Archived Reports

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Okay, how do you spell marginal? Is it the g or the j - the g looks better for sure! Anyway, another great day (thats two in a row) for the Tuna Fever and crew. We faked out the "due east of the inlet" crowd and headed for the Point today. Small fish again, but plenty of them - bak to the dock, washed up and waiting for the wife to call by 1:30. What a day! Meanwhile, the wife was running crazy around the boat show - 10 1/2 miles of floating docks! - and having a very successful trip. Tight Lines!

A marjinal forecast and a rough as a cobb day - but we came, we went, we caught! Good news - the water has shoved in and there's great tuna fishing due east of the inlet. Plenty of fish in the box and happy anglers abound! Tight Lines!

It was a little slow for the gang on the Tuna Fever today - in fact fishing was a little slow all over today, but hey, if it was easy everyone would do it - and they'd call it "catching"! 10 yellowfin in the box and we're grateful to have 'em! A marginal forecast is on the radio for tomorrow so cross your fingers! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today and the weather is fine in Florida. I am here at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show so if yu've got a trip scheduled on the Tuna Fever in the next week, please bring Billy a little smething extra to eat for dinner! Seriously, while I was headed south - the Tuna Fever managed to pull a day out of the bag with almost nothing in the box by noon and a box full of yellowfin and one lone wahoo by the time it was time to go home! Phew! Trolling at the Point seemed to do the trick...I may just try that when I get home. Tight Lines!

It's been a few days since I updated this thing - so sorry, but I've had some technical difficulties and a load of work on my desk - budget time you know?! Anyway, Capt. Billy and Gilligan (I mean Chuck) have been out in the blue doing what they do best. The forecast hasn't cooperated much and Fever stayed to the dock a couple of days, but apart from that the fishing has been, well, okay I guess. A little trolling, a little chucking - yellowfin in the 30 pound range for the most part and plenty of them thank goodness! We've got just a couple days open in November before the Tuna Fever heads home for the winter and Oh Captain, My Captain hits the barn for Advanced Boat Building 306 - so if you want some fresh tuna steaks for Chirstmas Dinner you better give us a call! Tight Lines!

Diamonds at the Point today and a slow day for chuncking. The squid have moved out and so have the trawlers - we tried it anyway and had a alright catch comparatively! 5 nice yellowfin Andy Eure and his crew. Meanwhile, some boats headed for the Point today where they found a steady afternoon bite of small yellowfin and blackfin - on the way there...a color change with a few dolphin about! MMMM! A bad forecast is called for tomorrow, but we'll cross our fingers in hopes that the Point is rockin' on Friday! Tight Lines!

What a beautiful day on the Outer Banks! The only way it could be better is if the Tuna Fever was fishing today - but she isn't, so there. Too much swell on the bar this morning so we'll have to see what the ocean looks like tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Well, it has been an interesting weekend. I was in Annapolis at the Boat Show while the Tuna fever finished up her trips in anticipation of our friend Irene. Jay Bushell and Sam Goskin had great trips on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Limits for al and happy anglers abound! Sunday was a wash with the Tuna Fever moved home and Katie bar the door! For the most part the storm wasn't much - lots of rain and a tough drive home from the show, but that was about it. Hopefully we'll be out in the blue again tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Okay, so it was a might bit rough today. The Tuna Fever stayed to the dock for some honey-dos today, cleaning curtains and such. Some of the boats headed out for rocking and rolling and boxes of yellowfin. Paradise! Walter, we'll get you out next week! Tight Lines!

Another great day on the water - I don't know about you but I'm getting a little bored! But not Sam Hunet, Rick Ingram and crew from TA Loving - they had a full box and home by noon - 18 fish and somewhere near about 750 pounds of yellowfin - can you believe it?! Chunking again today and we'll be doing it while the fish hold out, then it's back to the Point folks! Tight Lines!

Okay, so everyone needs a day off and Billy got one today - a rough forecast kept us to the dock, but that's okay 'cause theres honey-dos to do! Tight Lines!

