Archived Reports

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What a great day - to be inside wrapped up in blankets by the fireplace! No fishing for the boys today and some wonderful snow flurries stopped traffic on the Outer Banks for a few hours, but apart from that not much a do except for a lot of wind. Stay warm and tight lines!

And the Tuna Fever fished today! Bill Kirby and his crew had a great one with a limit of yellowfin in the 20 to 50 pound range. Four nice buffs may have whipped Scott Moser, Allen and Dink Kirby out but they had to save face with Matt Bishop and his wahoo. The "hoo hit the deck and weighed in at 68 pounds! Way to go, guys! Thanks again for the enthusiastic group participation - Chuck and Capt. Billy appreciate more than you know your desires to get right in the middle of what they do in a day's fishing to make it great for everyone! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! Hope everyone has been having a great weekend - the wind and weather has kept the Tuna Fever to the dock. But we've been oyster roasting and Billy has been working in the barn on a new BC boat. We're also keeping an eye on the weather for this week - Tight Lines!

Had Miss Elle and dad out in the blue again today - she cranked, he cranked and we came home early! There's a little fog still hanging around, but the temps are forecasted to come up tomorrow so it should be outta here by then. No one rose to the challenge for fishing on Thanksgiving so we're going to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, happy day tomorrow. Gobble Gobble and tight lines!

And a great day was had by all! At least Danny Moon and his crew from CSE got home in one piece - it was a foggy thing out there today! The pea soup finally broke about 8 am and the Tuna Fever headed out for some yellowfin fishing. The boys had a near limit (21) when Miss Affie called from the Booking Desk to say the fog was rolling back in. So Capt. Billy picked it up and headed home - it's a good thing too because a bunch of boats got caught outside the bar in the soup! You can't cross that thing in a fog bank! Many thanks to Danny and crew for joining us again - boy, you guys must eat a lot of tuna! Tight Lines!

Well, here's the story 'bout a girl named Elle. She's only 8 but she gives the tuna H... Goes fishing with her father, yea Keith's a good guy. But if he tries to grab a rod, she'll poke him in the eye. Just a little song for everyone tonight. Elle and Keith Klein headed out this morning for a great half day of tuna fishing - they cranked in a limit and were home for a couple rounds of putt-putt by noon. Great day, Miss Elle - we'll see you at 6:00 AM on Wednesday to do it again! Now Capt. Billy is certainly willing to face his wife and go fishing on Thanksgiving - this may be a challenge...has anyone out there got the courage to join him - it's our last available day this season! Tight Lines!

Was it a great weekend for you? It certainly was for the crew of the Tuna Fever. Yellowfin, mostly on the troll, near the Point put up quite a fight and the action was all there! Denis Jones and his crew on Saturday had a great catch plus a few nice dolphin. And our friend Will Fentress and his pals from Virginia Beach had a good time as well with a limit of yellowfin. A couple real pretty ones too! Will, I hope that new baby of yours likes tuna! We've still got Thanksgiving day open - if anyone wants to go fishing and get in really big trouble with their family at the same time, fishing a holiday can be a great way to do it! And even though we stick with the offshore stuff - I have got to update you on the rock! My goodness they are snappin' and they are big. I mean BIG! Tight Lines!

So, what do you do when your friend invites you to go fishing and the military scoops him up and sends him away on a submarine at the last minute, right before your trip? Go without him! That's what Mark McCarthy and friends from Chris Varva's office did today - while Chris is away helping Uncle Sam map the bottom of the ocean, the boys had their best day ever today - trolling for yellowfin in the 25 to 30 pound range, chunking a few more in the 40 to 50 pound range and a 35 pound wahoo on the side south of the Point. See you next time, Chris! Tight Lines!

A little nip, a little tuck and we got a whole new attitude. So we took our friend Dr. Rando out today, our friend who promises to give me a discount on my new eyelids when the time (and gravity) comes. Today Rando and crew put his moves on the yellowfin and had a great day doing it! A box full for the boys - a little chunking, a little trolling - a little happiness and a great forecast for the next couple days. Venison chili at my house tonight - stop y if you're hungry! Tight Lines!

So, it has been blowing here on the OBX and it has been blowing offshore as well. Some of the boys opted for near shore rock fishing since Sunday - Capt. Billy opted for a tree stand out at Trey Byrum's farm. Cold feet and a little trouble getting eyeglasses, binoculars and gun sight to work together but Billy managed a couple deer - no bucks but that's okay with me. (honestly, dusting a deer face hanging on my wall isn't exactly my idea of a good time anyway, but some venison chili - well, that's another story!) Special thanks to Trey and Harriett for their hospitality and best of luck to Dr. Rando and crew who will be heading out in calm seas tomorrow. Tight Lines!

