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The best offshore sportfishing guide service in all of North Carolina! Tuna, dolphin, wahoo, blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish can all be yours this season and we're going to show you how to catch ‘em! Join us this season for the personal attention and professionalism you, your family and your clients deserve on an air-conditioned Carolina Boat. Here on the World Wide Web, the crew of the Tuna Fever has offered up a taste of our charter adventures from Oregon Inlet. Within these pages, we will introduce you to the sportfishing season from the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Captain Billy Maxwell, deckhand Steven Hall, and the 56-foot fully equipped Tuna Fever. The crew of the Tuna Fever is here to help you get the most out of your fishing experiences on the Outer Banks, so please let us know how we're doing. You can email Capt. Billy at billy@tunafever.com or call us direct at 252/473-1097. Enjoy the site and come see us again soon!

Current Fishing Report and Photo Gallery


Billy and Billy and (Heather too):

Just like to say thanks for a great time this Tuesday.  Both Billys (referred to in stories back at the house as, Billy “upper-deck” and Billy “lower-deck” so the family knew who we were talking about) went all out to make it a very memorable day.  All the boys (my sons Ryan and Shane and Kurt’s Josh and Drew) had fabulous time.  It was awesome to get each one in the chair for a fish even though poor Shane couldn’t see what he was doing (due to the sun and the fact that he was still asleep).  One of Shane’s favorite’s stories aside from the fish was getting a chance to steer the boat (thanks made a great picture and a long-lasting memory for him)  Great idea on hitting the wrecks too…it was nice to bring back a bunch of fish (we ended up with about 72 pounds of fillets).  Bottom-line we had a great time all due to your guy’s hard work.  I hope to be able to do it again next year.  If you have any recommendations as far as when the best Dolphin and Tuna runs occur please let me know.  As soon as I get some pictures I’ll send them to you for your website.


Take care and Good luck

Rob Stevenson