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Hi Heather, We finally made it out this year on Saturday the 25th. What a surprise…. The Billy’s were back… We had a blast with both of them. We filled them up with Venison Jerky and deer sticks and sent them on their way. While we had great weather, the days before and after us weren’t so hot. I saw you posted the trip info in the website and if you knew how hard Billy worked to get the 6th Wahoo so everyone had one you would have given the poor guy credit. I unfortunately had to reel it in and I felt the pressure knowing how easy they are to lose and how bad Billy wanted it. I cranked as hard as I could and that fish never turned on us and in the box he went. Billy told me about the Blackening seasoning and I stopped by and got some before I went back to VA. He was right it was really good. I added the attached lemon dill sauce to the Wahoo after it is on the plate and my wife told me it tasted just like Chilean Sea Bass. It kicked it up another level. I know Billy’s surgery is coming up soon and please tell him we will be thinking about him and hope he recovers quickly. Thanks, Bob
Capt Billy, once again on October 8th, you found the fish! I was fortunate to be able to have my son Will (he just left the the naval nuclear submarine force enroute back to finish up at the University of Maryland and begin a civilian career). Our trip was a memorium in honor of USNA '69 graduate and dear friend Capt Mike Worely, USN, (Ret) who first introduced me to you. Thanks to you and first mate Steve - you are a great team and you provided my son Will and I with a day of Gulf Stream fishing that was filled with excitement, as many fish as we could handle (we each caught well over a hundred pounds of fish), a certificate wahoo catch for Will and a safe and worry free voyage in what were some choppy white capped seas. Most importantly you gave this father a great bonding experience with my son! It is always a pleasure to fish with you, and this was just another great experience! Looking forward to our next trip (which I hope will include a stripper run)! Best wishes, Ron (& Will)
Fishing on TUNAFEVER IS THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME. BILLY MAXWELL THE CAPT KNOWS WHERE THE FISH ARE AND HOW TO CATCH THEM. I took several customers out on 6-18-14. This was my first tuna trip ever. Billy put us on the fish and we caught or limit a total of 763lbs by 11:00 am. We were back to the dock by 12:00 pm. I would definitely fish on the tunafever again. This was a trip of a lifetime not sure I will ever have a trip that good again. I would definitely give TUNAFEVER another chance but I’m pretty sure he set the bar pretty high on this trip. THANKS FOR A GREAT FISHING EXPERIENCE FISHING TEAM DIRECT SOLUTIONS
A big shout out to Billy. We were not fishing with him, but he still made three little boys happy on Saturday. At 2pm we were still unable to locate a school of dolphin. Before he picked up to go home, he told us to follow him. He took us to a patch of grass that was holding fish and we had a great hour catching dolphin before we headed home. We have fished out of Oregon Inlet for over twenty years, and we know who does a good job day in and day out. Billy has always been good to us and He is one of the best. Thanks Billy, you made three boys happy and they were not even on the Tuna Fever. sincerely, Brad Hudgins
We had the opportunity to charter Tuna Fever on 6/10/14. This was our second time out with Captain Billy. Once again we were very impressed with his professional demeanor. We all felt t Captain Billy and Steve were working hard to put us on and boat as much fish as possible. With 46 dolphin and 7 yellow fin, I�d say they did just that. Steve has had the opportunity to fish all over the world, and his experience shows. Captain Billy and Steve took the time to answer any all questions we had - from boat building to fishing techniques. Tuna Fever will be my first choice when reserving any future charters. John Barcas
Dear Billy, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time you and Steve showed us on the 25th of May. Sorry it has taken me so long to write. I am always too busy. We look forward to our next trip with great anticipation. On another note have you ever built a Flats boat? I suspect that you can build anything with your experience. Let me know. Again thank you from myself and my two boys, David Mulholland
Just wanted to send a big thank you to the Tuna Fever crew for a great trip yesterday. You made it a pleasure setting up the trip, and Captain Billy and Steve delivered out on the water. My buddies and I had a fantastic time and the yellowfin action was incredible! Captain Billy and Steve were amazingly efficient and on a mission to hammer the tuna. It was really cool to see the little things they did to increase our chances of catching fish. Things like outriggers being deployed with lines in the clips and baits hanging in the air while we were still on plane doing 20+ kts the final couple miles of our morning run. Then the instant we came off plane upon arrival on the fishing grounds those baits were in the water and we were fishing - zero minutes were wasted. Plus Steve had us all involved and helping, again all in the name of maximizing fishing time with baits in the water. Those who weren't fighting a fish or positioning the fighting chair were clearing flatlines, grabbing new baits to have at the ready, and pulling popped outrigger clips down while Steve was preparing to gaff a fish. These little things enabled Steve to re-rig baits immediately and maximize the amount of time we had all of our lines in the water. Please pass my thanks on to Steve and Capt. Billy. We had a great time fishing with them and hope to do so again in the future. Best Regards, Jud Long
Having fished offshore for the last 15 years on private as well as charter boats I have seen a lot of approaches and was totally impressed by the experience that Billy and his first mate Steve treated us to. The day started out with Billy asking us what we wanted to catch (we said Mahi and he said he could do that). Then as we made our way out to the fishing grounds Steve got things rigged up and told us about what he was doing and gave us some tips on fighting the fish and how to catch the gaffer Mahi on the pitch rods (soooo much fun!!!!). When we started fishing we got into a few fish right away (nice gaffers) but things dried up after 20-30 min so Billly went to work finding better water and he found a temperature break that held plenty of gaffer mahi and a sprinkling of tuna (just enough for sushi). When the mayhem started we all had a great time and Steve and Billy worked as a team to keep us on the fish until we were beat, we couldn't reel anymore and we asked him to call it a day (41 gaffers and 3 fat tunas and no room in the box). The experience was awesome, to look behind the boat and see 10-20 large Mahi darting around just looking for the next pitch bait, it was a real adrenaline rush and the whole time Steve and Billy kept things organized with baits in the water and lines un-crossed, it was pure brilliance. They made the trip excellent from all perspectives, they were thoughtful, considerate, pleasant, taught us about what they were doing to find and catch the fish and just knew their craft so well that it was a great day from every perspective. I just wanted to pass this complement along because there are many good fisherman in the world but very few great ones like Steve and Billy. We will be back. Thankyou, Galen H Fisher and crew from Richmond VA
Billy and Steve, Thanks for a great day of fishing on September 6th! Limits of yellowfin! We had a great time and appreciate you guys letting me get in on some gaffing and working the back of the boat with Steve. I've been on charter trips where if you do anything other than sit in the chair and wait for a rod to be placed in your hands you get yelled at by the captain or the mate and to me that's not fishing that cranking a reel. You guys do it the right way and understand the concept of making the trip what the charter group wants! keep it up and we'll see you again in the Spring for another try at the bluefins! Craig Reist
This is probably the highest compliment that can be paid to any Captain, Mate and boat. It is not from me personally but I am repeating it for you to seriously consider when selecting a "off shore" boat trip. We had a literal huge day catching fish until the TUNA FEVER was stopped by the Coast Guard for a spot check boarding at sea. OMG I am telling you we got boarded by the CG 37 miles off shore. The compliment comes from the Coast Guard Officer after the spot check boarding. The Captain had all the papers in order. The safety Equipment was in perfect shape. The CG officer noted there were more life jackets than necessary. The Captain said to the CG officer "Sometimes we get a boat load of children and they need a range of child size life jackets". As a grand pa of 6 grand kids that simple honest quote choked me up. I sat inside and watched everything that happened. The CG were total business serious professionals. Everything was ship shape, every thing in order, extra safety equip for kids. The CG officer complimented the Captain and then gave him a Gold colored document that he called a "GOOD as GOLD" certificate. The Tuna Fever Captain can show that if they are boarded for any CG inspection for the next half year. It is an outstanding rating, the highest a ship can achieve. Please note this CG Boarding was after labor day, after a long hard busy season when just maybe there might have been some small issues needing to be corrected. The "GOOD as GOLD" document says more about the TUNA FEVER and the Captain than any of the many "thank you we had a fun day" letters you may read. This retired College Prof has decided TUNA FEVER is my favorite. Sure, we caught a boat load of TUNA that day but best of all I learned the TUNA FEVER is "GOOD AS GOLD". Thank you Captain. Thank you,and May God bless you and send you on many fruitful fishing days and glorious calm seas. Lou Szari Richmond Virginia
Hey mr. Billy. Nick proctor here, Pete's son. Been keepin up with online. Wanted to tell you what a good time my brothers and I had with you spending time with my dad and rick strecker. Its usually all work and no play but thank you so much for the memories. Hope to do again REEL soon. nick proctor