It's the weekend report with Mrs. Captain! And here's the news... On Saturday Brian Corrigan brought his crew down and had a great day - yellowfin in the box and a couple unexpected treats - a 28 pound gaffer and a 60 pound wahoo - he must be lucky! Or maybe it was his friend, Mike, a first timer in the Gulf Stream. Mike ended up catching the biggest tuna of the day, the dolphin and the 'hoo! Then on Sunday, Wade Norriss and his friends came out for another great day - 13 yellowfin that were hard to get and a 30 pound wahoo that just had to get in that box! We'll take 'em! The forecast is bad for the next couple days, Monday and Tuesday are definately going to be blowouts, so Mr. Captain is heading out for his "every other year" hunting trip. Wish him luck and we'll be back with all the action on Wednesday! Tight Lines!

Oh what a beautiful morning - blowing it's you-know-what off - oh, what a beautiful day - cloudy and wndy and cool - oh, what a wonderful feeling - how so? Billy didn't work today - everything is going my way - you shoul say "blowing" my way! Well, be out over the weekend and check in when it's all done. Have a great one! Tight Lines!

Okay, okay. So Rob should have come down and Walter should have stayed home. Today was not near as bad as the forecast and tomorrow will be pretty bad indeed if the weather man hits it. Oh well, nobody said Billy had to be better than Willard in calling the forecast! So, here's a question for you: Billy and I (and the whole family) were meant to go skiing on our vacation in December - there's no snow in Colorado, so we are considering the Lake Louise/Banff area - anyone been there? Hows the food? How about the road between Lake Louise and Banff? Is it terribly cold? Please email us at if you have been there and can help us make a decision. Thanks! The boys in the fleet that did get out today had limits of yellowfin, a few kings, one 50 pound wahoo (wow!, Pelican released a blue one and Osprey released a sailfish. Striper fishing is going off inshore and near the manns Harbor Bridge. Tight Lines!

Go Danny! Your second day wasn't as good as your first - next time save some luck for the boys from the shop! A rough ocean hampered efforts a bit today, but the crew from CSE had another good one with 12 yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range and a king fish. The wind shoved the water off the Point and the wind and current combined sent to Tuna Fever on a 2.7 knot cruise away from any chum line Chuck attempted to start. No chunking today - stay on the cliffs and do the best we can! Tight Lines!

Commercial Steel Erection - put 'em up and take 'em down. And don't forget to put 'em in the box! Danny Moon and his gang had a great day today with yellowfin in the 30 to 45 pound range. We headed for the outside tip of the Point - a little trolling, a little chunking and a box full to boot! Tight Lines!

Great fishing at the Point today! It was a litte slow starting for the crew of the Tuna Fever - little chirps of some of the other boats ("holding one...single!") started to drive us crazy but then...Wham! Wham! Wham! we got 'em! Turned out to be a fine day - lots of grass out there for Chuck to keep up with, but a box of yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range is just fine with us! Special thanks to Dave Buchal and crew for playing today and Tight Lines!

And here we are with the weekend report...Saturday's fishing was good to us, with a limit of yellowfin the cliffs paid off again! Jeff Masters and his crew had a great day aboard the Tuna Fver, and the second half of his group that fished aboard the Rigged Up managed an even better day - they got theirs first, but we got more! Sunday was a blow out with winds kicking up at the diamond shoals buoy in the 28 gusting to 38 range and 10 foot seas every 8 seconds! Phew! We're crossing our fingers for Monday and looking forward to another day at the Point. Tight Lines!

They didn't crown hi the King of the Cliffs for nothing ! And you should see Billy's crown, beautiful really. And a beautiful day today at the Point. The cliffs paid off with a limit of yellowfin and happy anglers. Due east of the inlet some of the boats got in some dolphin and there was even a white released today. Kings on the way home and another box full for Chuck - the weather forecast for Sunday on seems to be vascillating between good, bad and ugly so hopefully the weather man will make up his mind and we'll keep up this great fishing! Tight Lines!

A Marginal (it's a g I looked it up) forecast today gave way to some marginal fishing for James Burford and his crew. The wind fell out throughout the day, but the fishing just didn't pick up much. We were the top boat today at the Fishing Center with only 6 in the box, but we did have a few dolphin on the side. Well, we don't call it catchin' do we? I'd like to send out a couple messages from Ryan Quillan and crew who fished with Billy on the 27th of October - Ryan says that he wishes his wife LeAnna had been with them on the trip...but that would have made 7 people on board and the Coast Guard says that Billy would have had to throw her overboard, so it's probably best she stayed home. Rob Williams from Fe Mogul says to bring your cooler on Tuesday - Fred, what in the world? - and Steve Beane wants his wife Jenny to know what a blast he had fishing - Jenny, do you think he's hinting around for a Christmas present? Tight Lines!

No fishing for the Tuna Fever today - cold front coming. Looks like we'll be to the dock tomorrow as well. Have a great day anyway!Tight Lines!

Okay we're back tracking a bit and trying to catch up on the reports. November 1 was a great day on the ocean for Wesley Dunks and his crew from (mostly from) Virginia. Great weather for the boys and a nice catch of yellowfin, just about 550 pounds of fish and I'd say that's a limit - at least the last time I looked. Tight Lines!