So I don't know my Captain as well as I thought! the Tuna Fever headed east of the Inlet for one more day of chunckin' - bigger fish than the ones running the Point today. Congratulations go out to Gus Zarelli who raised a fine boy in his sone Mark - and a strong one too! Mark horsed plenty of fish to gaffing range today and then took a nap on the way home to get his strength back! Not too bad for 10, not bad at all. Tight Lines!

It's the Weekend Report -- and what a weekend it was! Chuncking sustained us again and the box was loaded for Pat Kirchmier and crew on Saturday, and again for Dave Vernon on Sunday. Tuna salad, tuna steaks, tuna sandwich, tuna-Q, tuna kabobs...MMMMMM! Word on the docks is hot action back at the Point on Sunday as a couple dock partners headed home for limits on the trolling bite as well. I'll bet Capt. Billy can't stay away - the House of Pain is calling! Inshore the stripers are snappin', drum are keeping anglers busy and from the number of boys on the beach this weekend, I'd say surf fishing is going off as well. Aren't you ready to come home to the Outer Banks! Tight Lines!

More tuna today for more boys from Virginia. Thanks to Paul Powers and his crew for playing! We got nerved up this morning as the bite took some time to turn on, but POW! there they were and the fight was on! A limit in the box and home in time for a quick 9 over at the Village Links! We're still doing that chunkin' thing and loving it - a little change of pace never hurt anyone! Don't you just love it! Tight Lines!

Fill the box. Fill the box. Fill the box, box, box! No Problem! Limits on yellowfin in the 45 to 60 pound range for Dale Ludwig and his gang from Virginia. What a wonderful thing! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! At 15 - 25 this morning to be exact and there was no fishing offshore today. Oh well! Capt. Billy did manage to "fill the box" though as he headed for the northeast grounds of Virginia and the butcher shop for a cooler full of rib-eyes! You can't eat fish everyday! Check out our updated homepage for more news on the excellent yellowfin fishing we're having this month and call us today! Book a trip, man...momma needs a new pair of shoes! Tight Lines!

Tuna Tuna Tuna. Ta-Da! Thank you very much. Seriously, Jame Trapp, Jim McCarthy, David Strok and Chris Atkinson from Philadelphia, PA had a great day and limmed the yellowfin. The boys were chunking fish again today and Billy got into the action with his camera, so we've put together a little pictorial. All the shots should be up on the Gallery soon and we'll walk you through the process, show how all the boys from Philly played a role in baiting and catching fish today. We've also included shots of the dragger at work and the elusive and rarely filmed "trade for butterfish". The trade today? Cervesas! Big medicine! Tight Lines!

A great day today for Andy Hare and his crew. Thanks for fishing with us again, boys and don't try to eat all that tuna in one sitting! Tuna, tuna, tuna, a few kings and a grouper - okay, so we didn't catch the grouper really, but we'll still be eating it tonight for dinner! That poor fish fell from a dragger's net and was free gaffed by good ole Chuck while it was still kickin'! Delicious! We've got a couple days open next week - got any room in your freezer? Tight Lines!

Wow, what a weekend! The boys from WM Tinder Lumber Company had a great one on Saturday - some meat in the box and a beautiful sailfish release for Wyatt! Sunday was something else all together - man, what a day! Can you say chunkin'? That's what the boys got into and came home with a limit of yellowfin in the 30 to 45 pound range and a nice catch of kings on the side! Beautiful!Special thanks to John Bell for putting the day together. Tight Lines!

October One. It's my birthday month. It's also tuna time - I love Fall. Dick, Paul, Rob and Andrew Christy would say it's dolphin, sailfish, wahoo, king mackerel and tuna time! And we'd say you're absolutly right! 2 sailfish releases for the big boys today while Andrew and Rob handled filling the box - happy birthday, guys and we hope the waves are up tomorrow! October is the start of fall tuna fishing and it's time for you to fill the box too! Give Capt. Billy a call this weekend to book your day out in the blue! 252-473-1097