This is probably the highest compliment that can be paid to any Captain, Mate and boat. It is not from me personally but I am repeating it for you to seriously consider when selecting a "off shore" boat trip. We had a literal huge day catching fish until the TUNA FEVER was stopped by the Coast Guard for a spot check boarding at sea. OMG I am telling you we got boarded by the CG 37 miles off shore. The compliment comes from the Coast Guard Officer after the spot check boarding. The Captain had all the papers in order. The safety Equipment was in perfect shape. The CG officer noted there were more life jackets than necessary. The Captain said to the CG officer "Sometimes we get a boat load of children and they need a range of child size life jackets". As a grand pa of 6 grand kids that simple honest quote choked me up. I sat inside and watched everything that happened. The CG were total business serious professionals. Everything was ship shape, every thing in order, extra safety equip for kids. The CG officer complimented the Captain and then gave him a Gold colored document that he called a "GOOD as GOLD" certificate. The Tuna Fever Captain can show that if they are boarded for any CG inspection for the next half year. It is an outstanding rating, the highest a ship can achieve. Please note this CG Boarding was after labor day, after a long hard busy season when just maybe there might have been some small issues needing to be corrected. The "GOOD as GOLD" document says more about the TUNA FEVER and the Captain than any of the many "thank you we had a fun day" letters you may read. This retired College Prof has decided TUNA FEVER is my favorite. Sure, we caught a boat load of TUNA that day but best of all I learned the TUNA FEVER is "GOOD AS GOLD". Thank you Captain. Thank you,and May God bless you and send you on many fruitful fishing days and glorious calm seas. Lou Szari Richmond Virginia
Thanks again for an awesome trip....words can't express my gratitude in helping make Sydneys first off shore trip one to remember. David hasn't shut up about the stick and Syd is still telling everyone about her big catches. Steve was so good with her. Thank him again. She is upset that there wasn't any shirts to fit her so hint hint get some kids size shirts lol. THANK YOU AGAIN!!
Thank you very much. Be sure to relay the message to Billy that he did great on our order of good weather and great fishing. I definitely won't be waiting 15 years to come back to fish on the Tuna Fever again. Thanks again for a great trip and a great experience. Tyler
thank you for one heck of a fishing experience. will be fishing on the TUNA FEVER every chance we get. thanks again. craig bauer
Sean Earley The Earley's and friends had a great time on Tuna Fever. Captain Billy was all business -- left early, stayed late, and worked hard in between. Steve worked hard in preparing to fish and keeping the bait in the water. They were both very knowledgeable and loved to fish. Sean
Billy, I wanted to say a huge Thanks. My boys (Chris and Alex) and I had a great time! We really enjoyed the approach to Steve's teaching and allowing us to be involved to our fullest. Thanks Again! Bobby
Never too late for a testimonial for Thursday, June 27. When Capt. Billy calls the night before and says the water will be choppy and then choppier, this means, in rookie landlubber terms, 4ft to 8ft swells. WHAT A RIDE, but with a limit of 18 Yellow fin tuna and 3 Mahi it was great. If it were not for capt. Billy's expert boatman-ship and fish finding skills we could not have accomplished this great catch. Sorry for 1st mate Steve, having to put up with us rookies but what a great job he did. By the end of the day the guy's all knew it was a day they would never forget.. I did my homework on the Oregon Inlet Fleet and I could not have picked a better boat. The Tuna Fever is the only way to go....thanks to Capt. Billy & Steve! Thanks again for a great fishing trip!! Tom Smith and group PS Of course this great trip could never have gone right without the guidance and help of Ms Heather....Thanks
just wanted to say thanks for a helluva day fishing on june 25. watching my 129 lb son in law land that 400 lb blue really thrilled me to no end. steve made it all happen and there was some good boat driving as well. thanks from the ketterman family as well as your friends from hampton rubber. till next time stay safe. kenny ketterman
Heather and Billy. I just cant thank you enough for the wonderful time we had fishing last week. It has been a dream of mine for years to be able to go. I am so glad John Semerling, my sons and I were able to go out on your boat for our first experience. We will look forward to booking with you again and I have also shared the pictures with many of my friends and will recommend you to anyone. God Bless G
Billy and Steve - What an awesome day!!(June 17th) You were both great at explaining what to do and letting us be hands on! We couldn't have had better teachers or more fun on our adventure. A special thanks to your wife for the website, it is so much fun looking back at last years catch and reading your updates. Looking forward to our next trip out with you guys!!! Tony and Mia Copeland
Billy and Steve, What a trip! We asked for good weather and great fishing and we were not disappointed! Billy put us on some tremendous Big Eye Tuna – Two monster citations. We also hooked up some Yellow Fin and Mahi. We stole the show when we docked. Total meat in the freezer was over 250lbs! Steve did an awesome job of letting us fish and helping us bring in Billy’s marks. Steve was a very patient first mate and his instructions were excellent. Tyler would not have landed the monster Big Eye without Steve’s instruction. Over the years I have been out many times, most of which have been with Billy. By a landslide, I have had the best success with Billy and the Tuna Fever. When it comes to offshore fishing, I live by one simple rule – If Billy is available, I fish; If not, then I don’t fish. We are looking forward to our next trip with Billy and Steve on the Tuna Fever!
Craig Reist Billy and Steve, Thanks for a great day of fishing on September 6th! Limits of yellowfin! We had a great time and appreciate you guys letting me get in on some gaffing and working the back of the boat with Steve. I've been on charter trips where if you do anything other than sit in the chair and wait for a rod to be placed in your hands you get yelled at by the captain or the mate and to me that's not fishing that cranking a reel. You guys do it the right way and understand the concept of making the trip what the charter group wants! keep it up and we'll see you again in the Spring for another try at the bluefins!
Billy and Steve, Want to send a very big "Thank You" for yesterdays trip (03JUN2013)....18 in the box before 0900, all 40+ with a 60 and a 72!....17 years and counting fishing on Tuna Fever you can count on the boys from Virgnia Beach will be back. We really appreciated Steve allowing us to fish! If you want to catch a charter on TUNA FEVER. Maxwell and Company are tried and trued in the Art of catching fish! Thanx again Billy! Derek Teague
Scott Brown Well year 24 is down in the books. Another great time on board the TUNA FEVER. Billy and Steve were awesome. It is hard to believe that it has been 24 years fishing together. Billy and I discussed in the tower as we continued to hunt the might yellow fin. We both hoped for 24 more years of doing this. It has been a pleasure getting to know Billy and the family. As for the helment that is another story. Funny one and luckily no scars. Even if there were scars they would have been good ones. And BTW there were only butterfly stitches and he did not come in early. I said we came to fish and we did!! But us down for May 31 of next year for the 25th fishing anniversary.
“Regarding the trip I took aboard the Tuna Fever on May 30, 2013: My expectations - and that of my five family members - were greatly exceeded, and not just in ways one would typically expect. It would be relatively easy for most families to be happy with just a big catch (which we obtained due to Captain Billy’s extensive fishing experience and his persistence, and Steve’s quick gaff and fishing expertise), but more importantly, it was the way everyone was treated during the entire experience. The professionalism that was first extended when we first contacted the Captain’s wife several months ago continued once we left the dock. I’ve personally been on multiple charter boats up and down the East Coast and I can attest that the Tuna Fever was the very best I’ve ever been on. It was a unique combination of family professionalism, encouragement, patience and incredible fishing and boatmanship skills that made this trip unique. (Ok, I admit it – it also helped that we caught 18 Yellowfin Tuna and a Mahi-Mahi!) My father-in-law, Ray Wile, and I both commented on the abundance of marine life – including dolphins, whales, manta rays and sharks - that we saw during the trip. We might have missed several sightings had it not been for the Captain or First Mate making sure that a unique sighting, during a lull in the fishing, was not missed by those on board. My daughter has a medical condition that was also accounted for during the trip. The Captain and the First Mate made sure that she was able to catch fish, despite her handicap. In a world where success is typically measured just in numbers, I can attest that the Tuna Fever goes above and beyond to make sure that customers of all abilities have an incredible day on the water and the satisfaction of reeling in a big salt water fish. I commend the Captain, his wife, and the First Mate on a job well done and highly recommend the Tuna Fever for anyone thinking about taking a deep sea fishing charter trip off the coast of beautiful North Carolina. Dr. Raymond A. Huml, DVM”
Billy, Amazing 2 days of fishing. We thought it couldn’t get any better when we had the limit by 11:05 am Sunday morning June 2nd until we had the limit by 8:30 am Tuesday June 4th! With the girls I might add. In the 18 years that I have been fishing with you, I think this week tops them all. Steve did a great job and he is a keeper too! Reminds me of the good ole days with Chuck. Thanks again and we will see you in the fall. PS Ole Blue said leave the helmet home next time, gets in the way of him licking the windows when you make him wear it!!!!! HA HA
Captain Billy and Steve, Thanks for a great tuna trip on June 12th! The opportunity to learn and work with you guys gave the crew a great experience. We are excited about eating our limit of fat yellowfin tuna. We are definitely looking forward to fishing with you again very soon. Thanks a lot! Bobby Marshburn
Billy, Amazing 2 days of fishing. We thought it couldn’t get any better when we had the limit by 11:05 am Sunday morning June 2nd until we had the limit by 8:30 am Tuesday June 4th! With the girls I might add. In the 18 years that I have been fishing with you, I think this week tops them all. Steve did a great job and he is a keeper too! Reminds me of the good ole days with Chuck. Thanks again and we will see you in the fall. PS Ole Blue said leave the helmet home next time, gets in the way of him licking the windows when you make him wear it!!!!! HA HA
Good Evening Heather,

