Archived Reports

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We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Just an update to keep you up on what's going on out there - school bluefin have been the catch of the day for the last week or so - small ones and big ones around too! The Tuna fever is still snug in her slip behind the house and Capt. Billy is over at the boat barn even this morning - the motors are in and the cabin was almost finished just yesterday! The "Easy Rider" is well on her way to becoming another great BC Boat to add to the Oregon Inlet fleet. Chuck is busy wrapping the last of what I am sure has got to be at least a billion presents for his littlest angel, Miss Amber. And me, well I am finishing up the last of the silver polish, wrapping presents with one hand and baking cookies with the other! And on behalf of the whole crew of the "Tuna Fever", I would like to wish you all a most joyous holiday and prosperous New Year. With many thanks, for all these years! Billy, Heather and Chuck

No we haven't been fishing. And yes, the Tuna Fever is home for the winter. And no, we haven't replaced Chuck - Kenneth just filled in for Chuck the last day we fished. So with all that out of the way I thought we would take the opportunity to say hello to everyone and wish everyone Happy Holidays! Yellowfin fishing is still good and our buddy, Andy Hare sent an email that the rock are smokin' at Manns Harbor Bridge. Thanks for the update, Andy and please don't stick your restful, relaxed fishing activities in our face again. We're working! Tight Lines!

Wesley Dunks and crew had an interesting test of patience today. It all started off slow with nary a bite by noon - and then it happened. Wham! Wham! Wham! And a limit of yellowfin by 1. What a thrill! Well, that looks like it may be - well, IT. The Tuna Fever is home tonight and Billy has sharpened up his hammer, ready be a carpenter this winter.We will be updating the fishing report with any news we hear, and we have a bunch of pictures to add to the Gallery - so don't forget us! Thanks for a great year and Tight Lines!

Rob Siebert, you've done it again! A limit of yellowfin and a great day was had by all. We didn't see much else except a hungry dusky shark estimated at 125 pounds that chased one of our tuna right up to the back of the boat. Everyone loves tuna, go figure! Tight Lines!

December first! Can you believe it? Have you made your list and checked it twice? It was cold again today on the OBX, no snow but plenty of wind. Capt. Billy is working in the barn building another BC boat while the wind kicks up everything offshore. I am sitting in a hotel in Palm Beach waiting on the WBS Grand Championship tournament to start tomorrow follow along with the action if you'd like at The forecast is pretty bad for tomorrow as well and I may not be able to update you until Billy and Chuck get ut there - it'll probably (hopefully) be Friday. Until then - Tight Lines!