, this wasn't one of those days for the Tuna Fever! The crew from Bad Barracudas had a beautiful day on the ocean and some nice yellowfin, but no billfish! Sorry guys! The fleet as a whole had an exceptional day with the bills, over 70 in the East-West count today, one super grand slam and one grand slam for two of our boats. We'll get our tomorrow for sure!

Fat yellowfin in the box and some nice gaffer dolphin as well for Bud Watson and crew. Bud's luck paid off today - he successfully fought an estimated 150 pound blue marlin to a release at the back of the boat! Congratulations! Call or email us today for information on Gulf Stream charters with the Tuna Fever crew!

Four nice tuna in the box, plenty of action with dinks thrown back and a very poor weather forecast from the boats up north brought the Tuna Fever home a little early today. Many thanks to Elmer Ebling and crew for heading out this morning - we're sorry we didn't get you your blue marlin, Elmer - next time we'll get him for sure! Enjoy that tuna and Tight Lines!

It was a rough one out there today. Not even that wallerin' kinda stuff - it was that way up, all the way down stuff. You know what I mean. Anyway, many thanks to the Blanton Family for playin' today - we came home with some tuna in the box which is a might bit better than most of the fleet - no skunks for the Tuna Fever!

The wind picked up overnight on Friday and kept us to the dock on Saturday, but we got out there Sunday for some good fishing at the Point. Special thanks to John Gaily and the boys - hope they let you out of Tenn. soon - and good crankin' on 9 fat yellowfin tipping the fish cleaning scales at over 400 pounds!

See above report.

Patrick Phair, Jr. from Greenville, NC fought a 350+/- blue marlin today at the Point! She jumped a bunch and put on a great show and Patrick did a great job! The blue was released full of color, ready to fight another day. Along with the action on the blue one, we jumped off a white and had plenty of fun with a lot of tuna. The yellowfin were small for the most part and Patrick's group turned out with a bunch of tuna releases and 3 - 22 pounders for dinner! Another great day out of Oregon Inlet!v

Fishing slowed down a little on the cliffs today, but most boats (including the Tuna Fever) managed to pull out a pretty good catch. Yellowfin in the box and a few gaffers on the side today - Rich John and crew had a great day, thanks for playin'! Tight Lines!

Get to the Point! The cliffs were rockin' again today for the crew of the Tuna Fever. Yellowfin in the 20 to 60 pound range - 12 total and a heck of a day overall. It was a bit rough out there today, but Jim Davis and crew held their own in some of the worst our Gulf Stream has to offer! Way to hang in there guys! See you in November, and we'll be ordering up calm seas!

Great fishing at the Point today. Hot on the cliffs and the yellowfin were biting! 13 fish between 20 and 60 pounds and a fat 25 pound dolphin on the side! Special thanks to the Morgan Family from South Carolina for fishing with us again this year!

Great fishing for the crew of the Tuna Fever today. Yellowfin in the box, a smooth ride home and a little sunburn on the side - what could be better? Thanks to all of you for stopping by our new website. We finally made! Come by each day for the fishing report and our improvements which are still underway!