On my way into work this morning, I looked out at the Chesapeake as I drove over the Lesner Bridge.  The wind was steady, and a light snow had just begun to fall.  As I took note of the white caps on the water, I wondered for a moment if Billy and Steve would be heading out today. 

Often times my job is very exciting, but after two consecutive days of chasing bluefin on the Tuna Fever, I have a new standard for what I consider an exciting work day.  A few of my friends thought I was crazy, and the weather forecast even scared a few of them off, but the joke was on them. 

The last two days of fishing will forever remain some of the more memorable days of my life.  Tuesday started slowly, and it had the potential to be one of those dreaded days of offshore fishing where the ocean decides not to share any her treasures.  But up above in the captain's chair, Billy was unwavering.  Billy Maxwell is to tuna what the The Terminator is to Sarah and John Connor - he is never going to stop until he finds them.  Shortly after I finished my lunch, I heard that beautiful sound of mono snapping out of an outrigger clip and line peeling off the reel.  That was about 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon.  Other than transit time and sleep, we spent the next day and a half fighting bluefin tuna.  We caught three on Tuesday, and five on Wednesday.  You can never appreciate the strength and the will of this fish until you are sitting in the chair trying to put one in the boat.

After we got back to Virginia Beach last night, everybody rushed home for a quick shower, and we all got together for a round-table feast of O-toro (the Japanese name for bluefin belly), and shared stories of our two days on the Tuna Fever.  We all agreed that as long as the bluefin continue to bless our waters, this will be an annual event.

Billy and Steve are true professionals; they have earned my utmost respect as fishermen, and as men.  I started fishing with Billy last year because of his reputation, now I fish with him because I consider him a friend. 

With Utmost Respect,

PS: I also want to mention that Steve is a machine down on the deck.  Not only did he do his job, but he also trained all of us in the basics.  By yesterday afternoon, we actually started to look like we knew what we were doing.



Spencer Langston
Hey guys. Thank you so much for the trip. Our favorite part was reeling in the fish. Captain Billy and mate Stephen made it safe and easy. Even though the fish were bigger than us. We also had a blast jigging for the tuna from the magic stick and watching those whoppers jump. Tuna Fever...
Btw - pls change the caption on the pic - it's Henry not Hunter. Not that he cares much but he wants bragging rights. Thanks again.

Billy and Steve,
Thanks for making the best of the conditions that we encountered. We had a good time and were really thankful for the handling of your boat. Steve stepped up and helped out when needed. Hopefully next year the weather will be a bit cooperative and we will land more fish. Again thanks and tight lines. Ernie and friends.

Billy and Bert,
Wanted to thank you for a very memorable day on the water. You went above and beyond to stop for a school of mahi mahi on the way home. Hope your wife was understanding for getting back late. We were only boat out yesterday to really catch anything. Great reflection on you and Bert. See you next year. 
Dave Robinson and rest of Buffalo, NY crew

Captain Billy and Bert - Sorry this is coming to you late, but we want you both to know that our charter on the Tuna Fever was unbelievable and was hands down the best day of fishing we ever had. Fishing was unreal. We will be eating tuna for months! We definitely will be back again. P.S. the shirts are coming!
Thanks again - Chad, Jake, Will, Gary and Greg.

Dear Billy and Bert,
Attached is a photo of our bountiful catch!
Just wanted to share with you that Off Shore fishing with you was the highlight of our OBX vacation!  I was a little concerned as a woman who has had minimal fishing experience--but I was pleased to find that fishing on the Tuna Fever was one of the most fun experiences I have had!  All of our group in fact, found it to be a great day!  We are looking forward to returning to OBX and fishing with you again.
Janice and Bill Olson, and Family

Billy and Burt and Heather too:
From the Van Dyne Charter:
We are saying thanks to all for a great time Saturday June 30th. Both Captain Billy and his 1st mate Burt went all-out to make it a very memorable day. All the guys including me, my son Kirk and grandson Josh, and friend Jeff had fabulous time. It was super to bring back a ‘bunch’ of fish (we caught 138 lbs of fish and ended up with about 20 lbs of Yellow Fin Tuna fillets each). Billy and his very capable mate worked diligently to make us happy. The weather was great-- although quite warm ashore it was beautiful at sea. We could not have asked for a nicer day.
Bottom-line, we had a great time all due to your hard work. We found the Tuna Fever to be ship-shape, stowed well, clean, comfortable and well maintained. It exhibits pride of ownership and demonstrates a great amount of attention to detail.
We plan to charter with you again soon.
Very Respectfully,
Roy Van Dyne and party

Dear Captain Billy and First Mate Bert,

Ideal  weather, great First Mate, wonderful Captain, 60 fish and counting, - PRICELESS outing for Pop Becmer and his family.

Thank you so much.

Ray Becmer

Billy and Bert, thanks for or awesome trip on 5/28. You two are truly pros. Thanks for putting us on the tuna and keeping or lines in the water. Hope to take another trip in the future. 250lb of meat in the freezer will go fast. Goodluck the rest of the year. Deckhand Doug, Taylor, Jason, Alicia, and George "Sir pukes alot"

Thanks again for a wonderful trip on May 31, 2012. The ride was easy after tropical storm Beryl and the fishing was great. You and Bert did a great job. You can't ask for more than your limit on tuna. TUNA FEVER is AWESOME. I thank you, Bert, and all the locals that told me about you. I will see you again soon.
Dan Chesney

TF Gang,
Well as Heather put it on the website we had another great year on Saturday 6/2. Our 23rd year produced one our best years ever. We ended up with 650# of nice dolphin and tuna. See you guys next year for the 24th year. Keep up the great work!
scott brown

Tuna Fever brought back all the wonderful pleasures of offshore sport fishing that we have not seen for a few years. Both the captain and the mate are the best and rebooking is a must for everyone over and over again. As the host of a yearly tournament which uses approx. five to thirteen boats each year I highly recommend this boat and his mate, thanks again giuseppe giaimo scholarship fishing tournament coordinator Ray Kerber

Dear Captain Billy and First Mate Bert,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what an terrific time we had with you on May 16, 2012.  This was a great last minute addition to the week long vacation, we had down here at Outer Banks.  The experience couldn't have more awesome and a once in life time experience for some of the people in our party.  You both have wonderful personalities that made us feel very much at home and welcome on your boat.   I found it really marvelous, how you guys gave us direction, helped out when needed, but let us participate in every aspect of the fishing trip. The on hands experience made it so much more worth it, better than just sitting in a chair and reeling a fish in.  This fishing trip story will be one my friends and I talk about for a very long time.... We all still have "TUNA FEVER!"  If I ever get the chance to fish out of Oregon Inlet again, "YOU" will definitely be the crew I book with!  Your ears will be ringing with wonderful recommendations to all our friends and co-workers who travel down your way.

Brandon Yocca and Friends

PS.  Sorry for delay in email pictures. 

The only words i could think to say after a fishing trip with you was, YOU’RE THE MAN. You and Bert gave the the Sprouse crew the best charter I’ve had. And any one I know that wants to catch fish will be sent your way. Cause I know now that you’re one of the best, We have the citations to prove it. So I would like to thank you now that I'm not choked up by monster  dolphin and tuna laying on the dock. So THANK YOU! But you are still the man. Anyone wanting to catch fish, Book TUNA FEVER. See you next year Billy. ` Gene 5/3/2012

Capt. Billy,
Just wanted to thank you and Bert so much for allowing us to fill our rental van full of tuna! Y'all really worked your tails off to put us on the fish, and we certainly appreciate it. None of our Georgia crew had ever hooked a tuna before, but we all had huge smiles all the way back to Athens! Plan on seeing us again, and pass along the two cooler- rental van trick to get your tuna home!

We had an awesome time!!! -Rex Coffeen

Billy, wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you again for the great time fishing on Friday.

I really appreciate your working with us to find the best day to go out last week and making Connor and Antonio's first deep sea fishing experience a great one! Your attention to the details and focus on getting us to the fish was extraordinary. We caught a ton of fish and had a wonderful experience. Please also pass along out thanks to Bert, who worked his butt off for us, making sure we had every opportunity to catch as many fish we could.

We look forward to our next trip aboard the Tuna Fever!


I wanted to take a second to thank you and your mate for 2 absolutely awesome days on those big fat Bluefin tuna !!!!!
After 6 trips down to NC to chase those big bluefin, I was finally able to land my first over 80 inch NC Bluefin once I stepped on your boat!!
Your skills as a captain put us right on the fish and kept us on the fish for 2 straight days..
I firmly believe that without the greenstick and employing the proper methods of fishing that equipment, we would have had slow days like so many other boats did!!    I cannot thank you enough for 2 great days and more big tuna than my arms and back care to remember!!!  A trip I will remember for the rest of my life…
I have some awesome video and a camera full of great pictures that I will be sending you soon.
Thanks Billy,
Damien Romeo

I wanted to take a second to thank you and your mate for 2 absolutely awesome days on those big fat Bluefin tuna !!!!!
After 6 trips down to NC to chase those big bluefin, I was finally able to land my first over 80 inch NC Bluefin once I stepped on your boat!!
Your skills as a captain put us right on the fish and kept us on the fish for 2 straight days..
I firmly believe that without the greenstick and employing the proper methods of fishing that equipment, we would have had slow days like so many other boats did!!    I cannot thank you enough for 2 great days and more big tuna than my arms and back care to remember!!!  A trip I will remember for the rest of my life…
I have some awesome video and a camera full of great pictures that I will be sending you soon.
Thanks Billy,
Damien Romeo

        I just want to start off saying that, that was the trip of a life time. I have been fishing since i was three years old and that was the best action I have ever had. The whole group Jesse, Marie, Chris, Marc and Carson are still seeing tuna flying over gunwhale everytime we close our eyes.
 The Boat. Beautiful machine through and through. Got us out there on the fish and the amout of room on the stern made it easy to handle those multiple hook ups you were getting us into. The cabin was very clean and comfortable even with the six of us in there.
  The Mate. Bert was spot on never missing a beat. Never missing the gaff on the fish. Keeping the hooks baited and even with 4 fish on at once not one tangle up the whole day. He's a cool guy and very knowlage. Truely a professional.
    The Skipper. Billy your Knowlage and experience kept us on the fish all day long. I couldn't believe that within minutes of setting the lines a reel was already screaming with that 107 lb beast on the other end. I fun just watchin my best bud crank that thing in. The experience we all had out on the water that day was a memory we wont't ever forget. From that school of monster bluefins rolling in the crest of that wave right behind the boat. To that massive pod of dolphins we all saw. There all images that are In our minds forever but nothing beats 18 nice sized yellowfin and that big hoss Jesse cranked in. We all went home with coolers full of meat and big ole smiles on our faces. Jesse and I are already planning our next trip. We cant wait to get back down there to fish with you again on Tuna Fever.
  Thanks Again,        Andrew

skipper and heather, me and the boys just wanted to thank you for your effort in pursuit of tuna on the FEVER! We had a blast and really didn't want you to think that the "catch" is what it's all about. The opportunity to board and have a day on the best boat "no matter what" is the thrill. Melanie and I are having tuna and mahi for dinner and are gratful that God gave us you for the day. An absolutely beautiful time on the water. All of us, jeffrey, justin,duane,brad,kevin and myself are looking forward to the spring trip on TUNA FEVER! thanks again, we really had a blast. Life is short, don,t forget the five fingers. Sincerely, gary

Dear Tuna Fever Captain & Crew,
I would like to thank you for the trip of a lifetime. I had my family come out from South Dakota & we fished Oct-8 & 9, 2011. I did some extensive searching of the boats that fish out of The Oregon Inlet, many hours if you will… I decided we were going to fish on The Tuna Fever. I came up with this decision from their well maintained web site blog and many photos of  fish caught!
I would recommend first timers to book a 2 day trip. One day was great but the second day was a blessing to be out and enjoying nature and time together. I would also like to add these tuna we caught challenged our  physical ability to real em in!
We had the time of our Life and hope to see you guys again.
Thanks for the memories we created on The Tuna Fever!
Tight Lines,
The Glasfords

Hello Capt. Bill,

Thank you again for an incredible day on August 8th. It was a trip to warm the cold nights in California. You and Bert an incredible team. Not only that but very cordial and professional. Thank you again.

Can you make the change on my name for your August 8th fishing report. My name is spelled Dong not Dung. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

See you soon as the fishing will bring me back for the rockfish season.

Best Regards,

Dong not Dung, Hoon Chung.

Good Evening Heather and Cpt. Billy

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail and say thanks for the opportunity to get out on the big water again.

It was a tough day of fishing but we all felt that both the Billies were giving it all they could and we understand that's why they call it fishing and not catching!! Those of us on this trip that fished with you last Labor Day were glad to see that mate Billy would be going out with us this past week-end. He gets to rockin & rollin when the fish are on the line!!

Thanks again Cpt. Billy for all of your efforts, we went home with some fish and had a good day on the water. I hope the rest of your fishing season is safe and sucessful!!!

I'll be in touch at the first of the new year to book our next trip and continue my quest to catch a dang Tuna Fish!!!! As you so aptly put it Heather...........Tight Lines

Jack Pruitt


        My daughter requested a fishing trip aboard the Tuna Fever for her 13th birthday instead of dance like the rest of the kids.  Her "dance" began at 3 am and lasted until 8:30 pm.  The best part was we caught TUNA & Dolphin!!!!!!!!  She had her adult friends on the boat, Trey Byrum, Tim Phelps, Ken Cowper, Drew Batts and she was required to bring her father.  What a day 13 Tuna and 13 Dolphin.  Who said that 13 was unlucky?  You still owe me a bad day of fishing!!!!!!!!!!  Tell Heather and Kate Tay and I both said Hi.

Your friend for forever,


I want to thank Capt. Billy for a fantastic trip on 05/10/11. He is very courteous and professional, he made our trip one that my family will always remember. His fist mate Hoggin Nick worked his butt off and taught us alot. Courtney will never forget the tuna that it took her forever to bring on board. Thanks again for a fantastic trip. Jake Kylor

I just wanted to thank you for an exceptional fishing trip. Capt Billy, his mate, Billy, and his boat are top notch! They are a class act; a professional and gracious team that not only puts you on the fish but makes sure you have fun and takes the time to teach you. We had a mixed group of first timers and experienced recreational guys and all of us were completely impressed from start to finish. I look forward to future trips and I know which boat we'll be on!
Mike Fleck

We had a very memorable trip with you on Wednesday 4/20/2011. Tuna Fever was very roomy and comfortable. Its size made the trip on the rough seas comfortable. What a beautiful day, in spite of the wind!!!!
First Mate, Billy was one of hardest working mates I have ever seen. You two were like a “hand and glove” with communication and searching for tuna.
By encouraging our participation in the fishing process, you really created a great opportunity for us to catch the maximum amount of the fish. If I’m not mistaken, from the time that we found fish till the time we had to head back, it was a solid four hours of non-stop fishing. The final result was 20 black fins and two albies. The total weight of the black fins was 401 pounds with the largest one being 28 pounds. The trip resulted in total of 6 citations (black fin over 25 pounds).
Once again, we thank you and Billy for making this trip unforgettable. We are looking forward to the next trip, and will heartily recommend Tuna Fever to our friends.
Abbaszadeh and Glazier Family

Fishing Report for Monday, Oct. 18, 2010:

We could not have had a better day on the Tuna Fever.  The weather was fantastic, with the day topping out at a little over 70-degrees.  We had just enough chop on the water to make for good fishing.  Capt. Billy took us right to where the fish were - we had our first bite within 10 minutes of running out the lines.  By 9:30am, everyone had three turns in the chair.  We ended up with 32 Blackfin Tuna, totaling 335 pounds, and finished the day by hooking and releasing a 125-pound Blue Marlin.  Considering that this was a Monday and we all could have been at work, you could not have asked for a better day to have "eye problems" and just not see going to work.

We took two newbies with us - very experienced surf fisherman, but first time offshore.  They are hooked (pun intended) and we are already talking about our next trip out on the Tuna Fever.  One of the things that I like best about Capt. Maxwell and his Mate Billy is their flexibility in dealing with customers.  They are extremely patient and willing to coach inexperienced fisherman, but equally open to allowing experienced fisherman to pitch in and help the Mate.  I've fished with Captains where you dare not touch a rod and reel until the Mate inserts it into the fighting chair holder, and with good reason.  If a customer drops one overboard, that's about a thousand dollars going to the bottom.  Once Capt. Maxwell and Billy determine that you know your way around a fishing vessel, they have no problem with an experienced customer grabbing a rod and giving it to another customer.  When you are getting 3 or 4 fish on at a time, this helps the Mate and ensures that you will get more fish on-board.  We also ran lines out and did whatever would help Billy help us get more fish in the boat.

I can, without reservation or qualification, recommend Capt. Billy Maxwell and the Tuna Fever charter boat to any offshore fisherman, either newbie or highly experienced.  He and Mate Billy are easy-going and like to joke around.  They make a great day like we had even better with their strong customer service attitudes, as well as their outstanding piloting and fish-catching skills.

Great day, folks.  Thank you so much.

Ed Gooding
Montpelier, VA

Capt Billy, I had a great day with you and your mate Billy (not to be confused with my other brother Darrell...LOL). 
In all seriousness, I have never been on a tuna boat before and this was a memory I will have for the rest of my life. Billy and Billy pushed our group to participate and be part of the "crew". I was running outrigger lines and we were setting hooks fast and furious. I was both challenged and inspired by the trust Billy had with our group. I have no interest in being on a boat that is not interactive and doesn't request, but expects you to participate, carry yourself like you've been here before (even if you haven't) Thanks Billy, I'll never forget this day for the rest of my life!! Thanks Ed Gooding (the ring leader n my daddy's cousin) for setting this up. I have caught "Tuna Fever" and hope I get to make a tradition of fishing with you guys.
Will Roberson...Life Long OBX Surf have caught "Tuna Fever"

Hi Billy,
Thanks for the great trip! I have been a fisherman on many different boats and many different seas! I found your boat and first mate to top notch. It was exciting that you allowed the whole ship to get into the rigging of baits and gear. Being a part of the whole process of rigging, baiting, setting lines is all an integral part of fishing. Truthfully, the experience on your boat made me feel like more of a fisherman than other trips where you feel like the guy who paid the cash to reel in "the big one".
Your mate Billy is top notch too. I knew that our trip was going to be great when Billy arrived at the boat and was "gung ho" at 5 AM. The only time I saw Billy slow down was on the ride back home after the day was done. Keeping the baits in the water enabled our charter to catch more fish!
Additionally, your captain skills led us to the fish. I anticipated that you knew where the fish were when we left the dock and all of the other boats followed us. There were no boats ahead of us when we left. Later in the day when fishing slowed down, you were not afraid to try new spots to catch more and bigger fish. Truthfully, I think this attitude is what good fisherman strive for AND is how we got on the front page of the fishing report in the following link:
I hope to fish with you again in the near future!
Robert King

Billy, Thanks so much for a great day (10-13-10). I never had so much fun tuna fishing and what a fantastic group of guys. I can't wait until I can go with you again. I really was impressed when you recomeded we go north for some larger yellow fin tuna. That why you are the best. You and Bill gave me the time of my life. See you all soon and good fishing!!
Pete Holze

Thanks again for the great trip. You always seem to put us on the fish and deliver a great experience. It's great to be able to help with the rods and the baits so we feel like full participants. Here is the picture of the marlin we released. Lucky shot for a cell phone!
Best regards,

You are killing me with the fishing reports. Some of us have to work for a living. \You guys are my idols. The reports give me a reason to work so I can come give my money to the Billies.
Robert McCullough

Capt Billy and Mate Billy –
We just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing experience that you provided us on Tuna Fever on July 28th! This was our first off shore fishing experience and we will remember it forever. You knew exactly where to find the fish and we brought home a freezer full that day. The combination of your skills and easy going personalities made the day very enjoyable for everyone and we will most certainly be back to fish again on Tuna Fever! Thanks for everything.
Brian Guy

Dear Heather and Captain Billy,
What a great day on the Tuna Fever!  I met up with Jonathon, Trent and Andy when they got back to the cottage yesterday--they were all exhausted but so excited.  I'm attaching some photos, the smile on the kids face says it all.  Thank you just isn't enough to say for making his wish come true but please know that Jonathon and his family will never forget you or his special day on the Tuna Fever.  I am so grateful to both of you--wonderful folks like yourselves, that's what makes the Outer Banks the extraordinary place it is.
Wishing you both all the very best,
Rose McHale, Volunteer Wish Granter, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern NC

Capt. Billy,
Just wanted to thank you and Mate Billy for all the hard work that goes with offshore fishing. We all had a great time and will surely be back for more-- quite possibly this September. So I say FairSeas and Good Fishing -- tear em up! Kenny Gerald

Hey Billys and Heather,
Thanks so much for helping me eliminate one of my "bucket list" items.  It was somethng I wanted to share with my Father but unfortunately never got to.  At least I could share it with my girls and I think they appreciated sharing it with me.
You all did a terrific job making the experience one to remember.  Although we didn't get the Tuna for Sushi the 53 Mahi made up for it.
Everyone had a great time and were very impressed with everything about the Tuna Fever, crew, and accomodations.  I'd highly recommend you to anyone who asks.  I was surprised when I found out the age of the boat. It was clean and tidy, Billy made sure of that every chance he had in between catching all those Mahi.  Surprisingly even the girls loved it.  My daughter Ashley keeps telling me it was the best money I've ever spent!
On behalf of my future son-in-law Shawn Curtin, daughters Lindsay and Ashley, John and Steven Atkins, thanks again for a great day on the water.
Paul Palkovic
PS...  the picture in the gallery isn't us!

Dear Captain Billy and Mate Billy,
                                                          I wanted to thank the two of you for making incredible memories for me, lauren, brittney, and hannah. This was by far the best fishing trip I have ever been on. The two of you exceeded all of our expectations. I can't thank you enough for letting us bump the trip to friday because of the rough conditions on monday. My girlfriend and the two girls had a blast and have not stopped talking about it since. Seeing those 2 little girls reeling in yellowfin tunas and sailfish was priceless! The two of you are a great team. Mate Billy is the most friendly and knowledgable mate I have ever met. We will definitely be making the Tuna Fever a part of our vacation every year. I will be calling soon to book a trip for yellowfins in the fall. Thank's to the two of you very much!! (P.S. Please use me as a reference anytime.)
                                                                                                      David Morris

Captain Billy and Mate Billy,
We all want to give you both a big shout out for making our fishing trip on Monday May 24, 2010 a big success. We put a couple of bigeyes in the box but the battle with the one that got away will keep us inspired to come back and do it again! The highlight of the day had to be catching the gaffer dolphins on the bailing rods! 5 and 6 fish hooked up at one time and mate Billy working his butt off to get them in the box and keep them untangled was a sight to behold…and if I ain’t mistaken he looked like he was having more fun than we were! We do hope to get down again and go out with you guys.
Tight Lines,
John, Don, Scott, Billy, Bob, and Ed
“Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.”  ~Author Unknown

It was that time - third fishing reunion for a few fraternity brothers from across the country.  We appreciate the heads-up early in the week regarding Saturday's potential fowl weather and giving us the opportunity to fish Friday.  Flights landed late Thursday in Richmond and despite having less than 3 hours of sleep that night, we arrived at the docks with a high level of energy and a large cooler filled with our favorite beverages to quench the thirst and fuel the enthusiasm.  We had a great time chatting with Billy, First Mate, while the fish decided they would pass on breakfast.  He is a first rate guy all around and as he proved later in the day - very experienced and dedicated to his tasks.  Kudos to you as well.  After little luck trying waters down south, you tasted the wind and headed north and found warmer waters.  Soon thereafter we hooked and released an approximately 250 lb blue fin that kept everyone busy for about 2.5 hours (the fish was over 72 inches which required the release).  Not a second after the release, the lines were back in the water and we hooked another big fish.  There is no substitute for an experienced First Mate - this fish was battling back and forth across the stern of the boat before Billy struck with a perfect gaff.  Over the back and into the box it went - approx. 177 lb blue fin and 80 lbs of sushi.  Landing this large fish after another 2.5 hour battle made our day.  Fish or no fish, we all were all impressed with your experience and professionalism, as well as your desire to make our day memorable.  We will definitely book with you next year and look forward to it! -Bill 

Heather, Billy and Billy:
  Once again, the crew of the Tuna Fever has surpassed all expectations for a great fishing trip.  Myself, my brother Harry and my two sons, Ryan and Shane had a fabulous time and it was all due to the efforts of the crew of the Tuna Fever.   Between my brother and myself we have approximately forty-six years of military aviation (Marine Corps and Army) experience.   Without hesitation I will say that the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication by both Billy’s to their mission (i.e., make sure that you have the best fishing trip possible) was outstanding.  In layman’s terms, they really busted their (I’ll let you fill in the blanks) _____ for us.   Thanks again for a memorable experience and hopefully will be able to make back (for a third year) in 2010.
Robert Stevenson
Stafford Virginia

I wanted to thank both of you for perhaps one of the most exciting days of my life. I was with David Roby on August 19, 2009. This was my first time out. It may sound a bit corny, but you guys got me hooked. I will definitely be back! 

Kathy Hueller

Hey Billy and Billy,

I just wanted to drop a note from me and the 8/13/09 tuna wrecking crew to say that by far and away that was he best day fishing I/we have ever had. The two of you are absolutely first class and there is no doubt, you are the BEST charter out of Oregon Inlet...probably the whole eastern seaboard !!! CG (the other fat old guy) and I have done many a trip together over the years, but everyone of them pales in comparison. Thanks again for the best fishing trip I've ever had and we'll look you up again next trip to OBX !!! PS...I think I personaaly went through close to a fulll bottle of Kikkoman Thursday night !!! Oh so good !!!

Todd Slater

Heather, Billy, and Billy,
Where to start.... Me and my crew had a GREAT time last week aboard the Tuna Fever!  It was much more than I could have hoped for. You all run a top notch operation, and I couldn't be more pleased.  If ever needed please use me for a reference, and I will def. pass on your info to anyone I know looking for a great fishing experience in NC.  Looking forward to putting another group together for my next trip, and it wont be soon enough.  I'll be dropping a small package in the mail sometime this week for Dickerson, if you wouldn't mind passing along to him it would be appreciated.  Give my best to the Billies.  Once again thank you so much, keep up the good work, and I look forward to next time!

Michael J. Trice

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for a great trip last wednesday. I know the fishing is tough this time of year and even though we didn't kill the fish, we had a great time. Allowing us to come up on the fly bridge with you was very much appreciated. I am seriously considering a return trip in Oct. or Nov.
Let me know

We had a great time fishing on Monday and will be eating Tile, Grouper and Tuna all week. The Billies (and Matt) did a great job and we highly reccomend the Tuna Fever to anyone that wants first class fishing and a friendly and knowledgeable captian and mate. Thanks again.

Chris Bobbitt

Capt. Billy,
I just wanted to send you a short message about our trip on June 19, 2009.
I could not have planned a better trip.
I started out to book a trip as a fill in and as I was waiting at the booking counter I met Joe as he was trying to book a trip also as a fill in. We decided to put our two families together and make one trip so that we could choose our own captain (Tuna Fever).
Thank you! for the opportunity to met new friends and shared memories. The hospitality and patience that you demonstrated was greatly appreciated. There were four first timers in our party and they ALL want to return and do it again. (even the sea sick) That alone speaks volumes of the experience that they shared.
Thank You again.
God bless
Michael Baumann 

Thanks for the great fishing reports, I make sure to check them daily.   The new website is great,, I also an enjoying reading your columns there.  Best of luck to you for a continued safe and successful summer! 
Andy Smitley
West End, NC

Thanks for the great fishing trip on Father's Day 6/21/09. 500 pounds of fresh fish was a load to bring back to Tennessee and Kentucky. Hope to try it again.

Dan Merrick, Paul K. Merrick, Paul C. Merrick, Molly Merrick, Danny Frye, BJ

Billy and Heather,
 Thank you for another GREAT TRIP! Captain Billy is a constant fisherman and keeps wanting more for you whether the box is almost full or barely has the skink out of it (which I really don’t see happen).
 Captain Billy and his crew have always shown us a fantastic time. I have fished with Tuna Fever for over ten years and he has filled our box, or limited us out most of the trips. I caught the meat slam 3 times, and have enjoyed every trip.
 Recently, we made a trip and returned with 450 lbs. of huge dolphin. WOW! You just never know what’s going on the grill next time.
 Thanks again.
 Attached, please find a picture form this year and years past.
             Tight Lines,
                        Mike Walls

We fished with the Billies on 6/3, fishing has been better but we really appreciate the effort put forth for our group. Thanks for a great time. We will see you next year (three in a row) with possibly 2 dates. Thanks Bill watson

I have been meaning to send ya'll an email about our trip last week.  In what I believe is our 19th year together this trip ranked at one of the top 2.  It is a toss up between the year we hit the big eyes and literally never went 10 minutes the entire trip without being hooked up.  The first hour of this trip was about caotic.  We had 21 gaffers in the box in just under an hour.  I attached a picture of the nice wahoo we caught, wishing we had the other 2 that bit the line. Also had a decent king and a sailfish release.  As always we had a wonderful time.  Billy (mate) was again Billy ever had.  Put us down next year for the first Saturday after Memorial day and we will make it an even 20 years together.  Thanks again from everyone.
Scott Brown

I really loved the trip

I now know what mass organized chaos looks like when the Dolphin wolfpack strikes and you boat about 12 gaffers as fast as we could put out a line.I have never seen a person move so fast as Billy our first mate when We had seven fish on and only 6 fisherman. He should't have shown us how to bait the lines. WE are now trying to organize our next trip for 2010 Thanks to All again Darrell Wicker w/ Clarence Beard Group 5-23-09

Boy, got the bird flu, the swine flu, and when pigs fly flu. But the best disease ever is having TUNA FEVER!!!!!!!! Awesome catch yesterday.See you next week!You told me to remind you when I was coming down about jigging. I will bring some jigs but I understand it might be hard to get it in.Hope yall have awesome weather all week so you can get out tear up those tunas!

Hurricane Wayne!

I could be a little good luck. Can you send me the open Mondays in 2nd half of sept and all of oct. Great catch on Monday we really enjoyed it. First time on the boat that I verified where the life jackets could be found. A drawer and my cooler attacked me on the way in. Your husband can see through water or something to get the boat back into the inlet at the full moon low tide with 30mph+winds.  I hope we broke the slow fish start and can’t wait to go again. There may be an august trip but I don’t know what our business schedule is yet. Thanks for about 9 or 10 years of great trips
Jared Fryer
Village Green Real Estate and Development, LLC

Captain & Billy,
I had a fantastic time yesterday! I was out with Ted Colna's group on Friday.The boat is awesome and I love the purr of the Cat engine! I was very impressed with your boat handling under those conditions and felt as comforatble as possible. Billy is a hard worker and is was great with him out there! I didn't remeber the name of that Teryiaki sauce and was wondering if you could email it to me. Once again thank you for fun adventure and I will definitely recommend the Tuna Fever to anyone interested in a great time!
Thank you!
Karl Schlenkermann


The guys and I want to thank you for a GREAT day of tuna fishing last Thursday! We never expected to have our limit by 10:30 and be heading back to the docks. You did a great job putting us on the fish and Billy was great keeping the lines baited. We have not stopped talking about it since we left. The tuna steaks were great Saturday night! Thanks again for a great time and we are looking forward to going out with you again next year!

Terry Sweezy 11-14-08

Hey Billy,

Seatons from WV here. Needless to say our second trip out with you in

two years did not disappoint. We had a blast and probably enough

yellowfin to last all of us about 6 months:) All of our boys are

already talking about booking a trip for next year. You guys rock

here are some pics for your site.


Hey Capt. Billy!

Once again had an awesome time on the TUNA FEVER!  What else would we expect right?  Year in and year out we have a wonderful time and always an amazing catch.  Its great to know that when you step on the Tuna Fever that you have the opportunity to catch the types and numbers of fish that we always do!  It is always one of the highlights of my year!

Here are some good pictures that I was able to take, and a real good one of PNUT finishing off a huge yellowfin!

Thanks again for another great trip!


Hello again Capt. Billy, Billy & Heather! Just wanted to take a minut and write to tell ya'll how much we enjoyed yesterday. I think Phenominal fishing is the only way to describe it. I figure its not too often when 10 tuna and a few dolphin wont fit in the ice box.......good problem to have, i guess. This was our 6th trip w/ ya'll and you guys always find the fish,when it looks like no one else does. We really appreciate all the effort you guys put into our trips. We all can't wait till next year.

thanks again, and have a great rest of the season, Pnut

Hi guys,


Adam and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful time on Saturday.  We had a blast and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  The ride out was a bit rough, but boy was the payoff sweet! J  Adam and I are still grinning from ear to ear and all we can talk about is how we slayed the tuna.  And, seeing as how Saturday’s trip was my first ever, I can’t help but brag about my citation yellowfin tuna!! J  Of course, I’m happy for Adam, Matt & Allan who also caught citation-sized fish, too.  


I think it’s safe to say that Adam will no longer be fishing alone.  My first experience couldn’t have been more perfect and I can’t wait to relive it all again.  Thank you so much for the hospitality, oh, and enjoy the pictures (I sent them to your email, Heather)!


Michelle & Adam Chissler


Hi Captain Billy,


My husband Tony, his two NJ brothers(hey not all of us can be born in North Carolina) and his buddy Larry Fangman of Jennette’s fishing pier fame want to send you a huge thanks for giving them the tip about the Dolphins today and sharing your bait with them.  They were on Her Jag – I was supposed to get a Jag for my 50th birthday and guess what….  Anyway they did fantastic.  I’m sending you a big hug because they are the fishermen; I am the eater of fish.  We really enjoyed the feed.  Again, thanks for being so neighborly. 


Shalom,  Susan


Billy & Billy, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great day on Wednesday, July 30th. It was my first experience with any type of offshore fishing and you guys surely made it awesome! I'm used to creek fishing for trout here in Pennsylvania, but catching a sailfish was one of the sweetest things I've ever done. I definitely will always remember that first big catch, but I'm sure as hell it won't be my last! I hope to make offshore fishing an annual vacation event, and with none other than TUNA FEVER. You guys were very welcoming and kind, yet also intelligent and professional. I know I speak for my whole group aboard that day (Jack Buchan's group), we had a truly amazing time and couldn't have picked a better crew than Billy & Billy! Thanks so much for making my first trip a blast! Good Luck the rest of the season & catch some big ones boys!! (P.S. I got the pictures framed already and had tuna fillets the night of the trip--Delicious!, can't wait to have the tiles)

-Joe Stephenson

What a great day of CATCHING. 230 pounds over all. The reports sounded grim
but you put us on the fish. It was especially good for my buddy Tom who is from
Oklahoma and had never been off shore before. You guys gave him and the rest
of us a day  to remember. A special thanks to Billy D. and his wife for their
hospitality.  LOOK OUT the lucky hats will be back!
Thanks again,
Butch and the Boys
August 1st, 2008

Billy and Billy and (Heather too):

Just like to say thanks for a great time this Tuesday.  Both Billys (referred to in stories back at the house as, Billy “upper-deck” and Billy “lower-deck” so the family knew who we were talking about) went all out to make it a very memorable day.  All the boys (my sons Ryan and Shane and Kurt’s Josh and Drew) had fabulous time.  It was awesome to get each one in the chair for a fish even though poor Shane couldn’t see what he was doing (due to the sun and the fact that he was still asleep).  One of Shane’s favorite’s stories aside from the fish was getting a chance to steer the boat (thanks made a great picture and a long-lasting memory for him)  Great idea on hitting the wrecks too…it was nice to bring back a bunch of fish (we ended up with about 72 pounds of fillets).  Bottom-line we had a great time all due to your guy’s hard work.  I hope to be able to do it again next year.  If you have any recommendations as far as when the best Dolphin and Tuna runs occur please let me know.  As soon as I get some pictures I’ll send them to you for your website.


Take care and Good luck

Rob Stevenson

My group and I fished with Billy and Billy on the 22nd. It was my fourth time out deep sea fishing and my first with you guys. It was the first trip for the four others in my group. I’m glad that their first trip was with you guys as the fishing was good. I know we will be back with you guys next year although as is the case with you, I am married so I did not hear my wife when she told me the dates. As soon  as I know for sure, I will be booking our trip. Hats off to an excellent captain and mate and thank you for a great trip.

Bill Watson

We had a great trip with Billy and Billy on 7/2/08.  Started out slow but I think the bottom fishing got everyone involved and ready for more.  After missing the Marlin I thought our day was about over, but then all the sudden all hell breaks lose and there are 5 Tuna on at the same time.  You guys worked your #$@'s off the boat 4 out of 5 and the one that got away was probably our fault.  I attached some pictures I hope you enjoy.  Thanks again for a great day of fishing.
Joel Efird
Joel Efird Jr
Gene Efird (Grandpa)
Gene Efird Jr

Captain Billy, been packing and stacking tuna fillets all day. Just wanted to let you and Billy (mate) and Heather know that we had a GREAT time fishing on the Fever with you. It was Awesome. The guys are already talking about next year. Thanks again for a great trip and we'll be talking to you around November. Dan Smith and Crew

Captain Billy,

We made it back to Florida just a few minutes ago and what a trip!! You and Billy (mate) gave our group the best charter experience we have ever had. You guys are a great team and We hope to see you again next year. That trip was well worth the long drive! I would recommend you to anyone.

Doug Hardie

Thank you for another great year of fishing on the Tuna Fever. Four out of five days fishing was terrific. Catching our first two Blue Marlins (200# and 400#) topped off another great spring of tuna fishing. Until we are too old to hold a pole we will be back to fish with the best boat on the east coast. I have fished a lot of boats around the world and no one provides the services that you and Billy provide. All our best to everyone and I hope Heathers mom is on the mend and will be up and about soon. Dinner on us next time so and I hope Heather and Kate can make it. Have a great season and we will see you next fall for our 9th year.

All our best: Charley, Stan, Steve, Lorna, Wallace and Craig

Charley Williams

Just a note to thank you all for a great trip On November 17th. We had a great time and I've got to tell you I was very impressed with the detail and preparation that went into a very enjoyable trip. I know these things don't happen by accident. Thanks again and look forward to our next trip.
Dick and the boys

We went fishing on the Tuna Fever 8/20/07 and as always had a great time. I have fished on the Tuna Fever for the past 7 to 8 years and have never been disappointed. This past Sunday was not different. We caught our limit of Dolphin (60) and then went on to catch 4 nice yellow fin tuna. Captain Billy has always put us on fish and he loves seeing us catching tuna as hard and as fast as possible. David Wilson, Joey Gamble, Allen Helms, Luke Wilson and my son Jordan have all fished with Billy on the Tuna Fever in the past and have always enjoyed the time on the boat and plan on going back as soon as possible. The first mate Billy was extremely proficient, knowledgeable, and helpful the whole time. Billy impressed Jordan by sharing some of his inside tips on tying knots and rolling up rigs. Jordan's comment was, "Dad what do you think about me being a first mate? Billy said I should get started soon if I want to do it?" Again thanks to both Billy's for another memorable day and we look forward to the next time out on the TUNA FEVER! I sent a couple of pictures I took while fishing Sunday enjoy.

Sincerely, Tim Edwards

Had a great time fishing with you and Billy on the 4th and 8th of July. You and Billy are some very good fishermen that work very hard and it showed in our impressive catch. Those were some hog yellowfins and some of the largest I have ever caught. Thanks for working with the first time anglers we had on both days also. You and Billy are defiantly blessed with more patience than me.

Also thanks for letting me get involved. I'm a novice offshore angler at best and I am always looking for tips and instruction on how to become a better fisherman. I learned many thing from yourself and Billy.

Could you please send me your recipe for the left over tuna steaks you told me on the dock. I suffer from CRS and have already forgot what you told me.

We are getting the pictures together and will email them to you soon.

I look forward to fishing with you again.


Billy, Another great day of fishing on what seemed like a slow day for everyone else. As usual the TUNA FEVER pulls it off again. Thanks for another great year. We will make it 16 years running next year. Tight Lines and good health!


We all made it home safe. Steve was last getting home late Sunday. We had a terrific time with Capt Billy the Entertainer and Billy the magician on the deck. After seven years we feel it is still the best boat on the east coast and provides the best fishing anywhere. Thank you for allowing us to have so much fun. My best to all.

Charley Williams

Bill & Heather and the rest of TUNA FEVER

 I want to thank you for showing our guys a great fishing trip today It was our Christmas gift to them last year. Postpone once, my husband called me from the dock today. home early limit caught 776 pounds you are the best will send pictures if they remembered to take any again thank you (Heather you did a great job on the gift certificates for us)

from the five fishing widows

Lisa Deiss (berts wife)

billy, Just wanted to say thank you for the trip we just took on 10/5 & 6. Everything was great. I also want to thank your mate Billy for helping me to land my first tuna and white marlin. That experience is something I will always remember. Wife and friends went crazy over the tuna we brought back, and everyone loved the pictures we took as well, along with the ones on your sight. I am looking forward to returning next year. Also, tell Billy to watch for the gaff!! Thanks for everything, Herb Klein P.S. How was the deer meat?
Billy,had 4 great days on the big O.It was the Billy and Billy show,what a great time it was to spend with you two.It was a class act.Fished four days and we got three citations what a trip.We had enough tuna to feed a army.I will have the other guys send you more pictures from are trips.Once again Thanks for another great year of fishing,this year it was just as great as last year.
Billy, Thanks again for another good fishing trip. One thing we can ALWAYS count on when fishing with you....we always catch fish. We had a great time and all the Martinsville Guys are already looking forward to going out with you again next year. Take care and good fishing..... Eddie Cassady and the Gang from Martinsville


We had a perfect day in every way and your Hubby once again proved he's "Da Man" . Great time was had by all !

If I don't get to talk to ya before hand have a great holiday season and best wishes on the new house .

Jeff Farlow

Ernest Spiva
We had a mix up and were double booked with you for sept. 9 but Billy hooked us up with the Capt. B.C. and we had a great time. we send our thanks to Billy for making the effort to get us on the water with a quality outfit. Next year its back to the Tuna Fever though. Thanks again from the Spiva Group from Bedford VA.

Capt Billy and Billy, My group had a fantastic time on our trip ( Aug 7th - Sharkey clan ). We missed the tuna bite but had fun with the dolphin anyway. You guys were our best charter in the last 7 years. We have caught more fish in the past but did not have a great time, if that makes any sense. Thanks for the great time and we will see you again soon without a doubt. Hope your off season is good. Tight lines and see you soon. Thanks again to Mate Billy, he was the best. Lee Evans .............I have attached a picture of our catch. Not the biggest catch, but it was sure good. The marinade that Capt Billy suggested was outstanding too ( House Seafood ).


just wanted to let you know that yall are some helluva good fishermen. I was out there on Friday the 4th, 06 on an outboard and I tried everything I have been taught and only had one dolphin come into the baits. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to fish as good as you.

Thanks, Billy

We fished on July 12th, 2006 with Capt. Billy and first mate Billy. Now my 10 yr old daughter wants to live on the sea. We both had a great time. And it's all true about dropping the medicine for the commercial fishing boat in the middle of the sea. I have pictures! Both Bill and Billy treated a couple of females (first time charter too) extremely well. We caught our limit of dolphin and 2 big eye tunas, 110 lbs and 123 lbs each. Now my daughter wants to catch a BIG TUNA for Capt. Billy as soon as possible. Looks like we will be back in the off season. Ashley says we only fish with the TUNA FEVER.

Joyce Falba

Hey Billy, thanks for an awesome trip this past Friday! My cousins had an awesome time. We would like to book you again for next year for 2 days. We loved being our own mates so they want to know if we could do that again.

Anthony DiBuccio

On behalf of all the guys's we just wanted to once again say thanks to you and Charlie for a great day of fishing Friday 10/21. Moving north was your decision when things got dry and it paid nice dividends. No doubt why we chose Tuna Fever and will be sure and let others know!

Linwood T.

Hey folks, here are the photos you requested from our Monday, Oct. 10th charter of Tuna Fever with Capt. Billy Maxwell. We had a blast! Billy worked hard to put us onto some great fish, and his mate Charlie worked his butt off for us. 549 pounds of Tuna! It was the first time doing any off-shore fishing for three of our group, and Billy converted em, for sure. They will be coming back again, as will I. All of us were really blown away by the pod of Pilot Whales that accompanied us for part of the day. If it wasn't for the heathens in the fishing boat, it would have almost been a spiritual experience!!

Edward N. Gooding, Sr.

Billy, Charlie, Heather and Kate, Stan and I got home about 730pm tonight. Nice drive back up. As usual you guys treated us great and gave us a good time. This is the first time in ten years of fishing on the outer banks that we have gotten out all six days that we charter. That speaks well for the Captain and mate who are the best on the east coast as far as we are concerned. We are already planning our trip for next spring and hopefully will try a fall trip next year also. Hope you liked the hats and did not mind me taking license with your logo. I thought they came out well. You guys have a great summer and fall and I hope you have tight lines all season. See you next spring.

Warm regards,

Billy, I want to thank you for a great trip this past Saturday with the Scott Brown group out of Greensboro. I have never been on a better off shore fishing trip, not even with my own boat. We don't get to many tuna in the Little River inlet area, mostly Kings, Wahoo, and Dolphins unless you can go 60 miles plus off shore. My 22' Sea Hunt just cannot quite make it.

Charlie was the best mate on any boat I ever fished. Please tell him again I said so. His gigging techniques with the spoon were unbelievable, 4 times a tuna if I am correct and the green thing was interesting too.

Pictures of our trip are attached. I just happen to be the one with big smile holding the dolphin and tuna. The 51 lbs tuna was my largest fish ever and now I want the big eye and blue marlin next.

Thanks again,
David Whitt


We went out with you on the 29 of July. Awesome time! We will be back and we will also send all business your way. The fish tasted great. Big party with them tomorrow to watch the race. Thanks for everything! You guys are definetly a class act!


I fished on your boat for the first time on Sunday, as part of Dennis Jones crew. I was truly impressed at the professionalism displayed by yourself and chuck. Can't wait to return with a crew of my own. Having fished with several different captains out of ocean city ,m.d. i was pleasantly suprised. The efforts put out by yourself and chuck put you guys at the top of the list. Worth the drive even if we hadn't caught fish ! Glad we did though and they are delicious. Can't wait to try to crank the handle off your reels again. Will be calling soon to book for next year

Joe Embleton


Just wanted to drop you note and thank-you again for the GREAT fishing trip you gave us on Saturday. I have told all the guys that we will never charter another boat other than the TUNA FEVER. Last year we waited too late to go out with you and that was a mistake that will NOT happen again.....yes we got skunked. Again, thanks for the good fishing, good company, and GREAT service you and Lee gave us.

Remember if you get a ticket in Martinsville, Va...DO NOT mention Andy Boitnotts' name.....haha

Look forward to seeing you next year!
Eddie Cassady

Dear Billy,

Thanks so much for the tuna you donated to our youth fundraiser dinner. Because of your generosity, our youth group was able to raise $2000.00! The money will be used to offset expenses of our ski trip and our summer mission trip, making both more affordable for all of our kids.

It is a blessing to live and work in a community with kind-hearted people such as yourself.

Thanks again and God bless you!
LeeAnn Finicum
Youth Director


All I can say is what a TRIP!!!!!! The saying of the day "HEY YOU GUYS WANT TO TROLL OR CHUNK" Let me tell you thank god for chunking, it was a trip of a life time. You and Chuck are the best, and will setup the next trip soon! Freezer is full and the steaks were great last evening, "nothing like fresh TUNA"

Thanks again,
Mitch Walton

I just wanted to tell you that fishing on your boat, Tuna Fever, was one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life. I had never been on a deep sea fishing boat but because of you tremendous attention to detail and expertise in finding the BIG ones . . . made my trip to Oregon Inlet a most memorable one. You are the best at what you do. I am very much looking forward to going with you again and would recommend you, and ONLY you to all my friends. Thanks again for a wonderful fishing adventure !

Daryl Whorley
November 9, 1999 Fishing Trip (Danny Moon)

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